Best Tape That Sticks to Fabric: Scotch, Duct, Gorilla, Washi

When you have nothing else to use tape is always a good solution for most fabric problems. A little tape here a little tape there and the dress, etc., looks as good as new. The best part is that most people won’t see the tape and you can pretend nothing is wrong.

This is going to depend on your experience, your preference, and the fabric you want to tape. Generally, good quality fabric tape will be the best option. If it is double-sided then it is even better. It also packs small so you can take it anywhere.

To learn more about tape and fabrics just continue to read our article. It has the information you are looking for when you want to solve last-minute fabric emergencies. The best tape is the one that works well as well as discreetly.

What Tape Will Stick to Fabric?

The best answer we can give is that just about all tape versions can stick to fabric. Some will stick better than others and some, like flex tape, will need to be heated first before it will stick to clothing, etc.

Some scotch tapes may not have a strong bond so those strips may pull off easily. The quality of the tape you use will play a role in how hard of a bond you get when you place tape on fabric.

If you want an overall top tape that sticks well, go with double-sided tape as it will close rips and tears easier than other forms of tape except for duct tape.

Is Fabric Tape Washable?


Some versions of fabric tape are washable. Those would be called permanent fabric tape. Amazon has a large selection of this version and finding it should not be very difficult.

The key is not to confuse permanent fabric tape with temporary fabric tape. the latter is made to be washed off as its purpose is not for a permanent fix. You use it until you can make a permanent repair like sewing difficult stitches.

Which brand is the best is anyone’s guess. There are some very good washable fabric tapes out there just be careful not to pick up the cheaper version. The quality may not be as good.

Removable Fabric Tape

The granddaddy of tape brands, Scotch, has made a removable fabric tape. There may be other brands making the same thing, but Scotch will be the name you will remember. It is easy to find as well.

One good thing about this version of fabric tape is that you are not losing any holding power. Just because the tape can be removed or repositioned easily does not mean it is weak.

Plus, it is not hard to cut this tape to the size you need. Not only that, but this tape can also be written on when you need to make any sewing notations.

Does Scotch Double-Sided Tape Work on Fabric?

The Scotch company has been making tapes for as long as your grandparents can remember. It is well experienced in making a variety of tapes and while they have double-sided tape, they also have double-sided fabric tape.

The packaging on the regular double-sided tape does not say it can be used on fabric but with the creation of the fabric version, that is a moot point. If you do not have the fabric version, you can try the regular and see if it will work for you or not.

But get the version made for fabrics and save yourself some time and some money.

Will Duct Tape Stick to Fabric?


The answer to this question depends on the quality of the duct tape, who made it, and what type of fabric you place it on. Some people have tried it with great success while others have found that duct tape doesn't stick to fabric very well.

If you do get it to stick, you will have to worry about the sticky residue that is left behind when you get around to removing this tape. That residue is not always easy to clean up once it finds a home.

The other problem you will face is that if let on the fabric for too long, the tape will ruin the material.

Will Gorilla Tape Stick to Fabric?

Again this is a depends question. The reason for this type of answer is that the Gorilla brand makes a variety of tape versions. Some of those will not be good for holding fabrics in place while others may be more successful.

Some of their tapes will not work on surfaces that have a lot of oil or plasticizer ingredients. To find out which version will work on fabric or not, you will have to read the different labels. or you may find that version in your sewing accessory outlet.

The version that works may be stocked in the correct section for you. Its double-sided option should stick to fabric.

Will Electrical Tape Stick to Fabric?

Yes, electrical tape can stick to fabric but that tape adhesive may depend on the quality of ingredients that went into making it. Electrical tape does stick but movement and other factors may have the tap coming loose in no time.

This is a tape that is made for specific wiring and other similar purposes and should not be used on fabric. It is not made to be a fabric tape and the type of hold you get may be on a hit and miss basis.

If you have other tape lying around the house, then you should try that first before going to electrical tape. It is a last gasp desperate option when nothing else is available.

Does Alien Tape Stick to Fabric?


One thing you should not do is confuse Alien tape with Aleene’s fusion tape. The names may sound similar but they are two different brands. The Alien tape is supposed to be stronger and more adhesive than regular duct tape.

The reviews state that it can connect two different materials with ease and be used on just about everything. Its strong hold may solve an immediate problem but you may have difficulty removing it once it has set.

This means if you use it on fabrics you may ruin those materials when using this tape. It is designed to stay on forever. The good news is that this tape should be affordable.

Will Washi Tape Stick to Fabric?

One thing is for certain, this brand of tape is not as strong as Alien tape. It will stick to fabric but you may have trouble keeping it in place. The ends may start to curl up fast or almost as soon as you place the tape on your shirt, etc.

Washi tape is better suited for harder surfaces like wood, plastic, whiteboards, and more. It will stick to corkboard but not felt. So it can be seen as a temperamental type of tape that is picky about what it sticks to.

Also, it is a very thin tape that does not have a lot of strength. It is best to avoid using it on clothing that needs to bend when you bend.

Will Masking Tape Stick to Fabric?

It can but the hold you get will depend a lot on the quality of the masking tape. Normally, this version of tape is not made to be used on fabrics. Like electrical tape, it has a different purpose. that purpose is to work on harder, smoother surfaces than clothing or material.

If you do get it to stick, it will leave behind a residue that takes a heated iron to remove. Then you may get enough hold out of it if you are going to be painting your shoes or bags and do not want the paint to go everywhere on those items.

Masking tape is good for keeping paint out of unwanted areas.

Will Gaffer Tape Stick to Fabric?


This type of tape is similar to duct tape without the strong adhesion or shiny appearance. It is made from a fabric-like material and holds other fabrics together quite well.

If you have a choice between using duct tape, electrical tape, masking tape, and this one, go with the last one. It is the best of all those tape varieties for fabrics. Plus, this tape does come in a variety of colors in case you need it to be discreet.

The drawback to using this version is that it can cost you a lot of money to purchase. If you buy it use it with care as it will not be cheap to buy if you waste it.

Will Packing Tape Stick to Fabric?

You will get some hold when you place packing tape onto fabrics. The question really is, how strong of a hold do you get? That is a depends answer as it will depend on the type of packing tape you use, its quality, and how much adhesive is on the one side.

Also, you may get some sticky residue left behind when trying to remove this version of tape from your clothing. A lot also depends on the type of fabric you are wearing as packing tape may not hold that well when placed on loosely woven clothing like some wool materials.

From our experience packing tape holds onto some fabrics quite well.

Does Fabric Tape Work On Felt?

The best we can say is that some brands will and some brands may not. It will depend on the type of fibers the felt is made from. You may get some success from the brands you use and that is great. Not everyone may have the same success as felt is a hard fabric to tape.

It is hard to say as all felt materials are not the same and different tapes do not work with all fabrics. You may have to do some trial and error to find the right brand to use. Felt is a heavier weight fabric so you may have trouble finding fabric tape to work outside of heavy-duty fabric tape.

Can You Use Fabric Tape On Polyester?


It is possible and you should read the labels of the different fabric tapes to see if they will work or not. One reason for those words of caution is that fusible or iron-on fabric tape may harm the polyester.

What will actually cause the harm will be the heated iron so use a cloth as pressing material to avoid that problem. generally, fabric tapes will work on most fabrics. Read the label again to make sure your fabrics are not excluded.

Before you do use fabric tape, do a test on some scrap polyester first. This will give you an idea of the type of hold you will receive in return. Always test any tape first before making the real application.

Can You Use Fabric Tape On Chiffon?

Yes, it does. Fabric tape is a blessing to those who like to work with slippery fabrics but do not want to pin or place weights on that material. Fabric tape will hold chiffon in place and keep it still with minimal fuss.

But if you want to use fusible fabric tape you may need to resist temptation. Some fusible or iron-on tapes need high heat to hold the fabric. Chiffon should melt on you if you place hot temperatures on its surface.

It is best to use a tape that doesn’t need heat to adhere to fabric or find one that only requires low heat to make the fusion possible. Read the labels to make sure you find one that works well with this material.

Best Tape That Sticks to Fabric

When you place that question in the search box of your browser you are going to come up with a variety of answers. That is because not every tape will work well with every fabric. Canvas repair tape may not work at all with sheer fabrics while some fabric tapes are not designed to handle heavyweight materials.

Most of the search results came up with three words-- best double-sided tape. That is what you should look for. it does matter the quality and the brand because lesser qualities of this type of tape will have you shaking your head at those people claiming it is the best.

Generally, double-sided tape can stick to both fabric and fabric as well as fabric to skin. Use your best judgment and pick the tape that works best with the material you want to use it.

Best Double-Sided Tape for Fabric


There are some top brands that you should consider before looking at the rest of the field. Gorilla was number 1 on one review while 3M came in at #2. A couple of carpet tapes, which are double-sided, came in at #4 and 5 while Scotch came in at #6.

The best double-sided tape is the one that is made for the purpose you need it for. Carpet tape is great for carpets, not so much for a nice gown. Scotch has removable tape which makes it easy to make adjustments when needed.

Pick the brand and the version of tape they make that fits the fabric and issue you are needing fixed. The brands mentioned above are go-to choices and should be at the top of your list.

Best Fabric Tape for Curtains

If you want a brand name, probably Atack heavy-duty two-sided tape will work well for your curtains. If the curtains you want to be hemmed are heavy, then you should only use heavy-duty fabric tape. But since curtains come in all sizes and weights, you may need to have several different fabric tapes around to meet those needs.

Scotch, 3M, Gorilla, Alien all may have good tape versions that will work with different curtain styles. The hard part for you is deciding which one to buy. Scotch removable tape may be ideal if you just can’t get the hem in the right position and you need to keep moving the tape till you do.

Best Fabric Tape for Hemming

As you have gathered by now, there are plenty of top brands making good fabric tape for just about any sewing situation. The best one is the one that has enough adhesive to give you the hold you want for as long as you need it.

Sometimes temporary fabric tape is the best because you do not need permanent tape when you are only needing a short term hold. Also, you do not need heavy-duty fabric tape when working with slippery sheer fabrics and the reverse is true as well.

Lightweight fabric tape won’t work well on heavy-duty fabrics. Use the right tape for the fabric the tape is made for. Then the double-sided tape is probably the best version to go with.

Best Reflective Tape for Fabric


In this category, you can get two kinds of reflective tape. There is the sew-on kind that will stay no matter what you do to the clothing material. Then there is the kind that comes with industrial-strength adhesion.

For both options, there are a lot of good choices to select from. The latter group is usually waterproof and can resist diesel, gas, and other liquids. Some even come with fade-resistant qualities.

The best thing for you to do is read the labels and pick the one that has the best positive qualities possible. Both options are quite good and you should be seen no matter which one you choose to select from.

Best Fabric Tape for Wedding Dress

You already know how important weddings are in the life of a woman. There is no reason to ruin that special day by using the wrong fabric tape. One recommendation to help you through wedding day fabric issues is Commando. Their fabric and body tape is said to be one of, if not the best tape to use.

The Fearless tape is made for people with sensitive skin. A quick search on the internet will bring up more options than you will have time to go through. The one you want is the one that will remain discreet, invisible, and perfect for your skin type.

Other top brands include Hollywood fashion tape, Braza, bring it up bare lifts, and more. You are not going to run out of options as even 3M, Scotch and other rival big name brands will have good tape versions for your wedding dress.

Best Waterproof Tape for Fabric

You may have a hard time finding this tape for fabrics as there are so many different types of waterproof tapes. There are a few listed for fabrics but a lot listed for construction purposes. But if you need to pick one in a hurry go with the top name brands.

That would be Gorilla, Scotch, 3M, and other brands you are familiar with. Pick the brand that you trust the most and have had the best experience with over the years. Flash Tape may also be good as it was the first fabric brand to pop up on Amazon.

Fearless, and secret are also in the top 5 so you do have some choices available to you. Most fabric tape, if permanent will be waterproof. It is the temporary version you have to watch out for.

Some Final Words

Finding the best fabric tape will depend a lot on your experience as a sewer and dressmaker. Not all tapes are made for all fabrics and you need to know a variety of brands in order to find the right version for the task at hand.

It can be done and if you go with the top name brands or the ones that you trust the most then your fabric issues should be solved quickly.

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