Shirting Flannel vs Super Snuggle Flannel Fabric (Guide)

A good fire in the fireplace can be made better if you have the right fabric in your blanket. Snuggling up in that blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book is an ideal way to spend an evening. Or replace reading with watching tv or listening to the radio will make for a nice night at home as well.

Which one you use will depend on your fabric preferences and which one is the best to care for. Some snuggle flannel can pill quite easily and come in very thin sizes. Watch out for the solid color version as it has lost its good reputation.

To learn more about shirting and snuggle flannel just continue to read our article. it has the information you want in order to choose the best fabric option for your sewing projects. The modern world does sacrifice quality more than it should.

What is Snuggle Flannel Fabric?

Simply put, snuggle flannel is just another flannel variety you can buy for special sewing projects. It does come in a variety of colors and designs and has different thicknesses.

That makes it hard to tell if you have bought snuggle flannel or some other version of the flannel material. Lately, this version of the flannel fabric has been getting a lot of negative reviews as it is said to tear easily, be too thin, and will pill a lot.

Your experience may be different as you may not get the low-quality option but pay a little more for the higher quality options. If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

All qualities will pill at some point on you so pilling is not a good marker to use to judge the quality of the fabric. Some people find that the thin and low-quality snuggle flannel meets their needs and still gives them their money’s worth.

What is Snuggle Flannel Fabric Used For?


The keyword is ‘snuggle’. When you read that word your mind should be going to all those clothing items that let you snuggle up and be warm. It is a comforting word that should bring warm and nice memories to your mind.

With that idea now planted in your brain, snuggle flannel can be used for quilts, blankets, pajamas, jumpers, and similar clothing. Any clothing item, towel, bedding, or blanket will be a good use for this type of fabric.

Then when you live in a very cold region of the country, you should be glad you have some on hand. Any type of flannel is good for those cold winter months when you want to curl up and snuggle with your romantic partner or a good book.

You can get a good idea for other sewing projects by looking at all the clothing items, etc., that are for sale on the internet. Getting you on the right track helps you create your own uses for this comfortable and warm fabric.

Shirting Flannel vs Snuggle Flannel

Shirting fabric is made through a special brushing process that helps bring that soft fuzzy nap to the material. Then it is given different colors and designs to make your flannel shirts look good on you.

That means that shirting flannel has a few more uses than snuggle fabric has. The latter material is good for sleepwear, burping blankets, and similar items. Shirting flannel can be used just about anywhere you want that soft feel to your sewing project.

In other words, shirt flannel is more for working and doing other daily tasks while snuggle flannel is reserved for those times you want to wind down, relax and enjoy the few free moments you have before you go to sleep.

While the fibers used to make either flannel may be the same, you are not really losing out on comfort using one fabric over the other. One is more durable and has better designs than the other.

Is Snuggle Flannel 100 Cotton?


It can be. it is hard to say without looking at the label to see what fibers the material was made from. The word is that the softest, most comfortable flannel is made from 100% cotton. That would include snuggle flannel.

However, some wool or synthetic fibers may have been used as well. The best way to know for sure is to check those labels when you are looking at which fabric you are buying.

The complaint over the years is that the snuggle version being sold today has lost its quality, its durability, and its strength. It has also lost its comfort and softness. But the other side of the story is that those issues may not be in all versions of snuggle flannel.

For some sewers as long as the flannel holds up, does the job, they have a good version of snuggle flannel. Check the selection you have to choose from and pick the best of the lot even if it isn’t snuggle flannel.

Is Snuggle Flannel Absorbent?

Generally, if it is made from 100% cotton then it will have some absorbency qualities. Cotton is known for its ability to absorb moisture and keep you a little bit dryer throughout the day.

However, the amount of moisture flannel absorbs, including snuggle flannel, depends on how thick the material is. If the snuggle flannel is as some sewers have claimed to be thin, then do not expect to see a lot of moisture absorbed by the blanket, etc.

If it is still found in some nice thicknesses, then you can expect the snuggle flannel to be better at absorbing moisture. If this is a key issue for you, make sure to choose the thicker options of this material.

Just remember there are a lot of manufacturers and retailers who do not make flannel with ethical business practices or sells it using the same ideals. You are going to have to be a bit pickier when selecting fabrics for your projects.

Does Snuggle Flannel Shrink?


If it is made from cotton or wool then yes you should expect to see some shrinkage take place. If the snuggle flannel you buy is blended with synthetic materials or made from those fibers, then you should not expect to see any shrinkage.

Also, if the material has on its labels this fabric has been pre-shrunk or something similar, then you should not see any shrinking taking place. Reading the labels to get the right information helps you see if you have to worry about shrinkage.

If it does not say it is pre-shrunk, you know that you have to wash the material before sewing with it. If the labels say it has been treated to prevent shrinking then you can use it as soon as you get home.

But a word to the wise, even anti shrinking treatments are not perfect and you may get surprised when you wash those flannel items. Don’t assume everything is as it claims to be.

How Much Does Snuggle Flannel Shrink?

Different grades of flannel will shrink at different rates. There is no easy way to put a percentage on how much the material will shrink. The fact that some flannel may be chemically treated also plays a role in how much the material will shrink.

If the snuggle flannel was made out of top cotton fibers or wool ones, then you should not see a lot of shrinkages when you wash the fabric. Some people say that you should buy 1/4 yard extra of the material just to protect against the shrink factor.

Then wash the flannel in hot water and dry in high heat to make sure you get most of the shrinking over and done with. With the complaints that have surfaced about the quality of the more recent snuggle fabrics be prepared to see a lot of shrinkage and a lot of pilling.

The quality of this material seems to have disappeared over recent years. It is par with the business nature of the fashion industry.

Does Snuggle Flannel Pill?


The complaints from experienced sewers who use this material regularly are that it will pill on you and it will pill a lot. Not every sewer has seen the same thing but it can and does happen.

If the snuggle fabric is on sale for $2.99 a yard, do not expect the same quality of fibers as a $14.99 per yard fabric will have. The thing is that even the higher qualities of snuggle fabric will pill eventually.

Pilling, of course, happens when the fabric is given a looser weave. That is always a possibility given the fact that ethical standards in manufacturing seem to be slipping. To postpone pilling try to find snuggle flannel in higher grades or quality. That material should be woven better than the cheaper or lower quality versions.

Then watch how you wash the material and avoid washing it with other fabrics that pill very easily. How you care for the snuggle material will aid or slow down the pilling part of fabrics.

Does Snuggle Flannel Fray?

Yes, snuggle flannel may fray. A lot will depend on the style of sewing you do as one sewer used a cotton applique on her flannel project and there was minimal fraying.

If you are using the snuggle flannel in a quilt, do not get the pre-cut squares and wash them before adding them to the quilt. they will fray. Most materials made from natural fibers fray and you have to be ready to implement some stop fraying strategies to combat this issue.

Those techniques range in ease of use and you should pick the right one for the project you are working on. Not every technique will be good for every project you are working on.

If you cut carefully, you can prevent some fraying but don’t always count on cutting carefully or if the flannel will work with you. Move as quickly as you can to sew up those edges before they start to fray on you.

Super Snuggle Flannel Fabric


When you want a really soft quilt or blanket to snuggle under, this may be the right fabric for you to use. It brings out all the softness and comfort that flannel can provide.

When it is made right.

Depending on the quality of the material, your super snuggle flannel fabric should be ideal for extreme cold weather locations throughout the country. A lot will depend on how you make the quilt, what filler you use, and so on.

Then the material should come in a lot of great colors and designs and you are free to use whichever one suits your fancy. just be forewarned some people are saying to avoid the solid colors of this fabric as their quality is not so good.

Keep in mind that there are groups of people who buy snuggle flannel in any version and have no issues with the material. Check the label to see what fibers were used to make this fabric. that will clue you in on how soft the material will be once you are done.

Luxe Flannel Reviews

The quality of this material is said to be very good but that is what almost all retailers say. The difference between this fabric and other snuggle flannel is that the luxe variety can be blended with rayon. One blend is 70% rayon and only 30% cotton.

If you do not mind the chemicals that help make rayon then this may be a good blend for you to use. Other reviewers liked the fact the higher quality material does not shrink as much as the lower quality. They claimed 7 inches for the lower quality and very little for this option.

Then the comments pointed out the varying thicknesses of the material while saying some qualities are really good while the others are really thin. Pilling still takes place according to one reviewer.

That was the deal-breaker for them and now they avoid all flannels no matter how good they are. Your experience with this material will be the deciding factor. There are so many things that influence the user's experience that it is best to use your own judgment and not what reviewers say.

What to Sew With Snuggle Flannel


The sky is the limit on this topic. Usually, snuggle fabric is reserved for those fabric items that relate to when you want to be warm, comfortable, and unwind. That would include jumpers for around the house, pajamas, quilts, blankets, and similar items.

Flannel, no matter the variety, is a winter fabric and it is best to use it for those items you issue more in the winter than other seasons of the year. use your creative spirit to think up some great projects. one woman uses this material to make burping cloths.

It is soft and comfortable which makes it perfect for little babies. Plus, the material is easy to clean. That makes this option a very good idea. With your thinking cap on you should be able to come up with some unique use for this fabric.

Then find a good pattern and go to work. Start with easy projects to build up your confidence if you are not an experienced sewer yet.

Where to Buy Snuggle Flannel Fabric

Most people have been talking about and reviewing Joann’s version of snuggle flannel fabric. Their comments have not been complimentary for the majority. it seems that Joann’s version is something you have to be careful about when looking for this fabric.

If you don't like shopping at Joann anyway, try Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or your mall’s department stores. See what they have to offer before moving on to those small independent shops.

One town in Wisconsin had a little old lady with 4000 bolts of fabric in her garage and her prices were $2 to 3 per yard cheaper than the big-name stores. These little shops may surprise you.

Then as it is with this technological age, you can find this material on the internet. But be careful, they may not be as itemized as you would like. They may just label something snuggle flannel just to get a sale. In reality, it is just plain flannel.

Some Final Words

If you need flannel material for activities other than keeping warm inside your home, you may want to go with a shirting flannel. It's designed to handle those non-relaxing activities that you face every day.

But for those evenings where you want to get rid of stress, stay warm and just snuggle up to something or someone then snuggle flannel is the way to go. It has the qualities to meet that situation with flying colors.

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