Finding Vera Bradley Fabric by the Yard (Who Sells?)

The top line fabrics can be found by the yard if you look hard enough. That is a good thing because you get the same quality material without paying the upscale price. Don’t be surprised if the material is made in China though.

It won’t be too hard to find Vera Bradley fabrics being sold by the yard. Etsy is claiming its selections are going for about $12 for each yard while this link has them for about $15. A good search should turn up more options.

To learn more about Very Bradley fabrics and where to get them by the yard, just continue to read our article. It has that information and more. Take a few minutes to see where you can find this upscale material at a reasonable cost.

What is Vera Bradley Fabric?


This company was started by Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller in 1982 and named after the former person’s mother. It is a lifestyle-type store and it deals mostly in handbags but you can find office supplies, gifts and other items inside their stores as well.

The latest news is that this chain outlet closed about half of its stores before this year started. They will keep their factory outlets open and sell directly to other chain stores.

Their target consumer is those who have reached middle age, between 40 and 60. The last couple of years hasn't been treating Vera Bradley very well as sales have dropped both in their physical stores as well as at their website.

One of the problems started when Vera Bradley opened up its online store by passing those brick-and-mortar outlets that helped them make sales and get famous. The company’s other problem was the continual piracy of their designs and the constant counterfeiting that went on.

They fought Target and joined forces with Amazon to sue other dealers that were selling knock offs, etc. Whether the company rebounds or not remains to be seen.

Can You Buy Vera Bradley Fabric?

It seems that you can and the reason we say it seems is that there is a possibility that the fabric marketed as Vera Bradley is not made by the company or for the company. those products are just labeled in that way to boost sales by other retailers, etc.

Going to eBay for your purchase will be hit and miss as not all Vera Bradley sellers will be selling all the time. You may miss them by a day or two or a week or more. it will depend on your timing if you can find that fabric on that marketplace.

Etsy is another place that pops up the most on a quick Vera Bradley fabric search. You can check that website out by typing in the store’s name in their search box. the company’s website has a section called patterns which seems to sell smaller portions of their material.

Unfortunately, they do not list any prices and if you want to look at what they offer, just click on this link. Then the link provided above should allow you to buy larger portions of their fabric.

Finally, you should check Joann’s, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and other box stores or your local fabric outlets to see if they carry any fabric by the yard this company uses for its products.

Does Vera Bradley Sell Fabric?


We did not see any listing for fabric under the shop category on the company’s website. It looks like they just sell fat squares called patterns but they neither listed the size nor the price of those pattern squares.

If you want to contact them, then use the link in the previous section to contact them and ask. Any location we saw that listed this type of name-brand material for sale did not say if the company sold it or if they got it from the original manufacturer.

If you do find the fabric for sale make sure you verify that it is really made for or by that company. There are a lot of counterfeiters out there making their money by selling falsely labeled fabrics at a Vera Bradley price.

Check for any identifying marks that distinguish this brand of fabric from all the rest to make sure. Someone mentioned that there was a watermark in the selvage on the fabric that confirms it to be Vera Bradley's material.

Who Sells Vera Bradley Fabric?

The store does not seem to sell any fabric by the yard. They are more interested in creating handbags and other fashion accessories than competing with themselves by selling fabric by the yard.

That is what it boils down to. The store is not a fabric outlet and does not want to make their sales tougher than they already are. That may be the reason you can’t find Vera Bradley by the yard in too many locations.

Which explains why we could not find the normal online fabric stores advertising this material. It is just not out there for consumer consumption at the general level. Some outlets claim that they have them and we have already mentioned or linked to them earlier in the article.

Even Amazon does not advertise any of this fabric for sale by the yard. You can try to ask the other fabric stores why this is so or if they can get some of that fabric but we can’t promise you will be met with any level of success.

Where to Buy Vera Bradley Fabric by the Yard


This is like going on a treasure hunt as the company does not seem to make their fabric available for other people to make their own clothes, bags, and other accessories out of their material.

This is purely a business move as the company is not in the business of selling fabrics but handbags and so on. If you could make your own with their fabric, then you do not need to shop at their stores.

We have not seen anything other than the outlets we have already mentioned and as we said not even the big box stores are advertising that you can buy that fabric at their stores. It will be a tough search to do and you may end up with counterfeit material instead of the real thing.

There may be local outlets in your area that may be selling it by the yard and if they have no online presence it would be difficult to track them down.

Vera Bradley Look-Alike Fabric

This will be a lot easier to find than the actual material used by the company. There are a few more online outlets that offer look-alike items Zappos is one of them and Etsy has some more items.

The key is not to pay the Vera Bradley price when you are not buying Vera Bradley fabric. This website offers to teach you how to spot a phony product in 7 easy steps. Knowing what to look for will help you negotiate the look-alike fabric down to a better price for you.

Black market stores, flea markets, and similar lower-class outlets may have the copies of the Vera Bradley fabric than any mainstream store but you never know. You can ask the different sales clerks and see what they say.

Other than the few outlets we have already mentioned, your search may have to be done on the local level.

Vera Bradley Fabric Patterns


These items will be the easiest to get as they are on sale just about in every outlet we have already mentioned. Plus, they are sold on the website under the shop category and you will find the link all the way to the right.

We also linked to their patterns page earlier in the article. The size of these patterns seems to be 18 by 44 inches and their price range around $15 or so. The website did not list a price that we saw.

Also, the patterns look very good and some of the designs seem to be out of this world in the use of color combinations as well as objects used in the pattern.

Some Final Words

Vera Bradley is not a fabric store and it seems that they guard the materials they use very carefully. It is hard to find those fabrics by the yard and if you do, chances are they are counterfeit.

The company does make good handbags and other accessories and they are very attractive to look at. It is no wonder people want to buy the material and make their own designs from the same fabric. It does make a person look elegant.

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