Reuse Jeans Button: How to Remove Two-Part Buttons (Attach)

One of the good things about jean buttons is that they are usually made from metal and can be reused. There are not hard to remove nor are they hard to attach. You just need some brute force and a little arm strength to get the hold you need. Both procedures take a minute or so.

How to remove two-part buttons: For the 2 part denim buttons, you may need only a flat head screwdriver to pry the two parts apart. Then you just pull both parts off the jeans. To attach the 2 parts, you need a good hammer and a little muscle to make sure the button nail gets through the fabric cleanly.

To learn more about removing or attaching these 2 part buttons just continue to read our article. it has the information you need to get the job done right. The 2 part buttons are usually the most secure form of buttons you can attach to clothing.

Can You Reuse a Jean Button?


If the button parts are in good shape, there is no reason why you could not reuse them. You may have to patch up the old hole and start fresh on more solid fabric just to make sure you are getting a firm hold on the material.

The rivet style buttons are not hard to put back on. As long as you have the right tools, they should go on with a quick, firm, and very hard blow. Most people recommend that you get a professional to handle the job but they may have money to burn.

The task, in and of itself, is very simple to do. You just place the bottom part where you want it and hit it with enough force to drive it through the fabric. Then you simply tap the top button into place.

It should take no more than 5 minutes to get the job done and your pants should look good as new. If the button is not in good shape replacements are not that expensive.

Can You Remove Buttons From Jeans?

Yes, you can remove buttons from jeans. This is a common practice when jeans have either used up their usefulness or some alteration is needed. All you need are the right tools and an extra pair of hands to help you.

The buttons on jeans are brought together with some force and it will take some force to get them apart again. This is why you may need help as it will take some strength to undo the hold the button has on each other and the fabric itself.

The task is not complicated but it may take a few minutes to get those parts to let go but if you are not overly aggressive you should be able to handle the job without damaging the button parts.

It is possible to reuse the 2 part buttons if they are not damaged. Later on, we will show you the different methods you can use to get the 2 part buttons off the denim fabric. Slow and easy are the watchwords for this task.

Can You Remove Buttonhole Stitches?


Again, it is possible to perform this task but you do need to be careful. One false move and you could put a little rip into your shirt, pants, or jacket. Using the right tool, and this time scissors will not be the right tool, you should be able to get the job done without damaging the fabric.

One of the right tools will be a straight edge razor blade, the two-sided variety that is sharp on both sides. Or you can use an Exacto knife to cut the stitches so you can remove them quickly and easily.

Or you can opt for a seam ripper. The tricky part will be the type of fabric you were sewing on. If the weave is loose or fragile, the better option may be to simply sew another set of stitches over the original set and go from there.

The last item you could try would be a fine needle and get under the stitches. No matter which way you go, time and patience will be the key elements. This is not going to be a quick job.

How to Remove Two-Part buttons

You will find that the main ingredient in this process is time. Once you have the right tools in hand, all it will take is time. This is part of the brute force area of sewing.

  • 1. 2 pliers method

Grip each side of the button with one pair of pliers each. Make sure you have a firm grip but no so firm that you distort the shape of the button. Then twist one side of the 2 parts to get them to release their grip on each other.

Once that hold has been released, just pull the buttons apart. if you are not sure you have the strength to hold both pliers and pull then enlist the help of your spouse or child.

  • 2. Screwdriver and pliers method

Take the flat head screwdriver, no other shape will handle this task, and get the blade between the two parts of the button. Wiggle the screwdriver around until you get the buttons to loosen their grip.

Then once you got the hold released, take your pliers and grab one side and pull the button apart. You may still need to have the screwdriver in place in order to pull the two pieces apart.

  • 3. Wirecutter method

This is not really a recommended option but if you are having trouble with the pliers or screwdriver, you can always cut the metal apart and remove the button. of course, when you do that you won't be able to reuse it. You will have to replace the button.

Removing Rivet Buttons From Jeans


This is more of a pain than anything else. Regular sewn-on buttons can be removed in a jiffy and most people have shirts needing new buttons in their closet right now. Sewn-on buttons, if a bad sew job, can come off as soon as you look at them.

2 part rivet buttons are a lot more stubborn and it takes a little work to get them off your jeans or jean jacket. But they will come off eventually and with a little old fashion persuasion.

The time frame is not as quick as removing sewn-on buttons but it is not as slow as sewing buttons on either. It will take a couple of minutes to loosen the grip and pull the two pieces apart.

The thing about pulling the button apart is you need to be prepared for any flying pieces. Sometimes one or the other piece will fly into the air so take little cautionary measures to make sure you or a pet or one of your kids do not get hit.

How to Sew a Jean Button Back On

Normally you would not sew a jean button back on unless the button came off a denim shirt. Then you would follow the normal procedure you would use for any other button-up shirt that needed a new button.

With the two-part button on most jeans and jean jackets, all you need are the 2 parts and a good hammer. A 16-ounce hammer is the smallest weight you would need. Anything lighter and you may not get the force you need to seal the 2 parts together.

Once you have the hammer, you need the jean button tool. It is a flexible plastic item that holds the 2 pieces in place while you get ready to strike your blow. Plus, it protects the metal button from damage.

If you are wanting to put the button back into the same spot, it is a good idea to sew a patch over the original hole so you can get a firm grip once you hammer the button into place.

Reusing Snap Buttons


This is a debatable process. Most people we have come across say that this is very hard to do as the snap portion of the button may be distorted and unable to hold firmly to the other part of the button.

The majority of advice was to go and get new snap buttons to avoid any issues that come with reusing the old ones. Another problem with reusing the old snap buttons is the hole they leave behind. You would either have to patch those up or actually leave the original buttons in place and use new ones for the new location.

If you really want to use the old snaps, you will have to cut a strip of fabric surrounding them off and insert that strip into your sewing project. Snap buttons are generally one use and they are done.

Can You Reuse Upholstery Buttons?

Yes, it is possible to reuse upholstery buttons, depending on the style of the button and the shape it is in. You will want to make sure those buttons are in top shape if you are going to reuse them. If they are not, do not expect them to hold up for a very long time or even look that good in their new location.

There are lots of sewing projects where reusing old upholstery buttons would be ideal. A good search on your computer will turn up those projects for you. Then once you get the results, you just take your time and pick the project that appeals to you the most.

Also, depending on the style of the button, there are many different ways to attach them to your new project. A hot glue gun is just one method you can consider. The method you choose will depend on the type of project you are working on.

Can You Reuse Covered Buttons?


Yes, you can probably reuse covered buttons. The only hitch in the plan would be the condition the thread holder is in. If it is not in great condition or it may have been broken, etc., you may want to think twice about reusing it using a needle and thread. Glue may be your only option at that point.

There are lots of techniques you can use to make those buttons look new. Mod podge, paint, markers, and other tools will help you get a great design on the cover of those buttons.

Then, it may depend on how you fasten those buttons to your next craft or sewing project. You may not be able to reuse them because of the materials used to attach them to their original spot.

Just check the buttons out and if they are in good shape see if they will work with your new ideas.

How to Reuse Covered Buttons

The sky is actually the limit here and the covered buttons can be reused in a variety of ways. The only limitation will be their condition, design, color, and your project requirements.

One option would be to create a decorative bracelet or necklace out of different colored covered buttons. Or you can paint the same colored ones to make those items more creative and attractive.

One person used paint and mod podge and a little glue, which can be gorilla glue, hot glue from the gun, crazy glue, and so on, to attach the buttons to the fabric. You do not have to sew the buttons in place if you do not want to.

To get ideas, just search for creative button projects that help you use up old buttons you have collected over the years.

Some Final Words

Removal or attaching jean buttons is probably one of the easiest things to do and it is one of the more secure methods you can use. The brute force needed is quick but the hold you get, if done right, should last for a very long time.

Use the 2 part button hole tool to help you do the task even faster.

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