Is Needlepoint The Same as Cross Stitch?

Sewing in general has a lot of different ways to express your creative talents. You can use a variety of sewing subcategories to make beautiful designs. You can also sew by hand or use a machine. Sewing

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How Much Electricity Does a Sewing Machine Use Per Hour?

Its all about power. Most women enjoy their sewing hobby. It gives them a peaceful amount of time to think, relax and get ready for when their loved ones come home. But at what cost? Sewing machines use

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Can I Use Regular Thread in My Embroidery Machine?

Your embroidery machine may be threadbare. It happens as you embroider so much you may run out of supplies and it is too late to get to the nearest store that sells thread. Running out of embroidery thread

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How Big Are Sewing Machines? Sewing Machine Dimensions Size

Size matters, at least for some activities. The bigger bat you use the better chance of hitting a home run. Or the bigger car you own the better your social status. Even sewing machines have size issues

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How to Keep Sewing Machine Foot Pedal in Place (DIY Pad)

Sewing is not without its challenges. Forget about getting the needle threaded right or following the pattern correctly. There are other challenges that come with sewing that may distract you and end up

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What is a Sewing Machine Used For? (8 Common Uses)

Sewing machines save hours of work. They are great machines to have around the house as they help you save money when clothes get ripped or torn. These machines get the sewing job done fast so your kids

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How Much Does a Sewing Machine Weight? (33 Examples)

Baby’s birth weight is always noted. Everyone wants to know how big the child was when he or she was born. They make special note of the first weigh in with pride. Knowing the weight of a baby or a sewing

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Tips To Build or Buy The Best Sewing Chair (Top 9 Chairs)

Chairs matter. When you are sewing by hand, you can make do with any comfortable chair. You just curl up with your sewing and relax as you work. But when you are spending a lot of time at your sewing machine,

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Embroidery File Format: What is a dst File?

Technology and computers are everywhere. You may just want a good sewing machine to do your sewing hobby or make fine clothes for you and your family. Unfortunately, these days you need to understand technology

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Troubleshooting Bernina Sewing Machine (Fix & Repair Guide)

Even these top quality machines develop problems over time. One way to save some money is to check on how severe the problem is and if you can fix it yourself, then do it. Not every problem needs a repairman.One

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