How to Get a Free Sewing Machine (16 Ways Worth Trying)

Getting a gift is one of those good aspects of life that boosts the spirits, makes you feel good and more. Getting a free sewing machine may seem impossible but it is a doable objective and yo do not have to rely on relatives or friends to give it to you.

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One of the ways of receiving a free sewing machine is to be in the will of a great aunt who favors you over your other relatives. Inheriting is not always the best way to get a free sewing machine but it still counts. It is a legitimate method of passing on family heirlooms.

To find out more ways to get a free sewing machine just continue to read our article. It gives you the heads up on how to get a sewing machine without breaking your bank account. There are not a lot of opportunities as sewing machines are expensive to give away

How Can I Get a Free Sewing Machine?


There are a variety of ways to be given a free sewing machine. What follows are some more practical and realistic opportunities even though they do not happen to everyone.

  • 1. The right time and place - you never know when a company is tossing out old sewing machines. There are a variety of reasons why they are tossing them out and if you are there at the right moment and place you can get your hands on a free sewing machine just for hauling it away.
  • 2. Place an ad - there are lots of classified only newspapers that you can use to request a free sewing machine. If you are willing to take them in any shape and will haul those machines away for free you will have your hands on a free machine with just a quick phone call in response to your ad.
  • 3. Friends or relatives giving them away - you never know when your friends or relatives will replace their old machine and do not want to store the old one any longer. You can volunteer to take those old machines off their hands for them.
  • 4. Contact sewing schools or teachers - these schools and teachers replace their older machines with newer versions, not always but enough do. You can contact them to see if they have any older models they do not want around anymore.
  • 5. Contact charities - often thrift stores like Goodwill and other ones are given sewing machines that do not work. These places do not have the money or parts to repair the machines for sale. You can spare them the effort of tossing the machines in.

The dumpster or paying hauling fees to get them to the garbage dump

  • 6. Ask a compassionate person - in the following link is the story of a man who gives away free sewing machines to different people. He is part of a rare breed as his big heart guides his give away activities. Click here to read story.
  • 7. The local garbage dump - sometimes you can go through different garbage dumps and search for a variety of items. If you find something you like and can use you are often allowed to take them home for free.
  • 8. On that note - you can cruise the different neighborhoods on garbage collection day to see who is tossing out a sewing machine they do not want anymore. This burns a little gas but at the cost of some sewing machines it is worth the expense.
  • 9. Recycling centers - may have some that they cannot recycle or repurpose and would love it if someone took those sewing machines off their hands.
  • 10. Auctions - those auctions can take place in a variety of places and sell off blind lots full of boxes that no one knows the contents. Storage shed auctions are that way. You make blind bids and the sewing machine may be a part of those lots.

Where to Find Free Sewing Machines

A lot of suggestions for this section are already mentioned in the above portion of this article. Finding free sewing machines is not always going to be easy as people pay a lot of money for them and hang on to their sewing machines even if they are vintage models.

It is going to take a little work to find those elusive free sewing machines. Even an internet search doe snot produce a lot of options for you but there are still places to look.

  • 1. Bankruptcies - this is one option that ha snot been mentioned. You never know when a sewing school, sewing machine business or sewing machine manufacturer will go out of business due to bankruptcy. It is possible to pick up some free sewing machines though these hard-luck events.
  • 2. Going out of business sales - many items may be up for sale but you might luck out and buy one thing and be allowed to take the sewing machine with you.
  • 3. Give aways - this is a very old link but from time to time sewing machine companies, parts stores and so on offer give aways as a method of increasing their business. Winning or being picked is not a sure thing but the free sewing machine is for the lucky person. (The link is only an example do not click on it and expect the give away to be still going on).
  • 4. Sweepstake Contests - if you enter enough you may be lucky enough to win a sewing machine for free. The chances your number will be selected are between slim and none but you do not win if you do not enter.
  • 5. Raffles - your church, lodge or association may hold an annual raffle to raise some money. You may be lucky and one of their prizes will be a free sewing machine. The few dollars, if any, you pay still is so low that the sewing machine will seem like it was free.

How to Win a Free Sewing Machine


There are several ways to win a sewing machine and how good the machine is depends on how much money the contest, etc., spent on purchasing the item. They may have had the sewing machine donated to them but do not expect it to be a top of the line Bernina.

The first thing you need to win a free sewing machine is luck. The odds are always against you even though there is one happy winner. But if you buy enough raffle tickets or have enough entry forms in the basket you could lower those odds in your favor.

The second thing you need is to do different tasks for the sewing machine. This link leads you to a place that has a lot of tasks you need to complete for you to walk away with your free sewing machine.

The website is dated 2020 so it seems that you can still sign up for your account and start working your way to a new free sewing machine.

The third thing you need is good timing. For example, you need to find out about the contest long before it is over so you can participate.

The contest is now over and our timing was not very good. The fourth thing you need is the ability to follow the rules. This old and long ended contest posted the rules you needed to follow to get a chance to win a prize.

The next characteristic you need is a little hope and faith that you will be the winner. Not everyone with hope and faith will win so never toss those elements away as you never know when they will come through for you.

Finally, you need to keep entering different contests or sweepstakes to give yourself a fighting chance to win. Here is one contest you may be able to enter when you read these words.

How to Find Contests For Free Sewing Machines


That is going to take a little work as our internet search did not turn up a lot of sweepstakes for free sewing machines. There are other contests you can enter that have alternative prizes but free sewing machines.

But the first place to start looking is the internet. It is fast, easy to use and you get instant results. All you have to do is check the dates on the landing pages to make sure the contests are still valid. Then you need to check the rules to see if you qualify.

Another place to look would be advertisements at your local mall or local sewing machine outlets or parts stores. You can also check those free or low cost classified newspapers to see if any contests are being advertised through the print media.

Also, you can go on the different sewing discussion forums and ask the members there if they have heard of any contests or giveaways involving free sewing machines.

There are a lot of contests being held every year. The unfortunate aspect is that most of them do not offer free sewing machines.

What Are Your Odds of Winning a Free Sewing Machine


If you are lucky enough to find a contest that is offering a free sewing machine as a top prize then you have to be concerned about your odds of winning. Technically you have a 50 50 chance of winning. It's 50% if they select your number and 50% if they do not.

But in realistic terms, your odds are not that great if there are a lot of people entering at the same time. There are 3 determining factors that will give you your odds of winning:

  • How many entries you submit
  • How many entries everyone else submitted
  • How many prizes are being given away

The way to make your odds better is to make sure you have a lot of entries in the barrel or basket at the time of the draw. Of course, some sweepstakes have limits on how many times you can enter.

This is done to make sure everyone has a fair chance of winning the top prizes. If the contest is giving away 100 prizes then you have a great chance to win at least one prize. It may not be the sewing machine but it is still good if you can win.

Then you have a better chance of winning if only 50 people enter the contest. Contests take a lot of luck to walk away with the top prize. And again, your system or faith is not wasted if you do not win. It just means it wasn’t your turn.

Some Final Words

Finding a free sewing machine is not as easy as it sounds. Even though there are a lot of different ways to get a free sewing machine a lot of those ways depend on if the other person has a sewing machine to give away.

The inheritance method is not always the best as that means you have lost someone you have cared about and that loss may overshadow your gift. Fortunately, there are 15 other methods you can use to find a free sewing machine.

Some of those alternative methods involve some leg work on your part but finding your objective makes that leg work worth the effort. Using ads are good. There are a lot of people in many different cities and they re should be some who would answer your ad.

Part of their reason s would be that they have no one else to give it to and they want it to go to a good home and not the scrap yard. Do some brainstorming and see if you can come up with more methods to use to get your free sewing machine.

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