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How to Make Suede Shiny (Wax and Polish on Suede)

Spit and polish. That is the term to tell someone to clean up their shoes and make them look nice. Nice shiny shoes are great accessories when you want to stand out. Plus, it is one way to have the law

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How to Paint Suede Shoes Easily (Acrylic, Angelus, Spray)

When you want to hide something or make it look nicer, paint does a wonderful job. It covers many scrapes, blemishes, and nicks without working too hard. Then paint can go one coat in some instances but

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How to Fade Suede Shoes Quick (Does Suede Fade in The Sun?)

It is bound to happen, one shoe loses its color a little faster than its mate. That situation leaves you in a bit of a pickle. How do you fade the better shoe and match the two shoes like before? It takes

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Does Linen Fray? How to Fray and Stop Linen Fraying Easily

No matter what kind of fabric you work with there is always going to be something you have to watch out for. In some cases, fraying is the prime suspect and you need to take certain steps to stop it from

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Can You Shrink Chambray? How to Shrink Chambray Easily

The trick to fabrics is to learn the key characteristics and nuances that all fabrics have. Once you get those details down, you know how to work the fabric and develop it to its fullest potential. Purposefully

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What-Does-Linen-Feel-Like-(Avoid-Itchy,-Rough,-Cool-Feel) (2)

What Does Linen Feel Like? (Avoid Itchy, Rough, Cool Feel)

When you get comfortable shoes, slacks, dresses, and more on your body you can accomplish just about anything. Having comfortable clothes do make the difference so choose the fabrics you wear with care.

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Can You Bleach Suede? (How to Bleach Suede Shoes or Jacket)

Using chemical solutions is always risky. It is too difficult to control the process and once the chemicals hit the fabric they may not stop working until it is too late. Sometimes you have to be quick

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How to Hem Linen Pants Easily (Curtains, Skirts, Tablecloth)

To get that professional look you should finish any sewing project with a nice hem. Hems have a way of making the clothing item nice and neat. It is a little more work but the end results are worth the

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Can Suede Shrink? (How to Shrink Suede Shoes or Clothes)

Fabrics of all stripes are prone to one of two or even both common dangers most fabrics share. Either they shrink when you do not want them to or they stretch at the wrong times. Some times fabrics do

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What Does Suede Smell Like? (How to Make Suede Smell Better)

Presenting a positive image often depends on what the fabric you are wearing smells like. Some fabrics have a very soft, almost discreet odor that can easily be covered by perfume. Other fabrics just do

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