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How Long Does it Take to Make a Quilt? (Hand/Sewing Machine)

Quiltmaking can be incredibly satisfying (not to mention relaxing) but unless you’ve been blessed with the fastest fingers in the west, they can be time-consuming. Before you begin your first project,

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Types and Uses: Difference Between Lining and Underlining

Just like sports, sewing comes with unique terms. A novice may get confused for a while as they try to grasp what term refers to what sewing action. After all, many of the words sound the same. Once you

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11 Easy Tips for Making Blankets for Animal Shelters (Sizes)

Making blankets for abandoned dogs is a very good charitable act. You get to feel like you are making a positive contribution and the animal shelters get some of their needs met. Animal shelters are very

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What is and How to Use Bonded Interlining (Helpful Guide)

Everything needs a little help. Some fabrics are too thin and lifeless to stand on their own. That is why bonded interlining is so good. It helps these fabrics stand up and be luxurious looking as well

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Can You Use a Sewing Machine Without a Foot Pedal?

If this was a perfect world, then maybe no one would need to sew clothes. But since it isn’t, sewing is a necessity and foot pedals are a fact of life. But who needs a foot pedal anyways? Sewing is creative

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5 Elastic Fabric Types: What is Elastic Made of?

Some fabrics are not stretchable. Once they get stretched the remain out of shape and are ruined. But with the elastic additive, your clothing items can have a little bounce to them and return to their

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Handmade Quilt Prices: How Much Does It Cost to Make a Quilt?

We know that making a quilt can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but as a hobby, it’s not the cheapest. Of course, there’s ways of recouping some of your investment by finding a market for your

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Iron On or Sew On: Can You Sew Iron On Patches? (+10 Tips)

Patches cover a multitude of sins. It used to be that you could tear your jeans without worry. A good patch would cover the tear in no time at all. But as the years passed patching tears fell out of favor.

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Thread Uses: Can I Use Embroidery Thread For Regular Sewing?

Threads come in all sorts of materials. That is one of the beautiful things about sewing. You get a lot of choices. Not only in your fabrics and design styles but also in your thread use. There are a variety

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Fixing Stitch Problems: Sewing Machine Stitches Not Catching

One of the worst frustrations in sewing comes when you cannot find the right fabric for your sewing project. You have a certain look and fabric you want in mind yet it is not at your favorite sewing store.

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