Finding a Sewing Pattern for Woodturning Smock (or Artist)

Patterns are not all made the same. They come with different purposes with some working well with knits and others that work well with smock fabrics. Getting the right pattern for your smock is essential in having a good smock when you are done.

When you are getting ready to go out and look for a good smock pattern, you should first decide which material you are going to make the smock out of. A knit pattern does not work well if you are going to use a denim fabric.

To learn more about finding the right pattern for your wood turner’s smock just continue to read our article. It goes through the data to make sure you have the correct information to use.

What is a Smock Pattern


A smock is a rather loose-fitting over shirt that is designed to protect the good clothes you have on underneath. These smocks are worn by professionals in a variety of industries.

The smock pattern is the template you need to follow to get the results you need. Smocks are not that hard to sew and following the instructions found in the pattern, you should be able to complete the project in no time.

Here is a link to a European style smock that is used by artists and others. You may have to do some converting from metric to standard to get the smock to fit you just right.

How to Make Smock Patterns


Since a smock is a formless, loose overshirt you will not have a shortage of templates to use to create your smock pattern. You can buy ready-made smock patterns that make sure you get what or as close to what you want.

But if you want to customize what you will be wearing, then it is best if you find a pattern close to what you want and make the alterations you need to make. Starting with a template is a lot easier when creating your pattern.

You are free to ignore pockets if you do not want any. You are also free to make any adjustments you deem is necessary. The key is to know what you want first, then go looking for a pattern that is similar and can be altered.

Woodturning Smock Pattern


One of the things you do not need to worry about is your ability to create the perfect woodturning smock. The patterns are simple, easy to follow and you should be able to create one very quickly.

This link takes you to one pattern where all you need to add are your measurements. Plus, you can use just about any fabric you like that works well with woodturning work. The thicker the fabric would be a lot better as those smocks should last longer than a thin one.

Fishermans Smock Pattern


There should be no trouble finding a good fisherman’s smock pattern online. These smocks are as easy to make as they are to find. Here is one example of what one quick search came up with.

The only drawback is the person creating the pattern used metric instead of standard measurements. A little time to convert won’t delay your sewing the fabric together by that much.

The key to doing a fisherman’s smock is in selecting the right fabric. Sailcloth would be ideal as your fisherman will be outdoors a lot dealing with wind, rain, water and fish odors.

Artist Smock Pattern

Artists come in all sizes. The good thing about artist smock patterns is that you can simply adjust for size and either fit your adult artist or your children who like to dabble in paint.

Also, you can add sleeves if you want or remove them. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to making artists’ smock. Here is one example for you to try. Then when you buy your 2 yards of fabric, you should get the colors that are fashionable and fit together well.

French Artist Smock Pattern


When you want to gain some inspiration, you can always turn to the french style of an artist smock and see what happens. These smocks have a little different flair to them and help you sink into the role of a French artist.

Just a little alteration to your North American artists smock is all that will need to be done to get that French influence. Or you can use this link to create one, This link is the same one we used in the what is a smock pattern section.

As you can see all the patterns are quite easy to follow and there is no real tricky sewing work to be done.

Free Long-Sleeve Art Smock Pattern

When you want to make sure your artist does not need more clean up than is necessary, you want to go to a long-sleeved artist smock. this style of smock protects your child’s arms and makes sure they do not have to take an extra bath that week.

The link to this website said free patterns but they seem to charge for their patterns. In any case, we still put it here because they do have some very nice designs to draw inspiration from.

Adding sleeves to a short or no sleeve artist smock pattern is not going to be that hard to do.

Woodturners Smock Pattern


Two important aspects of woodturning smocks. First, you need them to be a short sleeve. The reason behind this plan is that you do not want to risk getting along sleeve smock caught in any machines.

The second aspect is that the smock should be made out of nylon. That way wood chips do not stick to the smock keeping it cleaner and neater looking. Here is a link to a pdf file for a free pattern.

Again, these types of smocks are not that complicated and you may be able to alter a bowling shirt [pattern to create your style of woodturning smock.

Painters Smock Pattern

A painter cannot always control where their paint goes. Sometimes a brush gets accidentally caught on the paper or wall and does not move as it should. Having a good painter's smock can protect you and your clothing from flying paint drips.

Now you can either long or short sleeve painter smocks and that design is up to you and your preference. Also, you can add pockets or remove them if you want. Pockets just make painting a lot easier to do.

Here is a link to some free patterns to help get you started in the right direction. When it comes to making your own painter’s smock it helps to have some good ideas to follow.

Barber Smock Pattern


When you go to making these types of smocks it may be a good idea to make two. One for the barber and one for the person getting their hair cut. The smocks for the latter are very simple to make and the toughest sewing may be in making the seams.

For the barber’s smock, you should include an upper chest pocket for combs and other small barber tools. The fabric needs to be light and very easy to move in as the barber is constantly moving their hands.

Plus, the front should fold over the zipper or buttons so hair does not get inside. Here is a link to a simple barber’s smock pattern.

English Smock Pattern

The French have nothing on the English when it comes to creating good smocks to wear. The latter has a lot of decorative styles for you to choose from which makes sewing the smock more enjoyable.

Then the English smock has far more uses than the French which means you get to be a bit creative as you sew. The beautiful smocks can also be worn by children as bedclothes.

Just check out this link to see if there is a pattern in the list that suits your tastes as well as your child’s. You never know which one will catch your eye.

Gardening Smock Pattern


Gardening can be a very dirty job. Playing in the dirt is bound to kick some of it up and hit you on your nice clean clothes. One way to stop that from happening is by creating your garden smock.

These clothing items are not hard to make. The only difficult part is deciding how many pockets you want to include and if they will be long or short-sleeved. On top of that, you have to decide how thick your fabric will be as gardening is not always easy on clothes or smocks.

With this link, you can find several pattern ideas to consider.

Grooming Smock Pattern

Grooming is not limited to just getting your hair just right before you go out on a hot date. It is a serious business and the two most well-known professions are dog and horse grooming. In both cases, you are going to need a top smock to keep you and your clothes clean.

Dogs and horses are not always known for standing still when they are being groomed. That is why you want a smock that covers your quite well without restricting your arm or leg movements.

This website has a few ideas to help you design a good pattern you can use when you need to make a good grooming smock.

Hairdresser Smock Pattern


The difference between this type of smock and a barber’s version is that a hairdresser works with a variety of chemicals regularly. That means that their smock has to be thicker and made out of tougher fabric than a barber’s.

That fabric should be able to withstand both water and chemicals if you are going to do it right. Which in turn means that the sewing may be a little tougher and you will need the thickets most waterproof thread available.

Here is a very simple pattern you can use and it puts you on the right track to finding more.

Medieval Smock Pattern

Smocks are not a new idea. Since women have not changed since the beginning of time, smocks have been in use for about as long. The medieval world came up with some very unique and attractive smock designs.

Some are well worth recreating as they will highlight those features you want men to see. Plus, they should not be that difficult to sew if you are a talented sewer. Here are two links to help you create some of the best smocks the modern world has seen.

The Best Fabric For Smock


When you make your smocks, the most influential aspect is not your body size. It is the purpose of the smock. Not all fabrics can handle all tasks smocks are asked to do. Cotton is a good fabric because it is light, comes in a variety of colors and designs and can handle a lot of light duties like painting, artwork and so on.

For those tougher jobs like woodturning and grooming, you need yon and some very waterproof materials. Medieval smocks can be made out of a variety of fabrics and you have a lot of choices there.

For barbers, polyester or cotton will do as long as the fabric is light, breathable and allows for a lot of arm movement.

Some Final Words

Following a pattern for even simple sewing jobs like creating a smock is a smart move. That way you can catch a mistake before it is too late. Patterns help you keep an eye on what you are doing and if you follow the instructions you should have no trouble at all.

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