What-Kind-of-Fabric-for-Bulletin-Board-Covering-(How Much)

What Kind of Fabric for Bulletin Board Covering (How Much)

Different purposes, different fabrics. There is rarely a one size fits all type of fabric. Your different tasks and purposes exclude some fabrics for not being strong enough, cute enough, or not luxurious enough. For bulletin boards, many fabrics are excluded for not being practical enough.

Out of all the choices available, it is said that flannel and cotton are the best materials to use when making your bulletin board. Not only are they stretchable but they are smooth to the touch and soft. They are also very durable.

To learn more about the best fabrics you can use for a bulletin board just continue to read our article. It sorts through the available information so you can get the facts you need to create the perfect bulletin board for your home.

What kind of Fabric for Bulletin Board


You have several choices when it comes to fabric. As you have just read, flannel and cotton are the best of all the fabrics you can use. Another good choice if you don't have either of those materials around is the canvas.

But while that option is also durable and can be made to fit any shape you want, it takes heavy-duty staples to lock it in place. Velcro isn't an option here. But the advantage canvas has is that it can endure lots of push pins, stretching and pulling.

The next choice would be denim and it adds a lot of character to your bulletin board while being easy to find, cut up, and attach. Finally, you can go with linen which is not expensive and is also easy to find.

Plus, linen works with many different adhesives and holds its shape. Velcro can be used to attach it to your bulletin board if you want.

Felt Fabric for Bulletin Boards

You can use felt as a fabric for your bulletin board. It is a durable material that can look good and add a splash of color to a dull room. The key to it working well for you will depend on the backing you have underneath it.

Corkboard and felt will work together as the former does for all fabrics. Your use of felt will be up to your personal preference and if you think it is an ideal addition to your home or office.

Although felt works better for storyboards than it does for bulletin boards, it does come in about 48 colors and can liven up a room in no time. Matching your home decor is not going to be an issue when you turn to felt instead of the other options available.

Stretchy Fabric for Bulletin Boards


The use of this fabric will also be up to your preference. The only real advantage you are gaining here is that the material will stretch over the corkboard easier than the other fabrics will.

A question you have to ask yourself is if the stretchy fabric will be thick enough to handle the job. You want as thick fabric as you can get and one that is made with good quality.

The type of fabric you choose needs to coincide with the purpose of the bulletin board. With many different DIY craft options out there stretchy fabric may not be the best material you can choose to go with.

Stretch fabrics come in different colors and designs which means you can find something that fits in with the way you decorated your home with ease. The last thing to consider is if the stretch fabric is durable and long-lasting. If it isn’t don’t use it.

What is The Best Fabric for Bulletin Boards?

The best fabric to use for a bulletin board would be cotton or flannel. Both materials are very durable, come in assorted colors and designs. Then when you place your hand against it, they feel soft and smooth.

On top of those characteristics, these materials are durable and strong. They can stretch to meet your dimensions and stay looking good for a long time. These fabrics may not be as strong as canvas or as durable but they hold their own and provide those other characteristics canvas does not.

Then with denim being a form of cotton, it is a good choice to use and can be seen as one of the better fabrics to use on your bulletin board. Plus, denim adds that extra little touch of creativity with its coloring and aging characteristics.

With both cotton and flannel you have lots of creative options you can go with and that makes this project more fun.

How Many Yards of Fabric for Bulletin Board


The usual answer to this question is it depends. And that is the answer here when you are looking to buy the fabric you want to make your bulletin board. How much you buy depends on the size of the bulletin board.

For a standard 24 by 32 inch board, you would need about 1 yard of fabric. This same yard will cover smaller bulletin boards and may give you enough left over to cover for any mistakes.

The equation goes like this- total length divided by 36 equals the number of yards. Make sure to round up. So if you have a 56 length then you will need approx. 2 yards. Don’t forget you have to round up as most fabric stores do not sell fractions of yards.

The rounding up should cover the extra amount of fabric you need for seam allowances or mistakes.

How to Make a Fabric Bulletin Board

  • Step 1- Buy your materials and make sure to get the fabric a little larger than the size of the face of the bulletin board. You will need the extra fabric to fold over the edge of the board.
  • Step 2- Cut your fabric to the size you need and place right side down and lay the corkboard on top of it. Make sure you have 2 to 3 inches extra on all four sides.
  • Step 3- Now stretch one of the long sides of fabric over the cork board and staple the material into the wood frame. Do not staple into the cork. Then repeat this step on the other long side.
  • Step 4- Do the same for the other two short sides. Make sure you have stretched the material tight. Also, stop stapling an inch from the corners on all sides.
  • Step 5- Next, it is the corners’ turn. Fold them upright and then staple them in place. Do this for all four corners.
  • Step 6- Flip the bulletin board over and add your trim stapling that trim into the wood beneath it. Again do not staple into the cork at any time.

How to Use Fabric for Bulletin Boards


The key to using fabric for cork bulletin boards is to have an extra pair of hands ready to help you out. When you stretch the first side over the board, you need someone else holding the fabric in place. If you don’t then all the fabric moves on you and it loses its centering.

You will need that extra help on each side of the board to make sure the fabric is taut and ready to accept pins. It is also best to avoid using stretchy fabric. While it goes over the cork better, it is hard to keep flat.

Also, choose a good color and design. You may like floral styles but they may not be the best option as they are too busy and can hide messages when placed in the wrong spot. Solid colors are best and go with just about any decor.

How to Attach the Fabric to a Bulletin Board

There are several options you can use. The first is Velcro but this option may not keep the fabric tight enough. Velcro makes it easy to remove the fabric for cleaning but it is not the most secure option available.

Next up would be glue but this method takes a lot more time if you want to have the fabric stretched tight. Only one side at a time could be done and then you would have to wait for the glue to dry before doing the other sides. Glue doesn’t tear the fabric.

The third method you can use is staples. This is the most secure method you can use and it is easy to get the fabric tight. The only drawback is that if someone pulls on the fabric, the staples could possibly tear the material.

With the staple method, you should use a staple gun and not a regular stapler. A commercial stapler would work as well.

How to Make a Fabric Bulletin Board With Ribbon


Ribbons add a little creativity to your bulletin board. That is because they can be used in more ways than just being a decorative border. When you want the ribbon to be a border, just staple the material around the age making sure you hit the wood and not the cork.

But if you want to use the ribbon as dividers or a decorative touch, put away the stapler and staples and reach for some pins. How you arrange the ribbon is up to you and you can go diagonally, horizontally or vertically or create diamond shapes and so on.

To secure the ribbon, just use the pins. Cork does not hold staples and can be ruined if you try to use them. The cork will hold pins securely and that will help hold your ribbon design in place.

You add the ribbon last after you have followed the instructions given earlier.

Fabric Bulletin Board Accessories

No one really likes a boring bulletin board. Sometimes they remain unadorned because of the location situation like the office or other non-residential location rules. But when you are at home, or at school you have lots of freedom to spic up your bulletin board and make it look exciting.

There are lots of accessories available to help you create the look you want. From paw prints to different shapes to polka dot borders to animals, you have lots of options waiting for your creative nature to take over.

Just go to your office supply store to see what is available and how those accessories will fit in with your home.

Fabric Bulletin Board Cost


If you are buying a fabric bulletin board all ready to hang in your home, then you are looking at paying anywhere from $10 to $50 or more. It will depend on the size, the type of materials included, and other pieces.

Then if you want to make your own, you are looking at the cost per yard of the fabric, the corkboard, the staples, and stapler plus any accessories you want to add to the design. The corkboard price will range as well depending on the size you want.

Look at paying about $20 to $25 and up.

Finding Cheap Fabric for Bulletin Boards

Cheap fabric is as easy to find as it is to find cork board, staples, and a stapler. In other words, you are not going to have a difficult time finding cheap fabric. The big box stores, Wal Mart, Home Depot, Target, all will have good inexpensive fabric on sale.

Then Amazon and other internet fabric outlets will also have a nice supply of cheap fabric. Then finally, try your fabric outlets to see what kind of selection they have.

Some Final Words

Creating your own bulletin board is a lot more fun than just simply going to the store and buying one ready to hang. You get to be creative, add decorations, and make sure it fits in with your needs.

Just use the right fabrics to make sure your bulletin board is the best in the neighborhood.

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