How to Glue Glitter to Fabric Effectively (9 Helpful Tips)

There are probably many clothing items in your closet you do not wear yet refuse to throw away. You just can’t part with them even though you do not like the way they look. One way to change that situation is to add glitter and upgrade those clothes’ look.

Tip 1: Instead of using fabric glue, switch to glitter glue. It works on most fabrics and helps hold the glitter in place.

One effective way to put glitter on fabric is to coat it evenly with fabric glue and then add an even coat of glitter. Then once that is done, just spray some clear coat over everything to make sure the glitter remains in place.

To learn how to use glitter effectively just continue to read our article. The information it contains should help guide you to better glitter use. It is easy to refurbish old clothes or make grand costumes with a little glitter.

Tip 2: The less is more principle applies to glitter. Too much glitter is too much of a good thing.

How do You Keep Glitter From Falling Off Clothes?


There are several ways to keep glitter from falling off the fabric. One way is to use any brand of hairspray. This is a temporary fix and won’t last forever but it is an easy way to embellish a costume for Halloween or party.

Another way to keep glitter where you want it is to use fabric glue. Just apply a little glue to each piece of glitter and stick it on with a little pressure. This is the time-consuming way to get the job done but someone has to do it.

Then a third way to achieve this has nothing to do with sprays or adhesives. If you want the glitter to remain on fabric then wash the clothing very gently. The different washing cycles are not kind to glitter and once the clothes are clean, you now have created a task for yourself. Replace the fallen or loose glitter pieces.

Tip 3: A faster way to apply glitter is to coat the fabric evenly with fabric or other adhesives and then take your time placing the glitter in place.

Can You Glue Glitter to Fabric?


Yes, you can and there are some great adhesives to help you do the job. One type of glue is called glitter glue. It comes in several different colors which helps you add a little pizzaz to the costume or outfit.

Also, you can get this glue in little dried sticks. Just insert it into a glue gun and you are good to go. Just make sure you pick up the non-toxic brands so your embellishment time is not disturbed by light-headedness and other issues.

Glitter glue can be used on different fabrics except for silk.

Tip 4: when you go to apply glitter to a clothing item, tape the fabric to your work table. This will keep the fabric from moving as you work.

What Glues Will Stick Glitter to Fabric?


We just mentioned glitter glue which is a good glue to have around the house as it will work on craft projects that do not use fabric. Then there is the myriad of fabric glues out there. These glues are tough and should create a good bond.

The only issue with fabric glues is that they come in two types- permanent and temporary./ You will have to decide if your glitter embellishment is going to remain for life or be changed for the next event that comes.

The top brands of fabric glue are the best ones to use in this task.

Tip 5: Practice applying the glue first before using it on your fabric. You want a steady hand and even pressure when applying glue.

Will PVA Glue Stick Glitter to Fabric?


This type of glue is also good for glitter applications. One of its strengths is that it dries clear. That allows you to make mistakes, have a few glue drops hit the fabric as no one will notice those errors once the glue has dried.

Another strength is that this type of glue works n several different kinds of fabrics and does not harm that material. Don’t worry if you have some PVA glue left over. It is also a multi-purpose adhesive that works for a variety of projects you have around the house.

Tip 6: For large areas, you should use the glue that has a removable applicator tip. This allows you to use a paintbrush to spread the glue faster and more evenly. Just take the tip off and dip the brush inside

Does Glitter Glue Stick to Fabric?

Yes, it does but the main concern after using this type of glue on fabric is the drying time. Different glitter glues have different drying times when applied to different fabrics. Check the label to make sure you know how long you have to wait before wearing your costume.

Then once you have that information add another hour or two just to be on the safe side. Make sure not to touch the glitter to long after the glue has dried. You do not want to move the glitter out of position and redo your work all over again.

Tip 7: when you have some extra glue on the fabric, use a plastic knife to scrape it off. The plastic construction material should not damage your fabric as it does as good a job as a metal knife.

Best Glue for Gluing Glitter to Fabric


If you do not want to run out to the store and pay a higher price for some of the best fabric glues, you can simply look in your child’s backpack. Normally you will find their white glue among their school supplies. That is a good glue to use with glitter.

Then if you can’t find that type of glue you have some top name brands that have made glue for glitter. Aleene’s and Mod Podge are two excellent choices. Then for spray adhesives, you can turn to Design Master brand and use one of their products. Spray glues make applying glitter easier and less messy.

Tip 8: Some experts call for a 24 hour drying time. Check the label to make sure how long you have to wait. Sometimes you can get away with a shorter drying period than what the experts claim.

Where to Buy Glitter Fabric Glue


The beauty of using glitter or fabric glues is that there is no shortage of supply or places to purchase them. One of the best places to buy your glitter or fabric glue is through Amazon. Not only does it have a good supply of the glitter variety, but that marketplace also has a good fabric glue selection.

If you do not like shopping online and want to feel the glue tubes in your hands, read the label, etc., then your local department stores, your chain crafts stores, and similar locations have both types of glues available.

Their selection may be as good as Amazon’s. Plus, they may also have other types of glues that may work just as well as those two styles of adhesives. Elmer’s white glue can be found in the office or school supply departments.

Tip 9: take your time in gluing glitter. This is not something you want to be done in a rush. Plus, pick a good pattern so your clothing will look better than it did before.

How to Glue Glitter Onto Fabric

One way to apply the glue is to use a glue tube that has a precision applicator tip on the end. The more precise you are for some designs the better the glitter and the fabric will look.

Another method would be to coat the area you are attaching glitter to and place the glitter on that layer of glue. A small paintbrush or foam brush should handle the coating chore and make sure the glue goes on evenly and without lumps.

When you are applying glue to fabric, make sure to put cardboard between the layer you are gluing and the layer that is not going to be embellished Save yourself some work and make sure your fabric is well protected from gluing mistakes, seepage and so on.

Some Final Words

Attaching glitter effectively is a tedious task that takes some time. But once you have it done the job was well worth the effort. The key to doing this job effectively is to take your time, use the right glue, and pick a nice pattern that does not overwhelm the wearer or the fabric with glitter.

Less is more is a good principle to follow when embellishing any old piece of clothing or costume.

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