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How To Hem Polyester Dress, Pants, Curtains (Helpful Guide)

Getting the right fit. This is a time that doesn’t depend on if you are on a diet or not. Unless you are still growing your hems usually should remain the same unless you want to be more risque or try

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Does Neoprene Shrink in The Dryer or Over Time? Helpful Tips

Having the right wet suit fit properly is a must. You want the wet suit to be tight but not so tight that you hit those high notes you would never be able to reach normally. Taking proper care of your

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Can You Iron Polyester? (How To Iron Polyester Items Safely)

Press here, don’t press there. Keeping when and where straight when it comes to ironing different fabrics can be a daunting task. Since all fabrics are not the same, ironing them won’t be the same

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Can You Bleach Polyester? (How To Bleach Polyester Safely)

It is always touch and go when you use bleach as a cleaner to get tough stains out or as a whitener. Some fabrics respond well to bleach’s touch but others do not like the chemicals used in chlorine

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How to Clean Nylon Stains (Remove Grease Stain From Nylon)

Cleaning fabrics is another time consuming and boring chore. But it has to be done. Unfortunately, not all fabrics can be cleaned the same way. Synthetics are usually easier to clean than natural fabrics

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Does Nylon Fade in the Sun? (How to Restore Faded Nylon)

The sun is good. It brings health, light, warmth but it also has a dark side to it. Its UV and other rays tend to discolor or fade fabrics. That is not a good thing when you want your favorite clothes

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Does Nylon Fray When Cut? (How To Finish Nylon Webbing)

Cutting fabric may seem like an easy task to do but once you cut the material then you are faced with the fabric’s ability to fray. Fraying is not the end of the world and a few simple maneuvers can

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Can You Spray Paint Nylon Fabric? How to Paint Nylon Easily

When you want to hide multiple errors, defects, or scratches, paint can usually cover them all with one swipe of the paintbrush. Then paint is a great tool to use as it can be turned into so many brilliant

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Can You Tie-dye Nylon? (5 Materials To Dye Nylon With)

Creativity is returning. You don't have to be a hippy or been a part of the hippy era to tie-dye your fabrics. This unique creative behavior seems to be making a comeback and people are jumping on the

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Does Modal Shrink? (How Much When Washed, Dryer, Hot Water)

Many movies have been made where humans shrink under different circumstances. They say that art imitates real life and those movies seem to copy what fabrics do when exposed to certain elements during

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