Finding Ellen Griswold Keyhole Blouse for Sale (Pattern)

It is only a movie, yet the fashion worn by the stars during its filming, have a lot of people scouring the world to find the pattern. Movies provide sewers with lots of fashion inspiration and one keyhole blouse can make a difference.

Finding the pattern to make Ellen Griswold’s blouse from Christmas Vacation is not that difficult. You can look on eBay, or go to or your local sewing supply store. It is a popular blouse and patterns are available everywhere.

To read more about finding the pattern for that famous blouse just continue to read our article. It is filled with the information you need to make sure you can own or make one just like it.

Ellen Griswold Blouse in Christmas Vacation

If anyone hasn’t noticed, the Ellen Griswold Christmas blouse is very popular. A lot of seamstresses get many requests to duplicate the blouse as best as they can. But the keyhole is not the star of that blouse.

What made the clothing item come together was the broach. It was the perfect match with the lace frills around the keyhole design. The broach was the real star of the fashion design.

The lace makes its special contribution but the blouse would be just another keyhole blouse without that broach. Once Mrs. Griswold put that blouse and broach, it gave her a touch of class the family she married into didn’t have.

She stood above the other family members trying to elevate their status just by looking her classy best. The blouse and broach pulled that look off quite well.

Where to Buy Ellen Griswold Christmas Blouse


There are a lot of good places you can find that blouse or a reasonable replica, that is if you are not a good sewer and would like to own something that looks really good.

The first place to look would be your local department stores. Keyhole blouses are still fashionable and you may be able to find a cheaper copy if you look in these stores.

Or you can go to some vintage clothing stores. Those outlets should have something even better than what you would find in department stores. Or you could try thrift stores and similar places.

A dressmaker may have the right pattern you want and for a little extra money you can have them custom fit the louse to our body style. Dressmakers should be the one place that would have as close to that blouse pattern as possible.

For even better ideas and for locations close to your home, you can always join one of those sewing forums and ask the other members where one can be found. Some people have found the blouse in stores that sell costumes for theme parties and Halloween.

The blouse’s popularity should make it an easy quest to find a copy. Even Amazon does have keyhole blouses but none look as formal, as classy or as elegant as the one worn by Ellen Griswold.

Ellen Griswold Blouse Costume


If your heart is set on making your own Ellen Griswold blouse, then you should go find the right pattern to help guide your effort. The first place you should look is at Lekala sewing patterns.

This company has been recommended as having the pattern that is almost an exact duplicate of that special keyhole blouse. You can search their inventory or ask the company about the pattern by clicking on this link.

Another place you can look can be If they are still in business you may be able to buy the pattern for a very low price and have yourself looking elegant in no time.

These are just two suggestions to get you on the right track. If you are an experienced seamstress you may already know who carries the pattern to match that blouse in your local area.

Looking good as Ellen Griswold did in that movie is not that difficult once you find the right pattern to use.

Some Final Words

When a woman looks as elegant and classy as Ellen Griswold did in Christmas Vacation, she gets a lot more respect than if she wore lesser articles of clothing. That classy, elegant look is hard to beat.

Copying that look is not wrong. And a thorough search can turn up a pattern that will have you looking as elegant as Ellen Griswold did in that scene. The good news is that you do not have to empty your bank account to obtain that look.

Patterns are not expensive and even lesser expensive fabrics will still provide you with an elegant look that will have mouths dropping and all eyes on you.

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