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Can You Bleach Silk? (How To Bleach Silk Without Ruining It)

Does bleach ruin silk? If we’re talking about chlorine bleach, then the answer is an emphatic ‘yes’! While silk is a lot tougher than its delicate, ethereal appearance might suggest, it cowers in

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Can You Stretch Silk? (How To Stretch Silk Clothing)

No matter what subject you want to learn about, you will find that not everyone agrees. There is always one person who will disagree. The same holds true when it comes to fabrics like silk. There will

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Does Silk Wrinkle Easily? (How to Unwrinkle Silk)

Wrinkle-free. Those are two of the best words you can hear when doing laundry. What those two words mean is that you will have less work to do and you can focus on other important duties like spending

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Can You Hand Wash Silk? (How To Wash Silk Sheets, Scarf…)

The debate continues. This debate rages over the question should you dry clean dry clean only clothes or hand wash them to save the expense. Which side of the fence you sit on may be determined by your

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Can You Dry Silk in The Dryer? (How To Dry Silk Sheets)

Laundry time is a fun time. That is when you get to put your knowledge of fabrics and their idiosyncrasies to the test. Knowing which fabric goes where is one of the important pieces of information you

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How to Dry Suede Shoes or Couch Without Ruining It (Easy Tips)

Suede may be beautiful, it may be soft, and it may be luxurious, but what it isn’t is water-resistant. Water and suede simply don’t mix. If water or any other type of liquid manages to seep into suede,

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Does Silk Fade in The Sun? How to Fade or Revive Faded Silk

The sun takes its toll. Besides providing everyone with light and warmth, the sun can be very destructive when it comes to fabrics. When left out in direct sunlight fabrics, including upholstered furniture

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Does Silk Burn or Melt? (How to Fix Burnt Silk Easily)

Not every fabric is the same. They have different properties, abilities, and characteristics. That is why you should know silk inside and out before sewing with it. It does not act or feel like any other

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Does Water Ruin Suede? (What Can You Use On Suede Fabric)

Water is fun. It is cooling, refreshing and it allows you to do different activities in your free time. Yet, water is not friendly to everyone or everything. Some fabrics can’t be around water or have

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Viscose Do’s and Don’ts: What Can You Use on Viscose?

Viscose is not the perfect fabric. There are a lot of do’s and don’ts that accompany this material that overshadow the benefits it brings. Then with its great versatility how you use Viscose depends

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