What Fabric Are Flags Made Of? (3 Fabric Options for Flags)

It is considered free speech to burn a flag. That tells you that the fabric used to make flags is flammable and should be coated to prevent fires from destroying your freedom to fly the flag high and proudly. A good flag lets everyone know where you stand.

What fabric are flags made of? There main and commonly used materials to make flags are cotton, polyester, and nylon. All three fabrics are highly durable, except when a match is around and can be cleaned quite easily. Just do not let the flag touch the ground.

To learn more about the fabric for flags, just continue to read our article. It explores the flag issue and makes sure you have the right information to make your own flag for your home or your loved ones' homes.

What Kind of Fabric for Flags


When making a flag, you have options to choose from. Cotton is good if you are only going to display the flag indoors. If you put it outside, then the colors will fade and stain quite easily.

Cotton can also, shrink and lose its shape when made vulnerable to the elements. Polyester is the next common material and it is a good choice if you want to fly your flag outside.

Polyester is the thickest of all three fabrics and is the material preferred when high winds and other strong elements are expected. Also, it is the longest-lasting of the three but it does fray on the fly end which means it may lose its looks after a while.

The third choice is nylon. Stronger than cotton but not as strong as polyester, it is still a good flag material. It is made to resist the ultraviolet rays the sun sends to earth and it is the most popular of the three materials to use when creating a flag.

Plus, it is the cheapest material to use. You save money using this fabric initially but in the long run, it may be cheaper to go with polyester as that lasts longer.

What Fabric to Use for Worship Flags

The best fabric to make a worship flag is silk. Nothing moves like this material does and silk has a quality all its own that makes it worthy to be made into a worship flag. The main drawback will be the cost of the fabric.

But you are not limited to silk and you probably are not going to fly it outside and if you do, not for any real length of time. With that in mind, you can go with crystal organza or silk polyester.

The material you use can be influenced by how you are going to use the flag. You can use cotton, polyester, and nylon if you want to. There are no biblical instructions on what material to use for a worship flag. That means you can use just about any material that will be durable, and worthy of the occasion.

If you want to, you can try rayon. It can have the feel of silk without the silk expense. Also, rayon can be quite durable and not as vulnerable as silk can be to certain elements.

In the end, it just means you are free to choose the fabric you like and will work the best for you.

What Fabric is Best for Outdoor Flags?


You do not want cotton that is for sure. Even though that material is cheaper than outdoor material, it will fade and get damaged fairly easily when flown outside. One of the better materials to use is nylon and it doesn’t cost that much to use.

It is durable and can handle the outdoor weather quite well. In addition to that, it is treated so that the UV rays do not fade the color or damage the fabric. Right now it is the most popular fabric commercial and residential flag flyers use.

Another good outdoor fabric is polyester. It is long-lasting, durable, able to withstand rain and snow as well as high temperatures. Those qualities make it ideal when you want to fly an outdoor flag.

Polyester does have one weak point. It does fade somewhat but not as much or as fast as cotton will. There is what is called polyester 2 material and it is made out of spun polyester. On top of that, it is made with 2 ply strength so it lasts longer than regular polyester material.

Where to Buy Nylon Fabric for Flags


The list of shops and fabric outlets to buy nylon fabric is long. The logical and first choice would be your local fabric shops. These are small businesses that know their fabrics and are part of the community.

If they are out of stock, they can order some in for you. Next up would be your local department stores. They always carry a supply of fabrics on hand and nylon is usually part of that stock. They too can order some in for you.

If you prefer, you can go to Hobby Lobby. Michaels or some other chain fabric and craft store, or your local big box outlets like Walmart and target to get your material. Their prices may be cheaper but the service may not be as good as the first two options.

Then when all else fails, go to the internet. Amazon is one location that carries a supply of nylon and there are more outlets online than you can shake a stick at. You just have to pick one and see if you like the price.

Whether you are making a regular flag, a worship flag, or some other kind of flag, those options will be glad to help you out.

How to Make Fabric Flags


The very first step in making a fabric flag is not only deciding on the design but how large you want to make it. You cannot buy the material if you do not know how much you need. After getting that taken care of, you can use drop cloth canvas, silk, rayon, polyester, nylon, and a host of other good outdoor flags.

Pick the material, buy what you need, and get ready to measure the fabric. Once measured, cut your fabric to the size you need and put a mark in the center of the width portion. Do the same for the length.

Next decide if you want the end of the flag to be angled and if so, make the appropriate marks on the end. Then connect the dots. When cutting and measuring your flag, make sure you add in enough material for a 1-inch hem around the edges of the project.

You can glue or sew the hem. This is up to you and whatever may be the easiest for you to do. Now, you need to sew a little pocket for the pole. If your flag is flying horizontally, you will want the pocket on one end. If it is flying vertically, then you will want it on the side.

Sew or glue the two long sides first and then do the ends. Pick which end will have the pole or string running through it. Once you are done, you can paint the material, or add any embellishments you want.

Fabric Bunting Flags Pattern


The first question you need to ask is what is bunting? This is a flag design that has unlimited options for it. For the American flag, it is a length of material that has the American flag colors on it.

That coloring includes the blue and white star field as well as the red and white stripes all placed in the same position as they would appear on the regular flag. The length and width of the material are left up to you and the type of project you are working on.

There is a myriad of patterns you can follow and you can get some free designs at this link. A good internet search will turn up more options for you, some being closer to your city than that company at that link.

Another place to get some patterns would be at this link. All you have to do is click on the pattern you want and you will be sent to another page with the full instructions. Just take your time and browse through your search until you find a company that has a design you want to try.

Some Final Words

Making flags is a great way to show your patriotic spirit. A country stands or falls by its citizens and showing your support for your nation is a great way to let everyone know your position.

It is also a great way to showcase your sewing talent and creativity. You should impress friend and stranger alike when you show up with some great looking homemade flags for any event you are attending.

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