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Is Silk Static Free? (How to De Static Silk Clothes Easily)

If you’ve experienced static while wearing silk clothing, you already know first-hand how uncomfortable it can get. You have your clothes clinging on to your body, your hair standing up, and you most

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Bleached vs Unbleached: Can You Bleach Muslin Fabric

There are those people who think bleach is the answer to every fabric problem. Unfortunately, not all fabrics respond to bleach the way they expect, and these people are left with an ugly mess on their

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Can You Iron Silk? How to Iron a Silk Dress Without Ruin It

Silk may be one of the most luxurious fabrics around, but with luxury comes some seriously high maintenance needs. Keeping silk looking wrinkle-free is a perpetual challenge, and one that leads to the

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Does Satin Shrink? (How to Shrink Satin Clothes Easily)

In the movies shrinking something, like kids, is not a problem. There is always a magical way to bring the shrunken items back to their original size without damage. Unfortunately, real-life and fabrics

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Does Satin Stretch? (How to Stretch Satin Shoes or Dress)

It is not always easy to stretch some fabrics out so that you do not have to replace old clothes that don't fit anymore. There are processes you can use to stretch fabric and prevent them from being tossed

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Can You Dye Muslin Fabric? (How to Dye Muslin with Rit, Tea)

If you’ve worked with muslin, you would know that it is a very easy fabric to work with. Not only is it easy to sew, but it is also easy to dye. Whether you need it for a backdrop in a play or for taking

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Can You Iron Muslin? (How to Iron Muslin Fabric Properly)

It is a tough, tedious job. But someone has to do it. Guess who gets nominated for the task. That is right, you. But since you are the one stuck with the ironing, it pays to know how to iron different

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Does Muslin Wrinkle Easily? How to Unwrinkle Muslin Backdrop

Versatility is key. If you want to create a lot of fabric projects, you need a versatile material to work with. One of those very versatile fabrics is muslin. It works where you need it even if it is only

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Does Muslin Shrink When Washed? How to Shrink Muslin Easily

Muslin is a highly breathable fabric that has a wide variety of uses, including art and crafts, fashion designing, theater, and photography. In this article, we will answer common questions that you may

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Can You Dye Silk Fabric? (How To Dye Any Silk Item Easily)

Change your mind, change the color. They say a woman is allowed to change her mind and if she doesn’t like a color she can change it. For many fabrics that is a very real possibility. What looks good

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