How to Fix a Tear in Tulle Veil (Repair Tulle Tear Tips)

Not all fabric is like canvas where it takes a bulldozer to create a tear or a rip in it. Some fabrics, you just have to look at them and a tear will appear. Fixing those tears is another story and can take a lot of work and a lot of time to get done.

The simplest, yet most tedious method you can use is to simply hand stitch the two tulle pieces together. Use loop stitches and since tulle doesn't unravel, you should be able to stitch both ends together. Make sure to use invisible thread when you do this.

To learn more about fixing tear sin tulle fabric, just continue to read our article. It has the information to help you when you need it most. Take a few minutes and see what can be done. it may be easier than the method you currently use.

Can Ripped Tulle be Fixed?


The simple answer is yes it can. It can even be repaired if the two ends no longer line up and meet together at the same point. It just takes a little more work to get the repair done that is all.

To make the repair and do it correctly, you need a lot of patience. Pins slip out so they are no help to you at all. Then you need excellent eyesight and very good lighting to make sure you see what you are doing.

If you are using a patch piece, then you need to carefully trim away any excess when you are done. that requires very sharp scissors One thing that you do not do is use your sewing machine to handle the task.

The repair work will show up as a scar and take everyone’s attention away from the person wearing the dress if they can see the repair. Or at least, you will know it is there and may be afraid someone else will spot it.

Sometimes old fashioned ways are the best and leave the easy sewing stuff to the computerized models.

How to Fix a Tear in Tulle Veil

One method is to hand stitch the repair and this may take a lot more time than you have. Especially if the tear happens at the last minute. But if you have the time, you can actually mend the tulle fabric and tie the ends together by using a nice loop stitch.

Make sure to carefully line up the edges before you start. Forget about pinning the edges together as pins generally just slide right out again. You can loop stitch the net stitches together or just simply attach the ends again.

The latter option removes the seam allowance needed to make the repair in other methods. Now if the tear happens at the last minute and you have no time to hand stitch, you can grab a bottle of invisible fabric adhesive and do the repair very quickly.

First, cut a section of tulle fabric a little larger than the rip size. Then using a paper clip poke a small hole in the adhesive applicator. This should help you control the flow better.

Second, lay the veil right side down and put some adhesive on the edges of the tear. Third, place the patch over the adhesive and let dry.

Repair Tulle Tear


There are two things you do not do when trying to fix a tear in a tulle veil or other fabric. The first thing is to run to your sewing machine and try to correct the error. Usually, this fix has the material looking like a scar was sewn into it.

The second thing you do not do is use double-sided tape. As efficient and easy as it is to use, the result may not look that good. In fixing a tear in tulle you are left with few options. That includes fixing a wedding veil.

One of the keys to fixing a rip in tulle is to make sure the color of the thread is as close to the color of the veil as possible. When shown against a black background, the repair will stand out., But when placed next to the wedding dress, etc., and all those nice white colors, the repair disappears blending in with those other colors.

It is hard to see the repair when looking at the veil, etc., from a distance. You have to get close up to see it. If you can switch to an invisible thread to make the repair even harder to see.

Ripped Tulle Skirt

Tulle fabric is very fragile and vulnerable to damage, tears, and other issues. Knowing how to fix them in a hurry is a skill and a talent. When it comes to fixing a skirt made with the tulle fabric, you can use the options already mentioned above or you can follow the instructions that are about to come.

  • Step 1: Lay the ripped skirt on a flat surface and spread it out so that no wrinkles or creases are getting in your way.
  • Step 2: Now, cut a patch from some scrap tulle fabric and make it about an inch wider and longer than the tear.
  • Step 3: Now, align the torn edges up against each other and lay the patch over the tear.
  • Step 4: Thread your needle with about 12 inches of thread and knot the end.
  • Step 5: Starting from about 1/8 of an inch away from the tear insert your needle from the bottom up. Continuing to do this till the patch is attached to the skirt. Use the smallest stitch possible and keep them even.​
  • Step 6: Complete the repair, cutting off the excess thread and fabric when you are done. Cut the fabric carefully so you do not create another hole.

Mending Ripped Tulle


This takes time and patience even when you have none left to spare. The key is not to panic and to calmly assess the situation and see what your options are and how much time you have to do them.

You can even create a checklist in your head to go over when those repair times come up and pick the best option for the situation. Eliminate those options that will not look good when completed, i.e. sewing machines, double-sided tape, and so on.

If there is a fabric store nearby then you have a source for all the materials you need to do a quick repair and hope for the best. Fabric adhesive that dries invisibly will be your fastest option.

Next, if there is a little more time, you can use invisible thread and do a hand stitch that closes the tear without leaving a not of evidence that there was even a tear. Going too fast will not help you, as they say, ‘haste makes waste.’

If you are a little late for your date or your wedding that is okay. The important task is to fix the tear so that no one notices it, including your romantic interest.

Ripped Tulle Wedding Dress


While this is an emergency situation, it is no time to run around like a chicken with its head cut off. You need to get calm, stay calm, and run through the options you have. If there are still hours or days before the wedding, contacting the wedding boutique or store where you got the dress will be the best option.

It is always best to let objective professionals handle these types of situations. Or if you are in an unfamiliar town and do not know where to turn, you can use any of the methods already described in this article.

The major blow to any repair on a wedding dress will be if the tear is in a very noticeable spot. Invisible thread and adhesive are your friends here. Then when the tear is noticed just before the wedding is about to start, go with the fabric adhesive. It is the fastest and simplest way to repair the tear.

Hand stitching is an option but only if the thread color matches the color of the dress or it is an invisible thread. The last option is to call a friend who has sewing experience and see if they can rush right over and do the quick mend for you.

Some Final Words

Tulle certainly has its place in wedding dresses and formal gowns. It helps provide an alluring, sophisticated look to the person wearing the fabric and helps turn men’s eyes in your direction.

Fixing tears in tulle is not as elegant as the fabric makes you look. The best method to use is the one that fits the situation you are in. Having patience and staying calm are two vital ingredients when repairing tears in tulle. Plus a little extra time.

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