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Sewing Polyester by Hand or Sewing Machine (Helpful Guide)

If you’re working with polyester for the first time, you’ve undoubtedly going to have some questions about how to use it. What tension do you need on the sewing machine, what needle size should you

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Does Acrylic Paint Wash Off Clothes? (Helpful Guide)

You can hide a multitude of sins when you paint an object. Or you can create something beautiful like a landscape, etc when you use different types of paint. You can be happy with your results until you

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Baby Snaps Do’s and Dont’s: How to Put Snaps on Baby Clothes

Applying snaps to baby clothes is a simple enough procedure, but the method can vary depending on the type of snap. If you make a lot of baby clothes, it’s a good idea to invest in a few specialized

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What is Seam Binding and How to Use Seam Binding Ribbon

When it comes to sewing there are a lot of rough edges that need to be tidied up before the garment can be worn. Fortunately sewing is not without its applications to make sure those rough edges look great.What

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Chiffon vs Voile: Difference Between Voile and Chiffon

Chiffon, voile, and, indeed, several other types of fabrics share many of the same qualities- so much so, it can be tricky to know whether that mystery fabric you bought for the discount rather than by

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Serger With Coverstitch: Can a Serger Coverstitch?

When you want strength and stretchability you turn to a cover stitch to handle both tasks at once. It is a great-looking stitch pattern to use as well. It makes your sewing projects look like a professional

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Blouse vs Shirt: The Difference Between Blouse and Shirt

What are a blouse and a shirt? In days gone by, a blouse was defined as a slack garment worn by women, workmen, peasants, and children over the upper body. Usually, it was worn loosely and then gathered

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How to Line a Dress With a Gathered Skirt (5 Easy Tips)

Skirts come in an almost endless variety of styles: A-Line, Fitted, Dirndl, Mini, Layered, Circle, Wrap… the list goes on. For those new to sewing, the difference between each type can be confusing.

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Sewing Velcro Guide: How to Sew Through Sticky Velcro

Sewing Velcro on fabric is most definitely possible, but as anyone who’s ever tried it will know, it can be a time consuming and frustrating business. Sewing Velcro 101 Can You Sew Velcro on Fabric?Can

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Gluing Velcro: How to Attach Velcro to Fabric Without Sewing

When you’re creating crafts, Velcro can help minimize your workload hugely. Velcro works by quickly and securely fastening items together, allowing you to both attach and pull apart fabric. Securing

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