Is Wool Breathable? (Can You Wear Wool in The Summer?)

Finding the right outfit can have a person standing in front of their closets for a long time and yelling that they have nothing to wear. Finding a breathable fabric on a hot day can be tough especially when your go-to breathable fabrics are waiting to be washed.

Is wool breathable? The best answer would be yes and no. It depends on how the wool was woven and where it came from. On almost all the most breathable lists merino wool was mentioned specifically not other kinds of wool. It will depend on the wool type as well.

To learn if wool is breathable or not just continue to read our article. It has the facts so you know which wool item you can wear in the summer and which one to save until the cooler months arrive.

Is Wool Breathable?


It will depend on the type of wool you buy. It is said that alpaca wool is more breathable than sheep’s wool. Then other types of wool can wick away 25% more moisture than synthetic fibers can let your body cool down another 6 degrees F.

Plus, it can keep you cooler than synthetic fibers by almost double. That makes wool a good choice when the day is hot and your other fabrics are not available. Also, wool lets moisture evaporate at the same time it is absorbing it so your body doesn't feel moist and sticky.

Then the really good news is that wool does not emit any foul odors. It locks it in its many fibers and doesn’t let go of them until the sweater, etc., is washed.

Why is Wool Breathable?

One reason is that it is a natural fiber and almost all-natural fibers come with the ability to breathe. Another reason, and this applies to alpaca wool, is that there is a hollow fiber that traps air to keep you warm and then releases it to cool you down.

Other wool varieties also trap air to keep you insulated from the cold outside which is why it is a perfect winter fabric. Wool can also absorb between 30 and 35% of its own weight before it feels wet then evaporates that moisture at the same time.

Also, the type of weave has a lot to do with how breathable wool can be. Its looser weave lets air pass through so your body does not overheat. That makes wool a good fabric to wear in the summer.

Is Merino Wool Breathable?

Yes, it is and in fact, it is specifically mentioned by name in all of the most breathable fabrics you can buy. Even if you own an early merino wool product, the breathability factor overshadowed the original scratchy feel of wool.

Later generations of merino wool products have had that scratchy texture removed without getting rid of any of its breathability talents. This wool does it by creating air pockets to trap air which in turn helps you stay cool.

Of course, the caveat here is that the wool fibers have to woven using only the fine fibers. The coarse ones are not as breathable as the fine fibers are. One item of note, some of the best athletic and dress socks makers use wool to help prevent foot odor and sweating issues.

Is Mineral Wool Breathable?


This wool product is used more for insulation than it is for clothing. But it is selected because it is very good at breathing as well as providing great insulation. The regions of the world that benefit from having mineral wool in use are the colder regions that experience lots of low temperatures.

There are some drawbacks to using mineral wool though. It is usually made with tiny fragments of glass and stone which can be irritating if next to your skin. Those particles can be dangerous to your lungs if breathed in throughout the day.

Also, there is a lot of industrial waste, which cannot be used anywhere else, put into mineral wool. It may be breathable, a good insulator but it is not the best product to have near your skin. It is better used as housing insulation as it resists moisture and doe snot provide a good home for mold etc.

Is Wool More Breathable Than Cotton?

The answer to that question would be no. Cotton remains the champ when it comes to breathability and it is hard to top that fabric when you want to stay cool. Nylon is also more breathable than wool.

But wool still has some good properties to it, like wicking away moisture, letting the moisture evaporate, and providing you with a barrier between you and the cold or hot air. This makes wool a good all seasons fabric to wear

What also is in cotton’s favor is that it is a fabric that is easier to take care of than wool. Laundry time goes better when you are doing all cotton products instead of all wool products. When it comes to keeping you warm cotton loses here as it tends to collect sweat and keeps your body cooler than it should be.

Does Wool Keep You Cool in Summer?

It can as the weave of the wool fibers tend to create air pockets that trap air instead of letting it reach your body. That means that style of weave can be a good insulator against both hot and cold air.

Alpaca wool is said to have hollow fibers that do the same thing. There is such a thing as winter wool and summer wool. The latter helps you breathe better in hotter temperatures and still maintains that barrier wool is known to produce.

That barrier helps keep hot air away from your body while absorbing a lot of moisture when you wear it. Plus, with its odor resistance, you should feel comfortable and dry all day, unless you are the exception to the rule.

Summer wool is also attractive and can make the right impression when meeting important clients.

Does Wool Absorb Water?


Yes, it does absorb water and some people say that it absorbs up to 35% of its weight in moisture and still not feel wet or clingy. Also, wool absorbs more moisture than synthetic fibers do. Up to 25% more than those fibers making sure you stay drier longer.

Then as that absorption process continues, wool will release heat at the same time. This keeps you cooler than you would be than if you were wearing other non-natural fabric. The interesting thing about wool’s heat release ability is that 2 pounds release as much heat as an electric blanket produces in 8 hours.

In addition to that, wool moves moisture away from your body making sure you do not look like a sweaty mess on a hot day.

Are Wool Pants Hot in Summer?

It will depend on the type of wool you are wearing. Gabardine is a tight wool twill weave that usually comes in the 10 to 12-ounce weight category. This style of wool is perfect for the warm days of Spring and Summer. They are not so good for the cold days of Fall and Winter.

If your pants are made from merino or alpaca wool, then you should be able to wear those pants in the summer. That is if you can afford them. These are not cheap wool products.

When you are looking for that summer wool, you want to find the lightweight kind and not the heavyweight option. Or you may see them advertised as tropical weight which tells you that is the right wool for Summer use.

Does Wool Make You Sweat?

Wool can release heat. That means that you should not sweat more when wearing the right wool for the season. If you are wearing winter wool, which is a heavier weight fabric, then you may not get the breathability you need and sweat a little more.

Like everything else, it is going to depend on the type of fabric you are wearing, its quality, and how it was woven if you are going to sweat more than usual. Clothes can keep the heat in making you sweat more or it can release the heat helping you sweat less.

Wool is the latter fabric. If it is the right wool to wear for the season.

Can You Wear Wool in The Summer?


There is what is called a Summer wool style of fabric and this material is made to be worn in the hotter months of the year. As already mentioned, you may see those lightweight wool styles advertised as tropical wool.

The word tropical lets you know that it is okay to wear those clothing items in the summer. Wool also wicks away moisture, releases heat, and lets you stay dryer when you wear it in non Winter months.

It may not be the best fabric to care for but you can wear it several days in a row and not have any odor smell coming from your clothing. That is one of the benefits of wearing wool in the summer.

Does Wool Make Your Feet Sweat?

If your feet have a sweating problem or an issue with odor, then you may want to switch to merino wool socks. This style of wool is said to be great for your feet as it soaks up a lot of moisture and helps prevent any odor build-up.

Some athletic socks have wool included in them. Whether that wool is merino or not depends on the sock maker. Wool helps wick away moisture as well as absorb it, which means more moisture is removed from your body and kept away. Your wool socks should have you feeling drier as you walk, play, or workout.

Wool also keeps your feet healthy like cotton and acrylic can.

Are Wool Socks Good For Summer?

Yes, wool socks are good for summer, especially if you are involved in activities where appearance and body odor is vital. Wool socks cut the odor problem down to size and help you maintain that air of dignity when dealing with those aspects of society that look down on those people who cannot present themselves in a certain manner.

Wool socks should also keep your feet nice and cool so you can endure those long boring meetings when the air conditioner is not working that well. Plus, the right summer wool in socks will keep your feet comfortable so you should be able to walk further than you normally would with other sock fabrics.

Are Wool Blankets Breathable?


Not only are they breathable but they are also very comfortable. You can have a good night’s sleep because the wool blanket has all the good properties the wool fabric provides.

Its breathable and moisture-wicking abilities keep you nice and dry as well as prevent you from overheating at any time in the night. With its ability to create a barrier between you and the night air, wool blankets are great to have along when you go camping.

Of course, you should be able to find different styles of wool blankets, with each different style better suited for one season over another. It will take a little searching to get the right wool blanket for your purpose and geographical location.

Some Final Words

When you want to stay cool and collected, you should turn to using wool clothing items throughout the year. Just learn the difference between winter and summer wool and you should be fine.

Not only that, you have access to some great colors and designs that will impress your future in-laws or business clients when you meet them. Then if you are very active in the Summer, wool or blended wool socks are the way to go when you want your feet nice and cool.

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