Petite Dress Form: Finding an Adjustable Size 0 Dress Form

When you are small it may be difficult to find dress forms that match or come close to your figure. Size does matter in fashion and for some people being too small or being too tall can be a problem when making a dress to fit you. Not everyone is courageous and can work with a dressmaking buddy.

The good thing about dress forms is that you can easily find an adjustable one for sale at a variety of outlets. The difficult part will be finding one for those women who are so petite, their dress size is 0. It can be done though if you look in the right places.

To find out more information on this important topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to help your dressmaking time go better. Dress forms are ideal for those women who do not have a sewing buddy or are too shy to undress in front of others, etc.

Petite Adjustable Dress Form


To find a good petite dress form you need to know the measurements that are classified as petite. here are one set of measurements that will qualify as petite.

  • BUST: 30-36 inches
  • WAIST: 22-28 inches
  • ​HIPS: 31-37 inches
  • BACK WAIST LENGTH: 14-1/2 inches - 16-1/2 inches
  • NECK: 12-1/2+ inches

Amazon has petite sizes but their measurements are a little bigger than the ones listed here. The ones used for one model of dress form go like this: Bust: 33-41"; Waist: 25-33"; Hips 36-44"; Neck & Back 15"+.

When you go shopping for a petite dress form, be aware that not every outlet measures that size the same way.

Size 0 Dress Form

Men wonder how a woman can be a size 0 when they are looking at a lady who has some size to her and we are not meaning large size but a small frame. In their minds, a woman should have a number greater than 0 when it comes to dresses.

But if you are at that size, there are many outlets that should have adjustable dress forms that go to 0 and up to larger sizes. You may have to look at a few different dress forms to find a size 0 because the retailer may use words like adjustable, miniature, and similar terms to describe the small size some women have.

Dritz My Double Petite Dress Form


The first measurements we gave above come from a Dritz adjustable dress form that would be classified as petite. You can order your form directly from Dritz or you can use Wal Mart, Amazon, or some other fashion outlet to get yours.

This Dritz option comes with 12 dials for you to adjust so that you can get as close to your body style as possible. They say that close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades but it works in fashion as well.

The other good news here is that this dress form can handle other articles of clothing like pants, nightgowns, and so on.

Dritz Twin Fit Petite Dress Form

The stand on this dress form is also adjustable to help make sure you get the right length on your dress. It too has 12 dials to help you adjust the form to meet your physical needs.

Besides contacting Dritz directly, you should find this dress form at Amazon as well as other retail outlets including those stores that sell fabrics. The one issue you may find with this and all dress forms is that some of the pads you can buy may be too bulky.

Walmart carries this model as well so you are not going to be hard-pressed to find one.

Alvanon Petite Dress Form


If you are partial to this brand, and they do make quite a few models of dress forms, you can contact them through their website and see if they sell locally or if you can purchase online. Here is the link to their website.

We did not see any other outlet that carried this brand, including Amazon. We checked their anonymous listings and found those listed under different brand names and not Avalon’s.

It may take a little searching to see if you can find one in your local area or you may have to go to your local, independent fabric stores and see if they can order one in for you.

Singer Petite Dress Form

This brand does sell an adjustable dress form and it too has 13 dials to make the right adjustments. We checked both Singer’s store and Amazon and the biggest drawback is that the smallest size it comes in is a size 4 and goes up to a size 10.

Amazon has the red version but it comes in red or gray at Singer’s. Here are the measurements for this dress form so you can check if it is petite or not- Bust Size: 33"-40" Waist Size: 25"-32" Hip Size: 34"-41" Neck Size: 13-3/8.

Best Petite Dress Form


This is always going to be a subjective issue as everyone has their own favorite that works best for them. On one list, Dritz came in the top 2 positions with Singer coming in at #3.

On another list, Coolwin was the top dress form with Singer moving up to #2. Dritz was found at #6. Instead of taking other people’s word for it, you should look at different brands and see which one will work best for you.

Some Final Words

Getting dresses made for small women can be a challenge. But if you have the right dress form then that challenge is easily overcome. There are a lot of good places to find a petite or size 0 dress form so getting one should be the least of your worries.

Just make sure it is the best one for you and your style of sewing.

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