What Type of Fabric is Used For Blazers? (7 Best Options)

Blazers, suit jackets or sports coats. These are terms that are often used interchangeably. There is a good reason for that usage they look very similar. But each style of men’s jackets has their own fabrics and style about them. Knowing the difference can help you save money.

What type of fabric is used for blazers? The blazer came into being through the British military and the British rowing clubs and after royal approval in 1837 became very popular. Today blazers can be made from worsted wool, serge, cashmere, flannel, and fresco fabrics.

To learn more about the blazer and the fabrics that make them just continue to read our article. It has information on this traditional men’s fashion piece. Blazers work for many occasions and knowing which fabric to use will help your man look distinguished

What Fabric are Blazers Made Of?

Worsted wool is one type of blazer fabric but it tends to make the blazer look like a suit jacket without pants. Serge is next and it brings more of a military influence to its style and looks.

Next is cashmere which presents the wearer with a very luxurious look, one that may hide his status in society by making it appear greater than it really is. Flannel is made from wool or cotton and can be quite comfortable.

Finally, there is fresco. A rarely used fabric but it is great when the hot weather arrives in your geographical location.

Types of Fabric for a Blazer


Besides the ones we have already mentioned, there is a poly blend that makes certain blazer styles look elegant. It is crease-resistant and holds its shape well. Viscose and wool are two of the fabrics in this blend.

Then there is hopsack which is like satin. It is not fabric or fiber but a weaving style. This weave makes the fabric more breathable and easier to wear on hot days. With its relaxed drape and wrinkle resistant nature it is a good blazer to wear on all occasions.

Checks and plaids make up the rest of the fabrics used for blazers and it will depend on your taste which one you use.

Cotton Fabric for Blazer

You can try the brushed cotton blazer fabric. It is made in a special way to remove excess lint and cotton fibers. Then the weaving process helps create a nice smooth fabric that breathes well.

Along with the breathability, you are getting a nice soft feel to your blazer which the ladies should love. Another [positive aspect is that this style of blazer never needs ironing. You can travel worry-free with these fabrics adorning your blazer wardrobe.

Because they are made from cotton, they may not cost a lot either. Check your men’s stores to find out.

Raymond Fabric for Blazer


This is a company in India that works with some of the best fabrics possible to produce some of the finer quality materials for blazers possible. They have very modern and up to date equipment producing their fabrics.

One option is their denim style but that is not their only option. You can get great wool material from this company which will make you look outstanding in a blazer made from that cloth.

The company operates over 700 retail stores in 200 cities worldwide. They are an upper scale type of clothing business that caters to those people who want to look their best all the time.

Tweed Fabric for Blazer

This is a medium to heavy fabric that helps men wear blazers when the weather turns cold. The tweed helps men stay nice and warm as they go about their day plus gives them durability and strength so the blazer lasts a long time.

Another good thing about this fabric is that there are lots of colors and designs you can choose from. If you are not satisfied with your selection, you can design your own. There is that much flexibility when it comes to tweed fabric for blazers.

Tweed always looks good in the right situation.

Velvet Fabric for Blazer


When you use this fabric to make a blazer, you are saying you want to look elegant as well as suave and debonair. Velvet is known as a fabric for special occasions and there some men who use velvet to make a lasting romantic impression on young ladies.

Along with that reputation, velvet is a soft smooth fabric that is great to touch or run your hand over. Along with those positive attributes, Velvet is very good at keeping men warm in the winter.

Also, this fabric has been the fabric of nobility since ancient times. It has a long and storied career in men’s fashion.

Woolen Fabric for Blazer

These types of fabric are popular because when tightly woven, they create little air pockets. Those air pockets help the fabric absorb and release moisture. That is a good attribute to have when the days get long and very warm.

Plus, these types of fabrics are a good insulator giving them an edge over their fabric competition. The all-natural fibers are healthy to wear and allows you to look stylish without losing any comfort or fashion points.

Woolen or wool fabrics are the most common fabrics used in making men’s blazers. They look good at any time of the year.

Lining Fabric for Blazer

For late Spring to early Autumn, cotton is a good choice to use as a lining for men’s blazers. It is lightweight and breathes very well. The drawback to using cotton as a lining though is that it does wrinkle more.

Silk is good as its magical powers help keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. That is if you can afford that material. Then rayon works as it is not expensive, has good elasticity, and is shrink resistant.

These are your top 3 fabrics if you want to make a great blazer for your husband’s birthday or Christmas present.

Blazer Winter Fabric


You have several choices when you want a blazer for winter. Wool is always the go-to fabric when this time of year comes up. It is warm, the right fabric weight and it provides a nice barrier between you and the cold.

Then there are tweed and Velvet materials. Both are good, come with a good reputation and Velvet has a long pedigree going back thousands of years. A poly-blend with wool makes the blazer perfect for all seasons.

You can’t lose when you opt for one of these fabric options. Blazers are a nice way to be comfortable no matter the event.

What Material Blazer for Summer

Linen is a good material for a blazer. You may not get a lot of respect wearing one but at least you will feel cooler without sacrificing any fashion sense. Cotton is always a good summer fabric. It breathes well and comes in a variety of color and design options that fit your business day.

Then you can try the hopsack weave option. It drapes well, resists wrinkles, and has top-notch breathing abilities. These fabrics all look good when they are made just right.

But you can’t ignore flannel. It is also lightweight enough to wear in the summer. You get a sophisticated look that is also soft and comfortable on your body.

Fabric Weight for Blazer


Fabric weight is the result of the particular weave used on making the cloth, the type of fiber used in that weave, and how it was finished. The weight is measured in GSM or grams per meter or oz/sq2 or ounces per square yard.

The weight falls into three categories- lightweight, medium, and heavy. Your heavyweight fabrics are seldom used to make a blazer. Unless you want to think outside the box.

Check the weight before you buy as that will also tell you how long, approx., the cloth will last. The higher the weight, the longer it lasts under normal use.

How Much Fabric Needed for Blazer

If the fabric you bought is 4 5 inches wide and you are making a blazer for an average man, then you are looking at needing 2.15 yards to make that blazer. Round up to 2 1/2 yards to cover any just in case scenarios.

If you need a longer jacket, then you will need 3 yards but add in a little extra just in case. From those figures, you can make adjustments for even longer blazers or shorter ones.

A child’s blazer should take less material than an average small man. Just make sure you do your calculations correctly.

Best Fabric for Men's Blazer

This is a personal choice and up to your preference. If you want durability then you would probably go to wool fabric. If you want breathability and comfort then you would probably go for a cotton or linen fabric.

Our personal favorite is cashmere because it exudes confidence, style while giving you looks, elegance, and sophistication. For winter wool or tweed is good but even with the pedigree velvet is not on our list.

That last fabric just doesn’t do anything for us. Your choices may be different and that is good as not everyone is the same.

Best Fabric for a Casual Blazer


This is also a toss-up as so many people have different ideas about what is casual. You can’t beat cotton or linen though. Those fabrics breathe well and come in different styles and colors. They are also not that expensive.

Then for the upper class casual, you may want a fresco fabric for your casual outings as that fabric is good for warm weather no matter where in the world it is found. If your casual times are more rough and tough you may want to go with a serge fabric.

The casual activity and season will have some say in which fabric you use.

Fabric for Women's Blazers

When it comes to fashion, women have the best options over men. They have lots of different styles that look great on them and they can wear just about any fabric well. Cotton is a go-to option when Spring and Summer arrive. As would linen be if one does not like too much cotton in their wardrobe.

Both fabrics are stylish, easy to clean, and are very breathable. For cooler weather then a girl should look at wool or a knit fabric to keep them warm. Those fabrics should also help women keep their fashion reputations intact.

The blazer fabric a woman wears will depend on her outfit’s other pieces like blouse and skirt.

Best Fabric for a Navy Blazer

Navy blue is the color of choice when it comes to a blazer. They say that if you are going to get only one blazer in your life, make it a navy blue one. We do not necessarily agree with that sentiment but it helps to have a good starting point.

If you want a military look then you should go with the serge fabric. That is the fabric the military has used for generations. But again, you should go for a fabric that looks good on you and fits perfectly.

Some Final Words

They say that clothes do not make the man and that is true but the clothes help the man in business and romance. Thus your blazer should be made of the best material, cut right for your form, and have the right color to it.

The best material fits the season and the activities of the person wearing the coat without sacrificing comfort or style. We are a bit biased as cashmere always tops are list when the best fabric for a blazer is talked about. It's an elegant fabric for an elegant look.

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