5 Ways to Gift Wrap Quilts: How to Gift Wrap a Comforter Set

Now that you have made the quilt, it's time to figure out the best way to give it as a gift. That may not always be easy due to situations, circumstances, lack of supplies, and other reasons. There is no one way to give a quilt as a gift nor is there only one way to wrap it up.

There are probably more than 5 ways to give a quilt as a gift but we will leave some of the brainstorming up to you. One good way is to roll it up like a newspaper and place a nice bow on it. Another is to place it in a quilt gift box and let the receiver be surprised.

To learn more ways to give a quilt as a present to someone you love or means a lot to you, just continue to read our article. It has those 5 ways and probably more ideas to help you get that quilt from your home to your loved one’s residence.

Tip 1: When giving a quilt as a gift, add some accessories. Like a few packages of microwavable popcorn and a Christmas movie.

Tip 2: When giving a quilt as a gift, add in the right brand and style of fabric softener and even some color catchers. This encourages the recipient to use the quilt not store it away.

How to Wrap a Comforter for a Gift


Wrapping a quilt up is not like trying to wrap a boat, a basketball, or a baseball bat. Those objects do not fold or can be manipulated into different shapes as a quilt can. You can make the quilt into a ball or the shape of a baseball bat if you want.

The receiver will really be surprised when they open up the box and see it is a quilt made from your loving attitude. One of the most popular ways is to roll the quilt up until it looks like a fuzzy log. Then wrap some ribbon around the material and place a nice bow on top. No one is going to be surprised when they see this gift though.

Next, you can place it in a box and make it look like you spent a lot of money on their gift. Their eyes might get as big as the box when they see the size of the packaging. Or instead of a box, use a suitcase that is large enough to hold the quilt.

A 4th option would be to use bedding, pillowcases, sheets, or even towels to hide the quilt in until it is time to open presents. A final option you can use and it is not really recommended is to use a trash bag.

Although that option may have your recipient treating your gift like trash. While a trash bag is big enough, use this as a last resort.

Tip 3: If you have the time and fabric, make a pillowcase made from the same fabric to store the quilt in. Or make a quilt gift bag instead. That makes storing the quilt easier.

Best Ways to Gift Wrap Quilts


One way to be unique is to fold the quilt up in such a way that it looks like a rectangle. Then use ribbons to shape that rectangle into a bow.. It is creative even though it is not hiding the quilt from view.

Make your own gift bag and then stitch a label on the bag with all the correct cleaning instructions. Then, the traditional way may be the easiest and best way. Just wrap it up in some good gift wrapping paper.

Then you can buy a beach bag at a high-end store and sew a handle on it for easy carrying. Just make sure the beach bag is large enough. In the same vein, you can use a gym back or a duffel bag to hide the quilt and give 2 gifts instead of one.

Plus, you can fold it up nice and small, wrap some twine around it and put some homemade or decorative hearts on the twine. Along the same lines, fold it up small, place some brown wrapping paper over the quilt, add the twine for security and make it look like a special delivery package.

These are just a few ideas to get your brainstorming and using your creative nature to come up with some good ways to wrap up a quilt for a gift.

Tip 4: Whatever you do, do not treat your quilt like it is useless and worthless. If you treat it badly, chances are your recipient will treat it badly as well.

How to Fold a Quilt for Gifting


The first step in folding a quilt to give as a gift is not to let your husband or teenage boys do the job. As well-intentioned as that is, the results may have you pulling your hair out in horror.

Duck tape may solve numerous problems around the house but it is not made to be used as gift wrap ribbon or packing tape. One way to fold the quilt is to lay it good side down, then fold one end up 1/3 of the way.

Next, fold that same end, and it doesn’t matter which end you use, up another 1/3 approx., so that you have about 4 inches of the backing showing. Now flip it over and fold the 4-inch backing side. Right now your piece should be looking like a long hot dog.

After that is down, take one end and fold it up 1/3. Then fold the other end 1/3 so that it is over top of the original 1/3 end you just folded up. Now that last fold should have a little pocket. Take the previous 1/3 fold and slip it into that pocket.

And you are done. If the folding is done correctly, you should not see it unfold any time soon. This technique should work on any size quilt you are giving away.

Tip 5: Wicker baskets make excellent quilt holders and add a nice decorative touch to your gift and provide the newlywed couple with something else to decorate their new home.

Gift Wrapping a Quilt for a Wedding Gift


Weddings are special occasions and the bride remembers her wedding day for decades. You do not want to be remembered for giving a nice gift in the worst way possible. Avoid using trash bags and similar cheesy ideas as much as possible.

Most suggestions given for this topic say to use a pillowcase but that is a non-creative way to wrap a wedding gift. The suitcase idea mentioned earlier would be nice as the couple may not have enough suitcases for their honeymoon.

Other suggestions include going to a department store and getting a box for furs or bedding large enough to hold your quilt. If they do not have one or there is not a department store in your town go to one of those moving sup[ply stores like mailbox.com or the post office and get a large enough box.

You can cover the boxes with some great wedding gift wrapping paper and hide the source of the box until after the wedding. Then you can get a nice wicker or straw basket that is large enough and fold up the quilt and put it inside that with a nice bow on the handle.

Finally, you do not have to be extravagant in wrapping the quilt. Roll it up, tie a ribbon or two around it and place it in the gift pile. Make sure to have a bow on top and a card with your name and address on it so the bride can send you a nice thank-you note.

Just make sure the card is securely attached.

Tip 6: If you can’t find a good box in your home town to place your quilt, go to the internet. There are lots of stores and websites that will help you find what you need and ship it to you.

Where to Buy a Quilt Gift Box


You may think that this will be a problem but it is not. There are lots of places where you can buy a good quilt gift box and place your nice newly finished quilt inside. If you have a Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or some other craft store in town, those would be ideal locations to find a box large enough to handle your quilt.

Or you can check out your local independent craft store, like those that sell craft items on consignment to see if they have any available. Or at least leads to get one. If that fails, try your local department stores. You never know what they carry until you ask.

Then if your town has an upscale store that sells furs or faux furs, they should have boxes big enough for your quilts. Where you find one will depend on your preferences and what kind of box you think is appropriate for a quilt.

A good internet search may help as well. Amazon should have someone selling these items. They have just about everything else. See what your own internet search turns up. There is one location that offers acid-free quilt boxes and they can be found at this link.

Tip 7: You spent a lot of money and time creating this special quilt, don’t ruin the gift by underspending on the box or the bag, etc., that you use to give it to your friend or family member. The right box will make sure the gift is stored properly and treasured by the receiver.

Should You Wash a Quilt Before Gifting it?


If it needs it, yes you should. There is no better insult than to give someone a dirty item as a gift. You are sending the wrong message to the person by giving them something they need to clean before they have even used it.

Common sense, courtesy rules, and your feelings for the other person all dictate that you should wash the quilt before you send it over to the recipient. Washing first also helps you see any flaws or issues that can be fixed.

You can take care of those issues before giving it away. Also, you should wash the fabric before you start to make the quilt. That will get rid of any shrinkage that may come after you give it away.

If you don’t pre-wash then the gift could be ruined and our hard work is ruined. Even if the person is a very close friend who will ‘understand’, you should take care that all those issues are taken away before you give the quilt to them.

You may be wrong and they won’t understand.

Tip 8: When giving a gift, no matter what it is, make sure it is in top shape and nothing is ripped, broken to damaged in any way. Friendships can easily be hurt by treating even good friends in a bad manner.

Some Final Words

Giving a quilt as a gift is not as hard as one may think. The large size is not a problem as quilts can be folded or rolled up. Not that many items can be manipulated in that way so wrapping a quilt is flexible and easy.

The type of box, bag, or manner in which you give the quilt, is up to you. You have a lot of freedom as to how you want to package it. The simplest way is to fold or roll it up and put a ribbon and bow on the blanket. Or just use wrapping paper to cover it up.

Choose the best way for you and your situation.

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