Finding Sewing Patterns for Big Busted Women: 7 Options

If the stores do not carry them then you have to make your own. Such is the life of the woman with large bust size. What that means is that plus-sized women need to be constantly on the prowl for sewing patterns that will accommodate their larger bust sizes.

The search for sewing patterns is not as dramatic as the opening paragraph infers. There are a lot of options for women to find a pattern that will help them sew a great dress that keeps them comfortable in the bust region.

To learn about these options just continue to read our article. There is enough information to help big busted women look good, remain comfortable and still be able to fit their big busts into a very good looking dress.

Sewing Patterns For Big Busted Women


If you have been searching for a sewing pattern to make clothes that fit your plus size body, you are in luck. There are lots of options for you to go through and choose from.

The key is to find the pattern that is going to fit your body. That means you may have to make a full bust adjustment, or FBA, to a variety of patterns. If you are looking at the Big 4 dress patterns then you need to know that those are designed with a B cup bodice.

Then if you have looked at Indies, you will find that they rarely go above a C cup bodice style. If your bust size does not fit into those categories, then you will need to do an FBA to the patterns.

What is going to make the FBA work is if you know how to take your measurements correctly. To make the FBA do what it is supposed to do it is best to work off your high bust size measurement.

You get that by wearing a well-fitting, comfortable bra. Then you measure from the center back of your strap, going under your arms and around your the top of your bust and back to the start.

The figure you get is your high bust size. To get your full bust size, you need to start at the same spot, go under your arms and around the fullest part of your chest and back to the start. That figure may not agree with your high bust line.

Once you get your high bust line, you need to work from there. You should see a difference in the size of the bodice you will wear. Related article: how to fix a dress that is too small in the bust without sewing

Best Sewing Patterns For Large Bust


Finding the best sewing pattern takes a little experience, a little trial and error and a lot of advice from those women who have made successful searches in the past. Keep in mind that what works for one woman may not work for another.

Thankfully, all women are not made the same and that means that if one recommended pattern does work, then one from another company may. One of the companies that make sewing patterns for large-busted women is Lekala and another is Bootstrap.

These companies work off your exact measurements to make sure you get a sewing pattern that will result in a comfortable dress, etc. The drawback with Bootstrap is that it doe snot work with your high bust size.

On the other hand, Lekala does allow you to add extra measurements to make sure the fit is just right. The good news is that both companies do not sell expensive patterns. You should be able to find them under $5 and 10 dollars each.

If you want to make your sewing pattern, then you might want to check out Lutteoh System. Instead of taking your measurements, they sell you a set of patterns and a measuring tape, then give you the instructions on how to do everything yourself, including enlarging those measurements to meet your actual size.

Finally, you may want to try the Big 4, Butterick, Vogue, McCall’s and Simplicity to see if they have patterns that will fit your body. Be forewarned though that there have been complaints that some of the patterns are out of print.

Dress Patterns For Big Busts


In your search for a good sewing pattern for big busted women, you should keep in mind that many pattern making companies limit their selection to an exact bust size range.

By that, we mean that there are specific sewing pattern makers that create different patterns for women with bust sizes between 41 and 43 inches in size. Then for women with a 43 to 45-inch bust line, there is another set of companies making patterns for them.

This goes on as there is a list of companies for women with bust sizes between 45 and 48 inches, 49 to 52 and even 54 inches and up. What that means is that you have a lot of options to find a pattern that will fit your body and fit it quite well.

Because these lists are not short, you will have quite a selection to choose from in each category. These lists are all made up of indie sewing pattern companies and not part of the Big 4.

Unfortunately, these lists contain too many names to properly list here. To get to them and then investigate what they have to offer you, just click on this link. Some of the ones we have already mentioned are on those lists so you can check them out as well.

Blouse Patterns For Large Bust

When wanting to wear a blouse instead of a dress, there are some tricks of the trade, so to speak, that helps you find the right pattern for you. Here are some of those tricks or tips that should guide you to a good blouse pattern for your larger size:

  • 1. Choose patterns that come with a wide neck - 2 of the better ones to choose are the scoop neck and the sweetheart neck styles. Both of these designs help lift a person’s gaze from your chest and bring it to your neck.
  • 2. Deep back sewing patterns - this is a great addition to your blouse collection. The key is not to bare all but choose a pattern that comes with an interesting design that still keeps you sexy without showing everything off.

These styles also help highlight your shoulders and decolletage.

  • 3. pick one that allows you to add interesting details - you do not have to go bare to have a nice comfortable fitting blouse. Adding some very nice yet subtle embellishments help as does putting some great embroidery work on your blouses.

With these types of patterns, you can still look good and draw the right attention to yourself.

  • 4. Pick an elbow length sleeve pattern - this design keeps you looking nice and neat. With the straight-line look, other people’s attention should be transferred from your bust to other parts of your body.

Sleeveless may work as well but you may have to go with thin straps to pull the look off.

  • 5. Think outside the box - traditional patterns may be nice but they may not flatter your figure very well. What you can do is let your creative juices loose, within reason of course, and see what colors, designs, patterns spice up your look while still being comfortable to wear.

Go for a new style that gets those eyes of your chest and on to other areas of your body like your eyes.

  • 6. The Goldilocks factor - if the blouse is too short, you may end up looking like a circus sideshow. If the blouse is too long, you may be mistaken for someone who is seen as a prude.

The length of the blouse has to be like Goldilocks’ adventure- just right. That way your figure and you are complemented and you get the right attention you like to have.

Altering Patterns For Large Bust


There are some tips to follow here as well. Altering a sewing pattern is not always a fun activity. One of those tips includes tracing the pattern onto thicker paper. The pattern’s tissue paper is too thin to handle what you are going to do to it.

Plus, you may want the original in case something gets messed up. If you use the original, you may have to buy a second pattern to replace the one that got ruined with all the work that goes into altering patterns.

Step 1: You need to draw some lines to specific points as the purpose of the FBA is to add fullness. These lines allow you to control the pattern alterations and make it larger only where you want it larger.

Draw a straight line from the top through the waist dart middle, while going through the bust apex point.

Step 2: The next line is drawn from the bust apex point to the armscye hitting about 1/3 of the way down from the shoulder.

Step 3: Draw a line from the bust dart to the bust apex point.

Step 4: Now draw a line from your center front to the first line you drew just about where your waist dart ends. You should be above that point. That is the final FBA line you have to draw.

Step 5: This is where you start to make your cuts. Following the first line from the bottom. You cut up to the bust apex point, then turn and continue following line #2 to the armscye.

An important note is that you do not cut all the way to the armscye. Leave some of the line intact so the pattern does not fall apart on you.

Step 6: Your next cut follows line 3 starting from the left edge and heading towards the bust apex point. Like the previous cut do not cut all the way. You want a hinge-like design so you can fold the pattern

At this point, you need to figure out how much fullness you need to add. To figure that out you need your full bust size and the bust size on the pattern. The difference tells you the amount you need but since you are doing a bodice half, you will have to divide by two to get the exact amount.

Step 7: The figure you just got is added to the 1st line, taking a left at the bust apex and decreasing as you reach the armscye. Move the pattern down till your horizontal line is even. Then put scrap paper underneath the pattern and tape it down.

Step 8: Re-mark your bust apex to accommodate the extra fullness. Then redraw your bust dart from the original left side to your new apex point.

Step 9: Do the same for the waist dart then trim any extra paper from the armscye and you are done.

How to Adjust a Pattern For Large Bust


It is going to take a little time and a lot of patience as with tissue paper patterns, you may mess up and cause a tear, etc.. Take your time and go through the steps slowly making sure you understand what you are to do. The hardest part may be adding the extra paper underneath the cut pattern.

The next hardest part will be in redrawing the bust darts and the waist dart. You need to get the next bust apex in the right spot or you may have to start all over again.

Some Final Words

Finding good sewing patterns for big busts is not going to be that difficult. There are plenty of options available to you and the good news is you do not have to leave your home to see them.

A good internet search will lead you right to some of the top companies that make good sewing patterns for women with larger bust sizes.

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