All-in-One: Is There a Sewing Machine and Overlocker Combo

People are always trying to see if they can make their life easier than it was. The sewing industry is no different as through the years the different sewing manufacturers have let technology help them upgrade their products to make your sewing life a lot easier.

Is there a sewing machine and overlocker combo? Technology has a way of changing the sewing landscape. A few years ago there was not a sewing machine and overlocker combo. But today, Janome seems to have produced one, but it is not a cheap machine to purchase.

To find out more about a sewing machine and overlocker combo just continue to read our article. It does the research so you can find out what is or isn’t available for you and your sewing life. Finding new machines to use is always a good thing.

Can Sewing Machines do Overlocking?

Technically, the answer to this question is yes it can. There are sewing machines out there that can do an overlock stitch. This function helps you do hemming, edging and other tasks reserved for those machines that can do an overlock stitch.

But, these machines do not compare in the quality of stitch strength of stretchiness that real overlock machines can do. Also, the regular sewing machines with overlock capabilities cannot sew, overcast and trim all in one step.

The results from your sewing machine with an overlock function may not be as professional as you would like it to be.

Do All Sewing Machines Overlock?


The simple answer to this question is, no they do not all do overlock work. There are some models out there that do but they will be slower than an overlock machine and will not be able to perform on the same level as that overlock model.

With that said, it needs to be told that a sewing machine and an overlock or serger are not the same machines. They are two completely different sewing machines with two completely different purposes.

Also, the speed of the two machines are not the same. This fact may make your sewing machine purchase decision for you. Of course, you would need to analyze your sewing projects to see how often you would need a serger machine.

Sewing Machine and Overlocker Combined Pros and Cons

When you are looking at the different sewing machines that are available, the combo style may have a few pros that would help tilt your decision making in their favor. That is if those pros overwhelm any cons that may come with using the combos over two independent machines.


  • Saves space- you do not need to have extra room for the extra machine.
  • Saves expenses- this is the furniture side of the issue. With two machines, you may need more furniture to hold them which will up your costs some.
  • ​Saves money- instead of paying for two machines, you only have to pay the purchase price for one.
  • Saves time- you only have to do the set up on one machine instead of two.


  • Quality of stitching- the quality of the stitching on the combo may not be as good as an independent serger can do.
  • Slower speeds- these combos may not be as powerful or as fast as the independent serger or overlock sewing machine.
  • Doesn’t perform as well- by this we mean that you may not get the sewing, cutting and other fine features that the independent overlock machine possesses.

What Sewing Machines Have an Overlock Stitch?

There are a few brand names that provide a sewing machine with overlocker option. Here is that short list:

Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed


This machine comes with 1900 stitches per minute speed as well as a removable table to give you some work flexibility. An LED light helps you keep your eye on what you are doing. Its only drawback seems to be that it needs pre-oiling before using it.

SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish 2-3-4 Thread Serger


You get a 6 stitch choice with this machine as well as an affordable price. Its color coded system helps make sure you get the thread where you want it to be. Plus, an onboard storage area keeps your accessories handy and in a convenient location. Its only drawback is that it is not made to work with leather.

Brother Designio Series DZ1234


This machine not only comes with a color-coded system it comes pre-threaded to save you time and energy. For best results, you want to use knits or spandex and has a 1,300 stitch per minute capability. Its main drawback is that it is designed to work in the American electrical system only.

Brother Serger, 2340CV


Once you bring this model home, you have a choice to use 1, 2 or 3 needles at one time. It also has an adjustable differential feed and two additional feet. Plus, it also has the 1,300 stitches per minute speed. Its drawbacks include no free arms and its manual tension only.

JUKI MO644D Portable Serger


If it is speed you want, then this 1,500 stitches per minute device will help you complete your sewing project quicker than ever. Also, it does well with layers and has a smooth operating style. But it does not work well with plastic, fur, furniture, canvas, and leather.

Best Sewing Machine Serger Combo

The above models are quite good and can handle a lot of your sewing needs without batting an eye. But using the best always surpasses using a good machine. Of course, your preference always trumps any machine we place in this category.

Th best sewing machine serger combo is always going to be the one you can use well and you are happy with. With that said, here is our pick for the best sewing machine serger combo.

SINGER | Professional 5 14T968DC


4 built-in rolled hem options is a good place to start to demonstrate how good this machine really is. It also comes with a 1,300 stitch per minute speed shaving time off your sewing duties.

Also, you get a wide variety of stitch options and this machine can handle up to 5 different threads at one time. The self-adjusting tension allows you to concentrate on what you are doing. Its only drawback is that it can only be plugged into American or Canadian standard 110v electrical outlets.

Singer has always made great machines that help you make some wonderful sewing creations.

The Differences Between a Sewing Machine and A Serger

We have mentioned that the sewing machine and the overlock machine are not the same. They have a few differences that should be mentioned here to help you make up your mind.

  • The overlock can work with several layers at one time while cutting and sewing them at the same time. The sewing machine needs to have the layers cut first before joining the fabrics together.
  • The sewing machine can only use 1 or 2 threads at a time. Sergers can use up to 5 different threads if the need arises and all at the same time.
  • ​Overlock machines can sew up to twice as fast as regular household sewing machines. If you are in a hurry, this is a good feature to have on hand.
  • ​A telescopic needle bar helps direct the multiple lines of thread the overlocker has. This device is missing from almost all sewing machines.
  • ​The neck of the regular sewing machine is shorter than the neck on a serger machine.
  • ​Sewing machines have a little more flexibility for them. You can sew on the left or the right of the needle. With a serger, you can only sew on the left side of the needle.
  • Each have their own special features which while the same idea, are not the same on either machine. Button holes for sewing machines and lettuce edging are on the serger to name a couple of examples.

When to Use These Machines


Each machine really have their own special times when you should use them. For the serger or overlock machine, you should turn to this device when you have lots of clothing you need to construct.

The speed of the machine cuts your workload down. Plus, the machine helps you be more efficient. This efficiency can be seen in how the serger will cut, sew and do more all at the same time whereby you have to stop your sewing to get a lot of the work done if you are going to use a sewing machine.

When you should use a regular sewing machine over a serger is when you have zippers, button holes, top stitching, quilting and decorative stitching to do. Sergers are not made for this type of sewing details.

Where to Buy a Sewing Machine Serger Combo

People want to find where they can find these combos that are in locations near them. They also want to have them be budget friendly as sewing machines are not cheap anymore.

Not with all the computerized technology and features built into the different models. Technology may have made your sewing life a little easier, but it did little to decrease the cost of a sewing machine.

The first place to look for a combo would be on the brand name web sites. Most, if not all, sewing machine manufacturers have a shopping cart feature that allows you to purchase their products directly. If you know the model of the combo you want, you should be able to find it there.

Then you can go to the traditional department and box stores to see the selection of sewing machine serger combos they are displaying. If they do not have one on display, it is certain that they can look it up for you and show you the specs and get you a price. The internet would be the next place to search.

Many companies that sell sewing machines keep an online presence in order to maintain their market share. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds with the right search words to find one of these companies. Then just search their websites for the details you need to know.

Another place to get leads on a sewing machine outlocker combo would be to join the different sewing circle forums that populate the internet. The members there should be able to help you find what you are looking for as well as provide you with some tips on what you should look for and what to watch out for.

Finally, you can check the classified ads. You never know when someone wants to sell their sewing machine serger combo and you may get a good price if the seller is motivated.

Some Final Words

Technology can be a good thing and it can be your friend. When you want to upgrade your sewing experience, you can count on technology to supply the products you need to make your sewing time even better.

The sewing machine serger combo is one such upgrade and if you look thoroughly enough you should be able to find one that fits your needs. Although you need to keep in mind that the combos may not perform as well as two distinct and independent machines would.

Before you buy, make sure to check out both the pros and the cons. This information will help tell you if the combo is the machine for you and your sewing needs. Separate sergers can sew a lot faster than a sewing machine can and this is an important factor to consider.

Also, analyze your sewing projects to make sure the combo will work for you or not. While technology has made the combo a reality, it has done little to keep the price down. Double-check the purchase price to make sure your new machine will fit your budget.

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