What Fabric Are Cargo Pants Made Of? (Best Options)

Fashion has lots of opportunities for you to look good. Not everyone looks great in every available fashion. That is why there are so many different kinds. If humans were one size fits all and one style fits all then the world would be a boring place to live.

What fabric are cargo pants made of? The best fabric to make cargo pants is to go with a tough fabric that can handle the rough and tumble activities you and your family get involved with. You want the pants to endure the physical activity so they need to be made of hard to wear down fabric.

To find the fabrics that cargo pants are made of just continue to read our article. It has information about this topic and makes sure you get alternative fabrics you can use. After all, there are plenty of tough fabrics to choose from.

A Brief History of Cargo Pants


This style of pants is not a new idea, although some of the fashion houses may lead you to think that they are. The pants were first invented by the British military as their troops needed extra pockets to carry field dressings, maps, and other wartime objects.

Then the American military liked the design of the pants and in the mid-1940s, these pants were made for the paratroopers. Instead of using them to hold bandages, etc., the American military version used the extra pockets to carry food and ammunition.

From there the p[ants eventually caught on when they became a fashion fad a few decades later. The different fashion houses eventually added to the variety of styles for cargo pants by creating cargo shorts and EMT cargo pants.

What Fabric are Cargo Pants Made Of?


Generally, you will find cargo pants made from a variety of synthetic fibers or fabrics. That is because these fabrics are quick-drying and can handle the type io treatment you send their way.

Also, to keep the pants looking nice and making sure they are easy to clean, a lot of cargo pants are made from a cotton synthetic blend. You get style, looks, and extra pockets when you opt to wear cargo pants.

If you want specific fabric names, you can go with Twill or linen. Both hold up well and provide you with a variety of colors you can work with. The thing about these fabrics is that you are going to have to pre-wash them thoroughly as they will shrink on you.

It is possible to use a seersucker fabric but that is really thinking outside the box.

Best Fabric for Cargo Pants


One of the features you want in cargo pants is a little stretch. You want those pants to remain comfortable and move well when you need to move quickly. So the best fabric for cargo pants would be a fabric that has a little spandex blended in with it.

Spandex gives you a stretch that is comfortable and easy. You should be able to move freely without getting in a bind. Spandex can be blended with polyester and cotton so you have a good choice which style of pants you wear.

100% polyester is a top fabric to use as well. It is comfortable to wear dries quickly and lasts a long time. Or you can go with a poly and cotton blend. Your style will look better and your body can breathe because of the added cotton fibers.

Finally, a good cotton and nylon blend will also give you a top fabric to make your cargo pants out of. These fabrics should give you all the properties you want to see in your pair of cargo pants.

Where to Buy Cargo Pants Fabric


There should be no shortage of places to buy cargo pants. A short and very brief internet search turned up too many options to list here. Buying fabric to make your own has as many outlets to look through as does just buying pre-made cargo pants.

If you want to get wholesale proportions then you can try Alibaba as that company offers a wide selection of cargo pants fabrics. Their wholesale price varies depending on how much you want to buy and what type of fabric you want to work with.

Because cargo pants are made from 100% synthetic and cotton-poly blends you have a large resource to check through when looking for fabric. Your local or national fabric stores should have plenty for sale at the prices you want.

If they don’t you can go to the myriad of online fabric stores to stock up at cheaper prices. Amazon is just one place you can purchase cargo pants fabric online. You can also look at those fabric store closeouts taking place in your area or even ask people on sewing discussion forums for leads.

It would be surprising to hear that your mall’s department stores did not have at least one bolt of the fabric for you to purchase.

The Benefits Of Wearing Cargo Pants

If you are trying to decide to make a pair or two of cargo pants, you should be aware of the benefits that come with them. They have many uses and make sure you are prepared for just about any situation.

Here are some benefits that cargo pants bring to your outdoor life:

  • 1. They can be stylish - especially if they are black. You can go to a lot of places and not be rejected because you are violating their dress codes
  • 2. They can be worn in a variety of places - the pants can look professional if you match them with the right shirt or blouse. And they can be great for casual outings like going to a movie, camping or just playing some pick-up ball games.
  • 3. They are easy to keep clean - because the fabrics used to make these types of pants are easy to wash and quick to dry. You can be back in them before you know it.
  • 4. The pants are comfortable to wear - that is an important factor as being comfortable allows you to put your attention where it belongs. You make a better first impression when you feel comfortable as well.
  • 5. They are found everywhere - even if you make your own, you can find both the pants and the fabric everywhere. That convenience can save you time, money and frustration.
  • 6. They come in a variety of colors - which is good news as no one wants their closet filled with the same color of pants. That color variety extends to the fabrics you buy when you want to make your own.
  • 7. The fabrics are hard to snag - this is a very good selling point. Usually, the fabrics you use to make cargo pants are very durable and are very hard to ruin. They are tough fabrics that last.
  • 8. They do not catch fire quickly - unlike fabrics for other styles of clothing cargo pants fabrics resist fires. That means you can be near a hot stove with flames or a campfire and not worry about a spark lighting you up.
  • 9. The disintegrate very slowly - even slower than denim does. That factor helps them to last longer and look good for a long time to come.
  • 10 They come with hidden pockets - some styles of cargo pants come with hidden pockets in the inside of the fabric. That means you can prepare for a variety of situations. You can also add those hidden pockets to the pants you are making.

Where to Buy Patterns for Cargo Pants


This seems to be as plentiful as buying fabric for or already made cargo pants. A quick internet search turned up a lot of places that offer free cargo pants patterns, Your difficulty will be in selecting which company you are going to buy from.

There are also tutorials online and one example is found here. Another one is on this website. Here is a link to another free pattern along with all the instructions you need to get the cargo pants you want.

Then if you want to pay for your pattern Amazon is the choice to go to as it has a good selection to choose from. The company even has them different leg lengths so you can remain fashionable.

Some Final Words

Cargo pants endure a lot of rough treatment that is why you want the best fabric available to make yours. But while you are going for durability make sure you add in some comfort as well.

You can get both kinds of characteristics in the top fabrics for cargo pants. Cotton-poly blends, like nylon, 100% polyester or a poly, cotton-spandex blend bring those properties to your new cargo pants.

After you have made your pair, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with this style of pants.

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