Organza vs Chiffon: Differences Between Organza and Chiffon

After you say yes to that long-desired wedding proposal, the hard part comes into play. Deciding which fabric you will have on your own unique wedding gown. Both fabrics are good to use and you most likely will look beautiful in both. The decision to accept the proposal is not hard, deciding on the right fabric is a lot tougher.

One of the difference is in the texture. Organza is a lot stiffer than chiffon and does not flow very well. This is okay for those that like a more structured wedding gown but not good for those who like their gown to flow. Then chiffon has some sheen to it while organza is more of a matte look.

To find out more differences between these two fabrics just continue to read our article. It has facts about these two styles of fabric so you can make the best choice for your elaborate and special events. Just take a few minutes and get caught up on the characteristics these two materials come with.

Difference Between Organza and Chiffon

Both of these materials have a lot of similarities between them. But it is the differences between them that help you decide which fabric you are going to use for your formal or wedding dress. If your time is short, here is a quick comparison chart to help you track those differences in the time that you do have.

Category Chiffon Organza
Fibers Made from silk & synthtetic fibers Made from silk
Texture Flowing, smooth, sometimes soft Stiff and sometimes can feel like burlap
Breathability Breathes well Does not breathe as well as chiffon
Wrinkles Resists wrinkling Resists wrinkling
Function Used for show Provides a feminine look and as well as structure
Look Shimmery airy look to the dress Same with this material
Cleaning Hand or machine washing are your choices Hand washing is the best method for this fabric
Appearance Comes with a nice sheen Has more of a matte look and often used in floral prints
Versatility Can be used in clothing other than wedding dresses Can have other uses as well
Cost Can be inexpensive especially when made from synthetic fibers Can be quite expensive

Organza vs Chiffon Dress


One of the features that makes it hard to decide between these two dresses is deciding how you want to look to the crowd that has come to your special day. Chiffon is a fabric that is designed to put on a good show and it comes in a variety of colors to let your wedding or other dress be spectacular.

Also, chiffon flows very well and that is a good aspect to consider when you are trying to figure out how you want to look as you move. Organza, on the other hand, is a bit stiffer than chiffon and you do not get that flowing look.

But that may be good if you want a more structured dress that really shows off your figure and good looks. Then your budget may play a role in deciding which material you will use. Chiffon is a bit cheaper than organza especially when it is made from man-made fibers.

Organza can be quite expensive as it is generally only made from silk. Both materials should provide you with that princess look many brides are looking for. That look works well when you have a formal event to attend that is also being attended by some of the more elite members of society.

The Different Types of Chiffon Fabric


As we said, chiffon can be made from a variety of fibers both natural and man-made. There may be some organza fabric made from some, not all of these same synthetic fibers but usually, that material is made from silk.

Also, chiffon is a sheer, light weight fabric that is used in window scarves, bed canopies, sheer curtains as well as different accessories. Working with chiffon, the french word for cloth can be difficult as it needs special care and can fray quite easily.

Here are some of the different fibers chiffon is made from:

  • Silk – the most delicate of all chiffon varieties and is often used for flowers and bows. It can tear very easily so handle with care.
  • Polyester – tougher than silk, it does not tear very easily and is for the more budget-minded person. Also, polyester silk can be washed on a gentle cycle but do not put it in the dryer.
  • Rayon - similar to polyester and needs to be handled in the same manner. It too is more durable than silk and does not cost you an arm and a leg to buy
  • Blends - chiffon fabric makers usually blend silk fibers with polyester. This helps make the silk portion stronger and gives it a little more durability as well as add to your cleaning options.

Similar Fabrics That Replace Chiffon


As you are well aware organza is a similar material that often replaces chiffon in those elegant dresses you like to wear for those formal events or special occasions. The differences are not that great as you just read but that doesn’t mean it isn't a good replacement for chiffon.

Another fabric that can replace chiffon is georgette. This is a thicker fabric and not as transparent. This material will work for those more modest women who do not want to have too much exposure when they are out in public.

Some Final Words

Whether you use chiffon or organza in your wedding or other formal gown doesn’t really matter that much. Both fabrics are good to use and will make you look and feel like the princess you are. The biggest factor in making this choice will be how you want to look and how much you want to spend.

But then it isn’t you making the decisions on your wedding. That is your mother’s duty.

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