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Can Suede Shrink? (How to Shrink Suede Shoes or Clothes)

Fabrics of all stripes are prone to one of two or even both common dangers most fabrics share. Either they shrink when you do not want them to or they stretch at the wrong times. Some times fabrics do

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What Does Suede Smell Like? (How to Make Suede Smell Better)

Presenting a positive image often depends on what the fabric you are wearing smells like. Some fabrics have a very soft, almost discreet odor that can easily be covered by perfume. Other fabrics just do

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Can You Dye Suede Shoes? (Tips to Change the Color of Suede)

Shoes don't come in every color. That is why dye was invented. If you can’t find the pair of shoes in a color you want, you can always change it after you buy it. Changing shoe colors is not hard if

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Can You Wash Suede Shoes? How to Wash Suede Without Ruining It

When something gets dirty, the first thought is to wash it off and make it clean again. Yet there will be those times and fabrics where you need to suppress those first thoughts and look for different

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How to Dye Linen Easily (Black, White, Naturally, With Tea)

If you don’t like it, change the color. That is the way it is when you do not like the color of different fabrics or clothing items. It is not hard to redye fabrics and get them to be a color you enjoy

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Tips-to-Remove-Blood-From-Linen-Easily-(Other Stains Too)

Tips to Remove Blood From Linen Easily (Other Stains Too)

Stains happen almost every day to fabrics. It is an issue that will not disappear anytime soon. Treating the stains you receive can be made simpler if you know the right instructions to follow.If you want

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Should You Hand Wash or Machine Wash Viscose? (Helpful Tips)

In this modern age many homemakers love the modern conveniences that make chores at home a lot easier. One of those conveniences is the washing machine. Unfortunately, some fabrics are still in the stone

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How-to-Get-Stains-Out-of-Viscose-Fabric-(Grease, Coffee)

How to Get Stains Out of Viscose Fabric (Grease, Coffee)

It can get frustrating. Stains just seem to magically appear on your best clothing items. The worst part of it is you were being extra careful. With a little elbow grease, you can get those stains out

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Suede Breathability: Is it OK to Wear Suede in The Summer

When the weather clears up and the sun shines people change their wardrobes to match the warmer weather. Breathability is the main fashion thought and wearing the right fabric on hot days can make a lot

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Can You Dry Linen in the Dryer? Drying Linen Without Ruin It

There are always questions when it comes to the cleaning care of different fabrics, there are always questions that need to be answered. What makes the answers so difficult is that not everyone has the

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