The Necchi Supernova Ultra Sewing Machine (Review, Price)

2019 was a special year for Necchi as the company celebrated its 100th anniversary. The company was started partially because of a wife’s request and partially because Italy had to import all sewing machines. The Supernova was an ideal machine that helped the company survive

This top vintage Necchi sewing machine comes with a good reputation even though it may be a bit high strung. It needed oiling and cleaning regularly to maintain its precision. Right now you can get a model for under $400 at eBay.

To learn more about this unique sewing machine just continue to read our article. It explores the details of this sewing machine so you know when you have come across a real find at a very good price. 

Is the Necchi Supernova Any Good?


From its reputation, it was a fine machine. According to the Necchi website, it was the first automatic sewing machine to hit the sewing market back in 1954. Some people say 1955 but the website says 1954.

Many people got a lot of joy out of using their Supernova sewing machine. It ran like a fine clock and when taken care of it took care of your sewing projects making them easier and smoother to do.

One of the more interesting features of this machine was the switch that cut the motor power in half. That option made delicate work better as you did not have to worry about ruining your project due to a fast motor speed.

Another unique feature that Necchi put on the supernova was an on and off sa=switch. This meant that you did not have to unplug your machine when you left your sewing area. Everything could be left, ready to go for when you returned simply by flicking the power switch.

That is what makes this sewing machine popular still. It was the unique features that put the Supernova ahead of its time and made sewing a lot more enjoyable.

Necchi Supernova Julia

This sewing machine will surprise many sewers who have not had the pleasure of seeing one in person. It was filled with innovative designs like a built-in needle threader. That was just one of the bells and whistles that Necchi placed on this machine.

One of the other features was a high shank foot/feet which actually needed an industrial model and not the standard one. Then there were pre-built and ready to be built cams, an automatic buttonholer with cam set.

Those features may not seem like much but you could build your cams to sew almost any decorative stitch you thought of. If there was a machine that beat Singer to the punch, it was Necchi.

The spool holders were on the side of the machine and this was one of the first sewing machines to offer a zig-zag stitch as well as other decorative stitches. The good news about this machine was that it was built with all metal parts. It was built to last and it has lasted over 60 years now.

It may be old but it will still compete with the newer models. There is even a reverse button you could push when you needed to go in the opposite direction.

Necchi Supernova Ultra Mark 2


The word ‘ultra’ says it all. This was a machine that had everything you ever wanted in a vintage sewing machine and more. There was the zig-zag stitch but not just for sewing but for embroidery as well.

The stitches ranged from straight stitch to the zig-zag, to the basting, tacking, and other stitch patterns you may need. It also came with a buttonholer, automatic to make sure your garments got the right buttonholes.

That was one of the great things about these old Necchi sewing machines. They had features that other companies did not perfect for another 10 years. The Ultra Mark 2 proves that. Plus, it came with a lot of the same features you will find on other supernova sewing machines.

Even after 60 years, the machine can and will sew strong without giving you a lot of trouble. It is a precision machine that is like a fine racing car. It is not happy unless it is out there sewing away. This sewing machine needs to sew to keep it in its optimum form

Our Necchi Supernova Review

What can we say that we haven’t already said about this series of sewing machines? It is a finely tuned model that upgraded the sewing machine industry and set the standard for other companies to follow.

As we said, some features took those other sewing machine companies 10 more years to place on their models. Whether that was due to research and development issues or patent restrictions, we are not sure.

With all of its features and the metal parts, this series of sewing machines has beaten the test of time and if taken care of it will sew up a storm. Some women have been using the same model for 50 years.

Then the color scheme is not as bright and vivid as some Japanese post-war models but the sewing machines still look good with their two-tone and muted colors. They are nice and attractive to look at and shouldn’t offend anyone’s eyes or decor sensibilities.

These machines do come with an embroidery dial where you can turn that feature on or off and the power switch was an innovative design that made sewing a little easier. With the addition of a light, you could sew in a dark room and still see what you are doing.

All in all, if you find one of these units on sale you should pick it up and take it home. As long as it is in good working condition. If not, it will be a good spare parts machine.

Necchi Supernova Sewing Machine Price


This is one of the better aspects of finding a vintage sewing machine. The sellers generally are motivated and want to get rid of the machine as quickly as possible. One buyer found a Necchi ultra Mark 2 for 410 as the seller was very motivated.

Other buyers have reported great prices as well, but if you go to eBay the models we saw on sale there were over $300 and just under $400. That is quite a bit of money to pay for a 60-year-old sewing machine.

Your best bet would be to watch the classified ads, Craigslist, and other online classifieds to see if you can get a model for a lot less. they are out there. Then there are lots of online viewing machine outlets that deal with vintage sewing machines.

Their prices may be closer to eBay’s than a yard or estate sale would be. it is hard to say what price you will find as some people will put a sentimental value on their sewing machine and overprice it.

Do your research as the price for a good supernova from Necchi will be all over the map and you never know when you will come across a great deal.

Finding Necchi Supernova Parts

It is doubtful that you will still get parts from Necchi itself but it never hurts to ask. You can contact them through their website which is found here. If you can’t find any help there then you can try the people at this link. They did not have a lot of spare parts but they did have some.

Then there is this reliable link as that online company specializes in vintage sewing machine parts. You should be able to find what you need as they seem to have more parts available than the previous link.

Another place to check is at this link but keep in mind that as the years pass there are fewer machines to get spare parts from. There are lots of online places you can scan through to see if they have the part you are looking for.

If the internet fails you then you can always try your local sewing machine repair shops to see what they have on hand. By going to them, they can do the repair work for you saving you some time and hassle.

Check around at flea markets, estate sales, and similar places as the machine you find at those locations may not work but may work for spare parts when you need them. We say this a lot, you never know what part will break or where you can find a replacement at a reasonable price.

Do a thorough search in order to keep your vintage supernova sewing machine working like the brilliant machine it is.

Where to Find a Necchi Supernova Sewing Machine


Since these sewing machines are still working today you should be able to find a working model with relative ease. But it may also take some effort as there are some sewers not willing to part with their vintage sewing machine.

The best place to start will be at eBay as they have a few models on sale at the time of this writing. If you do not find a machine at the price you want, then there are other online sewing machine outlets that deal with vintage machines that may.

Then there is always the flea markets, estate, yard, and garage sales as well as the free classified ads. if your heart is set on finding a working supernova from Necchi then scan these pages or go to their sales on a regular basis. you will find one sooner or later.

Craigslist is always a good place to look. One person found his for $10 on this list. The seller was motivated and that is something we can’t guarantee. You may find a more stubborn seller when you look.

Next, you should look at your local sewing machine repair shop if your city has one. They are always a good source for old sewing machines. The same goes for your local and near antique dealers, although the price you pay there may not be as bargain based as other outlets.

A good search will help you find a lot of places where these machines are on sale. Then if you can get two at a very cheap price, buy both so you do not have to spend a lot of time searching for parts.

Necchi Supernova Sewing Machine Manuals

The good news here is that they are still in existence and you can find them fairly easily. The first place to look is the Necchi website which we already linked to earlier. If they do not have them then you move on to some other online sites.

One of our go-to manual sites is at this link and they should have quite a few on hand. Then there is always this link. We have not checked to see if their prices are reasonable or not.

A good internet search or a visit to your Necchi dealer or local repair shop should put you on the right track. Then if you are not sure how to thread a Necchi Supernova sewing machine, just go to this link for a diagram and instructions.

It has photos so you can see what they are talking about.

Some Final Words

When you can get your hands on a Necchi Supernova sewing machine, any part of that series, then you are getting a vintage machine that still sews well. It has more bells and whistles than its vintage counterparts and they are made from all metal parts.

When you want a workhorse sewing machine this is the model to look for. More about older Necchi sewing machines here.

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