Does Chiffon Stretch? (How to Stretch a Chiffon Dress)

Sometimes it is an impossible task. Knowing which fabric does what when is sometimes hard to keep straight. It is important to know the differences when you spend a lot of money on that gown or outfit that is to die for.

Does chiffon stretch? Yes, it does and no it doesn’t. The reason for that confusing answer is that it depends on the fabrics and weave used to create chiffon. The best way to stretch chiffon is to wear it. The fabric easily loses its shape over time.

To learn more about chiffon fabric just continue to read our is filled with the information you need to know about this fabric so you can handle it correctly. Chiffon is a difficult fabric to work with.

Does Chiffon Stretch?


This will depend on who you talk to. We found as many people who claim it stretches as those who claim the opposite. A lot will depend on which fabric and the type of weave used to create the gown, blouse, and other clothing items.

If made from nylon and polyester then the chiffon material won’t lose its shape as much or as fast as other materials used to create a chiffon outfit. If the chiffon material is woven with a stretch fabric then it will stretch more than when woven with a non-stretch fabric.

You might say that chiffon flows more than it does anything else. Since it is a lightweight weave you will find that the outfit will lose its shape a lot faster than it will stretch. The problem with a silk chiffon style dress is that it will tear before it will stretch.

Can You Stretch Chiffon?


It is possible but it may not be recommended. Silk chiffon has the tendency to tear before it stretches but you might find some leeway when the chiffon is made out of cotton.

Chiffon will either shrink or stretch when wet. It is a temperamental fabric that quickly loses its shape if not cleaned according to the fabric it was made from. Some polyester chiffon can be machine washed on delicate but crepe chiffon is the one that stretches when washed.

That means that your crepe chiffon outfits should be dry cleaned in order to protect their size and shape. Knowing which fabric your chiffon gown or blouse was made from will guide you in how to care for it.

Trying to stretch chiffon back to original size when shrunk may be a lost cause and it would be better to replace it with a new one.

Is Polyester Chiffon Stretchy?


The chiffon made from polyester carries with it the characteristics that come with polyester fibers. It is strong, resists wrinkles, provides insulation, and so on. Stretch is not one of those characteristics found in polyester.

You may not be able to get the material to stretch when you need to beyond what is already found in polyester fibers. The poly chiffon style was created to mimic the silk chiffon, which does not stretch, which means that you get the soft feel of silk without paying the high cost that accompanies silk.

To protect your poly chiffon gown, etc., you need to use the delicate cycle on your washing machine. Make sure to avoid washing this material with garments that will bleed or snag the chiffon item you are trying to get clean.

What is Stretch Chiffon Fabric?


This is a fabric that is made to stretch or move when you move. Typically the main fabric used to create chiffon garments are blended with lycra, elastane or spandex so the material will stretch somewhat.

The style of weave will also play a role in creating stretch chiffon. So you need to check the labels to see which fabric is used in creating this material to see if it has any stretch to it at all.

You can find stretch chiffon at many different fabric outlets. The price ranges depending on who is doing the retailing. When buying stretch chiffon by the yard, be careful as even this fabric may be hard to sew.

That is because of its slippery nature that is common with all chiffon fabrics. The stretch blend may make it harder for the garment to lose its shape.

How to Stretch Chiffon Dress


Probably the only chiffon you can stretch would be the crepe chiffon. One method is to wet the dress enough but not so much that it is dripping water. Once you have the right degree of moisture in the dress, just put it on and wear it around the house.

Try soaking the dress in Woolite or similar gentle soap products for 10 to 20 minutes. Use warm water and about 1/4 cup of the soap or hair conditioner. Then lay between 2 towels to soak up the excess moisture and wait till the dress is just damp.

Next, slowly and gently stretch the dress back into the original shape. Silk chiffon may shrink up to a foot or more so be careful when cleaning that style of dress. Do not expect to get a lot of stretch out of the material. Some chiffon fabrics have a tendency to tear instead of allowing themselves to be stretched.

The key is to be gently but firm. Take your time doing this. You will need a lot of patience or you might ruin the dress by going to fast or pulling too hard.

Some Final Words

Chiffon is more prone to shrinking than it is to stretching. It is a lightweight fabric that can and will lose its shape quite quickly. So being careful is an understatement. The best way to protect your chiffon clothing is to have it dry cleaned.

It is possible to hand wash but again, you need to be extra careful when using this method. Good looking fabrics do not have the strength you want them to have.

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