How to Fix a Zipper Stopper (How to Make a Zipper Stopper)

Among all other fasteners, zippers are the most convenient. Due to their convenience, zippers can be found everywhere, from pants, blouses, dresses, skirts to bags and shoes. Nothing can be more frustrating than when the zipper does not close on your favorite clothing. Zippers typically work very smoothly and are pretty long-lasting. However, they may also develop snags some times.

One of the most common zipper problems is a broken zipper stopper.

What is a Zipper Stopper?


Zipper stoppers are components that stop the zipper slider from sliding off completely from the zipper chain. They are of two types- top and bottom.

Top stops, as the name suggests, are attached to the top end of a zipper. They stop the zipper slider from sliding off the chain. Likewise, bottom stops are attached to the bottom end of the zippers. They stop the zipper slider from falling off the chain and prevent the zipper halves from separating.

What To Do if Your Zipper Bottom Stop Falls Off?

Just because you have a broken zipper does not mean that you need to discard your favorite clothing piece. Zipper bottom stops are pretty easily available everywhere. You can also buy them online. They are generally available in packages with two more stops.

You can easily attach the new bottom stop if one or both of them falls off. You may need to use pliers to fix them in place.

What Can I use For a Zipper Stop?


If your zipper stops have fallen off, you can always buy them in packages to easily repair your zipper. However, what can you do if you do not have a zipper stop?

You can use other things to make a zipper stop for your favorite outfits like fabric, thread, or discarded zipper teeth.

How To Make a Zipper Stopper

You can use some easily available things at home to make your own zipper stops.

Here are 3 things that you can use for a zipper stop:

  1. Fabric - You can use scrap fabric to create a stop for your zipper. Cut a small, rectangular piece of fabric and fold it over your zipper teeth. Sew it in place by sewing it in along with the zipper to create a nice looking stop that blends in with your outfit. Keep in mind the zipper slider when sewing. Don’t forget to keep the slider in place.

  2. Thread - You can use thread as an emergency alternative if your zipper stop suddenly falls off. Use a needle and thread to create several knots in place of the stop. The thread may not be a very long-lasting alternative but it can certainly help when you are in a hurry.

  3. Discarded zipper teeth - For this, you will need an old piece of clothing with a metal zipper. You need to cut off two zipper teeth from the discarded part of the zipper. Put them in place and then use a hot knife to melt these two together. Use this method if you need a more permanent alternative to a zipper stop.

How Do You Replace a Zipper Stopper?


To replace a damaged zipper stopper, you will need to get yourself a pack of new zipper stops. Get them from a store or buy them online. If your zipper stops have fallen off then you can simply fix new ones in their place. However, if your existing ones have been damaged then you will need a pair of pliers to get them off.

Use the pliers to remove the top or bottom stops, whichever is damaged. Put the stops in place and then use pliers to press them in place.

How To Make a Metal Zipper Stopper

The easiest way to make a metal zipper stopper is to use a discarded metal zipper. You will need to cut out two of the zipper teeth. Once done, place these two teeth at the place of the stopper. Use heat to fuse these metal pieces together and you have yourself a metal zipper stopper.

Another alternative for metal zipper stoppers is to use metal snap buttons for clothes. Firstly, pick one that is just the appropriate size for a zipper stop. Make a hole in the fabric and insert the button cap post into the hole. Make sure that the bottom cap is on the outside of the garment. Now snap on the top part on the button cap post to act as a metal zipper stop.

How To Fix a Zipper Stopper on a Jacket

It can be extremely annoying to have a damaged zipper stop on your favorite jacket. However, both the top and the bottom zipper stops can very easily be replaced.

Here is how you can do it:

  • You will need a pair of needle-nose pliers and a pair of end nippers.
  • Use the pliers and nippers to remove the zipper stops
  • If your zipper slider is damaged, you may want to remove it too
  • Slip on the new zipper slider
  • Attach the new zipper stops at the right places
  • Use the pliers to press them in place to ensure that they do not fall off

Where To Buy a Zipper Stopper


Zipper stoppers are very easily available all over the US. You can get them easily at stores or in any of the supermarkets like Walmart and Dollar Store.

If you want to buy them online, you can do so from Amazon, Etsy, or eBay. If you wish to make your own zipper stops, you can follow the tips given in this article to make your own at home.

Just because you have a damaged zipper or your zipper stop has fallen off, does not mean that you need to throw away your favorite outfit. They can be repaired or replaced easily at home making your outfit good as new. You can easily buy a zipper replacement kit from your nearby store or supermarket. It contains all the necessary components needed to repair your zipper at home.

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