Does Cotton-Linen Blend Wrinkle Less? (Blends That Don’t)

Those nasty wrinkles. When they show up on your face, all it means is that you are getting wiser. When they show up on your clothing, they say something else. To avoid having wrinkles appear on your clothes

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6 Moderate Stretch Fabric Options for Your Sewing Project

You always need a good stretch. A good stretch is healthy for your body and muscles. It keeps you limber and makes it easier to move. Wearing a good stretch fabric is also good for you. Your fabric moves

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Best Fabric for Lining Dresses (Lining a Jersey Knit Dress)

If you’re new to making your own clothes, you’re probably wondering whether going to the effort of lining a dress is really worth it. Fabric for Lining Dresses 101 Do Dresses Need Linings?What Kind

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Finding Brother SA156 Bobbins (Compatible or Equivalent)

Like sewing machines, bobbins are not all the same. When you need to buy a new bobbin don’t just take any generic brand on the shelf. They may not work for your machine. The assumption is not a good

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Recycle Sewing: What to Sew With Old Clothes

The days of disposable fashion are behind us. Gone are the times we’d throw anything old, saggy, baggy or grey away with the trash… if this year is about anything, it’s sustainability, and when it

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How to Make a Sewing Box From a Shoebox or Wood (9 Steps)

Being a DIY person comes in handy. You can save a lot of money and build exactly what you want. Your creativity is unleashed and you can come up with some pretty good designs that will wow your family

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How Much Does a Babylock Crescendo Cost? (Is It Worth It)

Every year it seems that the prices for sewing machines keep going up. The reason behind that rise in cost is that sewing machines are becoming more and more sophisticated. The better the machine, the

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How Big is a Lap Quilt? (Lap Blanket Size and Dimensions)

If you’re looking for something to cuddle under, consider a lap quilt, Soft, warming, and great for chilly nights, lap quilts are the perfect way to get through the colder months. Best of all, it takes

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Where Can I Buy The Ultimate Sewing Box? (Price and Reviews)

People who work in different industries all have their dream desk, furniture design and so on. For those who do a lot of sewing, they are not an exception to the rule. They know what they want and how

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What to Put in a Sewing Box: 11 Must-Have Items

Fashion issues do arise. Usually, they arise at the wrong time. That is why having a stocked sewing basket on hand can solve your fashion issue quickly and without a lot of hassle. Having a sewing box

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