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20 Types of Cotton Weave Patterns (How to Weave Cotton)

One thing about cotton fabric is that it is very versatile. This versatility makes it a very popular fabric to work with. There seems to be an unlimited number of ways to weave the fibers that make up

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What Is The Texture of Silk? (Silk Texture Seamless)

What Is The Texture of Silk? (Silk Texture Seamless)

When you are looking for the best fabric to use in any sewing project, the word is silk. 4 letters is all it takes to bring the mental picture of class, royalty, sophistication to a person’s mind. It

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Polyester vs Olefin Fabric vs Sunbrella (Olefin Fabric Cons)

3 sides to the same coin. While in reality, this may seem to be an impossibility when it comes to fabrics just about anything is possible. These fabrics are touted as the next best thing and perfect for

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What Is Olefin Fabric? (Is Olefin Fabric Safe and Soft?)

Fabrics come and fabrics go. That is the way it seems as fabric manufacturers keep reinventing the wheel when it comes to developing new materials for you to sew with. The biggest problem is trying to

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What Is Plaid Pattern? (Gingham Vs Plaid Vs Tartan)

Some plaid designs have special or heritage meanings and you would need to know the history of the family to understand the plaid design associated with their name.What is plaid pattern? Plaid is comprised

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What Are Scarves Made of? (Softest, Warmest Fabric Options)

Fashion accessories have fewer limitations. When it comes to fashion and a sense of fashion style some fabrics cannot be used universally. There are limitations to their application and this may be a good

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What Is Angora Fabric And Where Does Angora Come From?

This is a nice wool considered to be one of the finest versions of that fabric you can buy. The material makes for great clothing as well as lining as the fibers are hollow and retain heat very well. Plus,

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Is Pima Cotton Good? Pima Cotton vs Combed Cotton vs Percale

There are many different types of cotton fabric and each one has its own unique place in the fabric lineup. While unique in some ways those cotton varieties also share a lot in common with each other.Is

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What Makes Antique Satin Different From Other Satin Fabrics?

In the first place, antique satin is not really an antique fabric. It may be vintage, having been invented in the 1950s but it is not an antique yet. The term just describes the sophisticated look the

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Where Is Pima Cotton Grown? (What Is Pima Cotton Guide)

When you want a very breathable fabric cotton and its many varieties are the go-to materials. Even Pima cotton is highly breathable and helps keep you cool when the temperatures rise, especially when you

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