Is Fleece Breathable? (Is Fleece Good For Hot Weather)

The weather is turning warm and you have a cute fleece outfit in your closet you still want to wear. What stops you from putting it on and going about your day is the nagging question, will the outfit be too hot to wear. The answer is only if you are too hot for the world.

Is fleece breathable? The good news is that fleece is a very breathable fabric to wear. The only characteristic you need to watch out for is that this material is warm. That means you may not want to wear a heavyweight fleece material when the temperatures soar. Go with a lightweight option.

To learn more about fleece and its breathable nature just continue to read our article. It is filled with the information you need to wear that fleece outfit that really complements your figure.

Is Fleece a Breathable Fabric?


Yes, it is and since it is a man-made fabric, the fleece material can be designed to be breathable or made to keep the heat inside next to your body. This man-made material is often blended with natural fibers and their breathing ability is incorporated into your fleece outfits.

Then if you are an eco-friendly person, fleece is made from recycled plastics. So not only do you get to stay cool, you are helping to keep the environment free from excess plastic items. You get the best of both worlds when you put on a fleece blouse etc.

If that doesn’t convince you to buy fleece, then its moisture-resistant nature should. That allows you to wear fleece in a variety of activities.

Are Fleece Blankets Breathable?

Not to the extent that fleece clothing can be or as much as wool is. This is not a material that you will want to use on those hot nights before the winter season hits. These blankets are made to keep you warmer at night, not cooler.

While the material does have air pockets within its fiber, they trap the heat not release it into the night air. One of the benefits of using fleece blankets over wool ones is that the former material is not itchy. Wool can disturb your sleep by making your skin itch.

The drawback to using fleece blankets is that they do not insulate when it gets wet. That can be a problem if you are high up in the mountains and your tent contents got soaked during a surprise rainstorm.

Is Micro Fleece Breathable?


Yes, this material is breathable. In fact, it remains breathable even when wet. That is a good sign that you have a great fleece shirt, jacket, or blanket, as you stay warm yet do not overheat.

Micro fleece also absorbs about 1% of its weight in water which is why it remains so breathable. That also means the majority of any moisture you encounter will be wicked away from your body.

The thing to watch out for when using micro fleece is that the quality will influence the durability. The lower the quality the more frequent you will replace that item. Spending the extra for higher quality fleece will save you in the long run.

Is Sherpa Fleece Breathable?

This material on its own does not do a very good job of stopping the wind or the cold from getting through to your body. It has to be paired with a better fabric on the exterior to provide you with any sort of insulation and cold protection.

That characteristic may be good for hotter temperatures as the fabric should let the heat escape quite easily. Sherpa material is better when it is made into a blanket as that form allows the material to breathe and keep you nice and comfortable.

Sherpa is lightweight so that allows the fabric to breathe easily and not be a good insulator against the wind.

Does Polyester Fleece Breathe?


Basically, all fleece is made from polyester fibers created by melting recycled plastics. That means that no matter the material name, microfleece, shearling fleece, sherpa fleece and so on, will all have just about the same qualities.

What makes any polyester fleece breathable is the weight of the fabric. A lighter weight fleece will breathe easier than a heavier weight option. That helps you select the type of material for the season you are going to wear the clothing item or use a fleece blanket.

Also, the quality of the fleece will determine how breathable the material becomes. It is not always a money saver when you opt for less expensive and lower quality fleece over the better versions.

Does Polar Fleece Breathe?

Yes, it does and since it is the same type of fleece as microfleece, that material will have the same qualities as microfleece has. What we are trying to say is that polar fleece and microfleece are the same thing but just using a different name.

The good thing about polar fleece is that it is lighter, softer, and easier to clean than wool fabrics are. That saves you a lot of money while expanding your cleaning options.

Polar fleece is made from the same recycled plastic polyester fibers so depending on the quality and weight, your polar fleece items should have different breathing capabilities. There are 4 different thicknesses to microfleece or polar fleece and each one will have different abilities to some extent.

Is Fleece Good for Hot Weather?


The air pockets that fleece has helped make it a very durable and flexible fabric to use. Its construction allows it to be used in extreme temperatures and its wicking capability makes it a popular material to use for active sportswear.

The key to using fleece is its ability to help keep you warm when you need insulation and to let your body breathe avoiding overheating when the temperatures are not that cool.

With its inability to absorb water the fabric can dry quickly and be ready to use a lot faster than other fabrics can. That will help you stay a bit cooler in the hot temperatures.

Does Fleece Make You Sweat?

No, it should not do that. The air pockets would be one reason why your body does not sweat quickly when wearing fleece materials. Of course, that may not hold up for every thickness or quality of all fleece options.

Heavier fleece tends not to be as breathable as lighter versions thus you may sweat faster with those fabrics on. The key to keeping your fleece clothing items in top shape is in how you clean the material.

Keep the fabric away from hot water, hot dryers, and hot irons. The material is made from plastic so heat is not its friend. The proper care of your fleece clothing will help protect you when you wear those items outside in the heat.

Is Polar Fleece Water Resistant?


Actually, all fleece versions are water-resistant. But only to a point. This material, and polar fleece, should not be used as a rain cover. The water-resistant nature will only last for a short time and then you will have to face the problem that fleece covered items will be soaked.

At best, polar and other fleece options can be used for light rains. The material is not water absorbent so you do not want to chance getting soaking wet and sick if the weather forecast calls for rain.

It is best to choose a better material when you want or have to go outside in bad weather. Fleece is good, it is just not a perfect fabric.

Does Polar Fleece Absorb Water?

It only absorbs about 1% of its weight when wet. That is good if you are in alight rain or not working up a heavy sweat. The rest of the moisture is usually wicked away until the fabric reaches its saturation point.

This holds true for most of the other fleece varieties. It is not waterproof or strong water-resistant material. That means that fleece cannot or should not be used as a rain cover.

One exception may be shearling fleece which uses an outer suede-like fabric and a moisture-wicking wool-like texture on the inside to keep water away from your body or other items.

The best thing to do is compare how the different fleece materials are made and their characteristics before you buy them. That way you can get the right quality and thickness for your lifestyle and geographical region.

Some Final Words

Fleece is a very versatile fabric, good for sporting activities as well as looking good on a hike or casual affair. The material lets your body breathe without losing any insulation or warmth.

The key to buying and using fleece materials will be in their quality and thickness. The lighter the weight the better the breathability factor. Shop wisely and save.

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