What Does Fleece Feel Like? (How To Make It Feel Like New)

When it comes to comfort, you want a fabric that is soft, nice to wear, and doesn't prick you as you move. There are a lot of fabrics out there that meet those requirements. The choice may be hard to make when it comes to working with nice fabrics that make you feel great all day long.

What does fleece feel like? Fleece has a soft feel and that is due to its plush nature. That construction makes fleece fluffy which is always good next to your skin. Plus, it can, under the right conditions, it can provide a warming and soothing feel that comforts your body.

To learn more about the feel of fleece, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about so you have the best idea of what fleece can do for you. Those cold winter nights may not be so cold after all.

What Does Plush Fleece Feel Like?


Like we said already, the plush nature of fleece provides you with a very soft feeling fabric that is great next to your skin. It is a great experience when you wear fleece when you are doing different physical activities.

Plus, fleece can feel nice and warm when the temperature drops a little. The moisture-wicking capability as well as the lack of moisture absorption helps keep your body from getting too wet or sweaty. Then the air pockets inside the fibers trap body heat and protect you from the cool air around you.

Fleece is made to be soft and generally, it is made from soft natural or synthetic fibers that feel good every time you move. When made into a blanket you do not need to worry about getting cold throughout the night.

The plush nature of this fabric keeps the cool air away letting you sleep soundly.

Why Does Fleece Feel Warm?

One reason fleece feels warm is that it is made with air pockets. The synthetic fibers are knitted in such a fashion that those air pockets hold in any body heat you give off and make sure the cool air does not make it through to your skin.

Another reason fleece feels warm is that it wicks away moisture and does not absorb more than approx. 1% of its weight. Those are key elements in keeping you warm. Then fleece fabrics are made in several thicknesses giving you ample protection from cooler air.

Those styles of fleece cut down on the breathability of the fabric and trapping more warm air. The thinner you go the more likely the cooler the fleece will be. Also, fleece materials have good insulating abilities that make sure you stay warmer when you wear a nice outfit made from that material.

What Does Polyester Fleece Feel Like


Since almost all fleece is made from plastic and spun into polyester, polyester fleece will have the same properties as all the different kinds made except for any material made from natural fibers.

The breathing ability of the material depends on the thickness of the fabric and the comfort will be influenced by the same factor. The softness will depend on the thickness and quality of the material and the better the quality, the better they feel.

With the wicking ability, you should feel warmer when wearing fleece and the plush feel will come in when the fabric is made into a very think blanket, etc. A lot will depend on the manufacturer of fleece fabrics.

Their standards and desires for their product will determine how comfortable your new fleece blanket or outfit will feel. All in all, you should not be disappointed by the feel of any fleece material unless it is of very low quality.

What Does Polar Fleece Feel Like?

Polar fleece is a very thin version of all the different types this material comes in. It is soft and very light giving you a lot of breathing room. This material was invented to mimic the feel of real wool made from sheep.

So you know you are going to feel comfortable when wearing this fabric or using it as a blanket for your bed. Its warm feeling is what makes it a popular fabric for sporting clothing. Sweatpants, sweatshirts, baby towels all feel comfortable and soft as well as keep you and your family nice and warm.

Fleece blankets feel as good as flannel ones do and they come at a cheaper price. This makes them an ideal substitute for winter bedding when your budget is taxed to its limit. If you want comfort without the heavy expense, then fleece should be your go-to material.

Fleece Feels Reough After Washing


Your new fleece blanket may come out of the wash feeling rough and not so comfortable. Cleaning your fleece items will depend on the material used to create them. Most are made from plastic, some from petroleum products, and still others from natural fibers.

There is some debate about using hot water but to be on the safe side, especially if you are not sure about the fiber content, use cold water. Then use a good liquid detergent during the wash cycle and in the rinse cycle use a good fabric softener.

Avoid using the dryer at all costs. Hang dry fleece sheets and other clothing items. Also, use the gentle cycle to wash fleece items. If you are washing in hard water, just add a water softener to keep your fleece items nice and soft.

Do not use dryer sheets as that product will leave a coating on your fleece items and make them feel rougher. If your sheets or fleece coats, etc., come out feeling rough, send them through an extra rinse cycle to help solve that problem.

What Does Fleece Blanket Feel Like?

This will depend on the quality of the blanket and what kind of fleece material was used to make it. The level of quality plays a significant role in how good fleece blankets feel. Also, the thickness of the blanket will help make you nice and comfortable throughout the night.

If the blanket is nice and plush, then you should get a nice warm and soft feel to the material. Plus, you do not have to worry about the night sweats as the material wicks away the moisture before you feel it.

With its soothing and warming effect, a good 170 GSM fleece blanket should be ideal for most living and sleeping situations. Just make sure to feel the blankets before buying one. That is how you will be able to tell how comfortable it is.

Does Fleece Make You Itch?


Maybe if it is made from wool or some other natural fiber, then you might feel some itchy texture to the blanket or fleece material. Wool has that tendency to make people itch when it is next to their skin.

Generally, fleece is made from plastic and turned into polyester fibers. Those polyester fibers do not contain the itching nature that wool has. That means you should not have to scratch when wearing or using fleece as a blanket.

The material is usually nice and soft and very comfortable when you use it for different purposes. Of course, you have to watch the quality of the material as well. Lower quality fleece may not be as perfectly knitted as higher quality and some loose fibers may make you itch a little.

Just do a test run and see how the fabric feels. Look for any loose fibers in the wrong spot that may create an itching sensation and avoid buying that particular item.

How to Make Fleece Feel Like New

Two things you have to be careful about when taking care of fleece are heat and friction. This is not to say the sun’s heat or walking through crowds will damage your fleece items. This refers to cleaning and storing your fleece clothing or bedding.

What those two elements do is melt the fleece, if made from petroleum products or plastic, and create a rough feel to the material unless it ruins them. To keep your fleece items like new or return them to a like-new feel, wash on the gentle cycle using cold water.

Do not put those items in your dryer and be careful Even on a gentle cycle, the clothing or blankets could rub up against other clothing items and get rough. Also, avoid using dryer sheets.

Some Final Words

Fleece feels great next to your skin. It doesn’t matter if it's made from wool, cotton or other natural fibers or plastic. The process of creating fleece ensures that you have a soft feel almost every time you buy something made from this fabric.

The plush nature is woven into the material and creates a nice soothing and warming effect that should make you feel secure as well as comfortable.

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