Trilobal Fabric Characteristics: What is Trilobal Used For?

The design people make says something about them, their talents and their judgment. Embroidery is no different. From the use of patterns to the use of the right threads, what one creates says a lot about the person behind the creation.

What is Trilobal used for? Trilobal thread’s purpose is mainly for embroidery. The fabric will change the sheen of what you are working on. Its soft but luxurious look help make your sewing project look a lot better as well as feel good.

To learn all about the Trilobal thread just continue to read our article. It has the information on this version of thread and its many uses. This information will help you improve your embroidery and other sewing projects.

What is Trilobal Fabric?


This fabric is not as strong as other polyester fabrics so it doe snot always get the best fashion jobs that are given to other durable fabrics. Its fibers have three sides which help to reflect light back creating a very nice sheen to the outfit it is used on.

There seems to be a lot of trilobal fabric used for car carpeting. The fabric adds a little luster to the car’s interior helping it to look better than ever. It is said to have its strength improved but that remains to be seen.

The one thing you need to watch out for is its quality. Its manufacturers are located around the world and those companies are not always following strict quality control procedures so you need to be careful and thoroughly examine the fabric to make sure you are not getting an inferior brand.

Trilobal Fabric Characteristics


One of the characteristics of trilobal fabric is its sheen. This sheen is produced by the construction of the trilobal fabric which reflects light to add t the luster of the fabric. If you want to make your sewing project shinier then you want to include trilobal fabric.

Another plus that comes with using this fabric is that it is very soft. Your skin should not be uncomfortable nor should it be rubbed, chaffed or scratched when it comes in contact with this fabric.

Then trilobal has a lot of versatility. It can be used for cars, awnings, bags and other heavy-use items that need a good look without sacrificing strength. These characteristics give trilobal fabric an edge over other fabrics as it should not be that expensive to use.

Other characteristics include waterproof, anti-static as well as coming in a variety of designs so you can find one that is easy on your eyes and not harsh to look at.

What is Trilobal Fabric Used For?


This fabric is good for car carpets as it helps the car look a lot better. Then as also mentioned, the fabric is great for outdoor sewing projects like awnings, bags and similar items.

With its ability to be waterproofed this fabric may be a great substitute for other outdoor fabrics. It is also good for being used as interlining and if you want to change the look on your sewing project trilobal is handy at doing that.

This fabric will change the sheen your project has at the moment. Also, its drape is very good which means you can use it for a variety of other projects. Then it is soft to the touch.

Basically, you could probably use this fabric for any number of sewing projects you have in mind. Its drawback is that it may not be as strong as other man-made fabrics.

Where to Buy Trilobal Fabric?


If you want to try this fabric out it is not going to be hard to find. It is on sale everywhere and if you have a favorite fabric shop you like to visit it is highly likely that your local fabric store will have some in stock or can order it in for you.

But if you do not want to spend the gas driving to your local fabric store, you will find trilobal fabric at quite a few online fabric outlets. One is Supreme threads which carry the trilobal thread you can use in your embroidery work.

Another internet outlet would be which has a good selection of the trilobal thread for you to choose from. If you want the fabric, you can try decor essentials but you will have to do some currency converting as that is a Taiwanese outlet.

Global Sources is one more internet store you can order this fabric through. It gives its prices in American dollars so you know exactly what you are paying when you order some of this fabric.

Then for internet marketplaces, you can always go to Amazon and the link is just the start of your search. Or you can try Alibaba to get exactly what you want. Its prices are also listed in American dollars and they are not that high.

How Much Does Trilobal Fabric Cost?


Starting in the reverse order, the Amazon price has some trilobal fabric for about $5.50 per yard and you may have to look for a specific name of the fabric to find your options. The thread at Amazon ranges between $9 & $12.

At Alibaba, you are looking at paying anywhere between$1,00 and $3,00 per yard but those are wholesale prices and the teach option comes with a minimum order. With over 600 trilobal fabric products you may be able to find some at the retail price to bring your order down to a realistic size.

For the Taiwanese outlet, you are looking at between 13,90 and 15.90 Taiwan dollars for a variety of lengths. Then the thread at ranges between $5 and 410 per spool.

Global Sources also has a minimum order and you should check their prices out if you want a large quantity of the material. For Supreme threads, you should explore their website to get their prices and ask them if you do not find it ion their web pages.

A little internet searching will turn up other prices. We just do not have the space to list all of the ones that turned up in our search. We are just giving you some prices so you can get an idea of what you will be spending when you want to use Trilobal products.

Trilobal Fabric Suppliers


Two of the suppliers have already been listed in the previous section. Alibaba the Chinese Amazon is a great place to get a large supply of trilobal fabric. Although there is one option for about a minimum of 100 yards most of their trilobal fabrics are to be purchased in 100 to 2500 yard lots.

The same can be said for Global Sources. One of their minimum orders is 2000 yards. Deer textile is another supplier of this fabric and their website can be found at the following link.

What you may find out is that the majority of suppliers may come from China, Taiwan and even South Africa. Our search did not turn up any American suppliers. You may find some working out of India as well.

One p[lace is called trade India and it has trilobal thread but a 50 roll minimum order. You can search their stock by clicking on this link. A good internet search will turn up other options and may have the pricing ranges you like to work with.

The Trilobal Difference


There are basically 3 major different fiber designs used in the fabrics you buy every day. The round, the trilobal and the irregular. Each shape has its own unique qualities.

The round fiber- regular multi-filament polyester thread is usually made from round fibers. Its characteristic is to deflect the light that hits it away from your eyes. This produces a medium sheen look.

The irregular fiber- generally this type of fiber is used to create rayon threads. Its characteristic is to deflect the light in a variety of directions. This fiber has a couple of drawbacks. It does not meet colorfast standards and can be weaker than other materials and threads.

The trilobal fiber- is a triangle type shape that doe snot deflect the light away from your eyes. Instead, it directs that light back to your eyes so the fabric has more of a sheen to it than other fibers. When twisted together it provides a smooth look and feel.

Some Final Words

Trilobal fabric and threads are for those people who like a little sheen with their clothing items or embroidery projects. Both aspects of this fabric option help make what you are working on stand out as it deflects the light back to your eyes and gives what you made an additional luster.

The good news is that this fabric and thread are not hard to find. You can pick it up just about anywhere or go straight to a supplier to get a lot of material for your different projects.

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