How to Shrink Underwear Guide (Lace, Cotton, Sports, Nylon)

There's nothing quite so sad as saggy, baggy underwear. When your favorite piece of underwear loses its shape, it's tempting to throw it in the trash and start hunting down a replacement. But do you really

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The Most Quiet Sewing Machine (How To Quiet a Noisy Machine)

I’m picking up good vibrations. This may be a romantic Beach Boys song lyric but when your sewing machine is making a lot of noise it may be due to all the vibrations it is sending. Or it may be due

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Is Slinky Material Stretchy? (Slinky Fabric Uses and Guide)

This material is not that favorite kids’ toy made famous during the 1960s and 70s. The fabric does not climb downstairs nor is it made from metal. Plus, it is not durable enough for children to play

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How to Turn a Duvet Cover Into a Quilt (Quilted Duvet Cover)

That is another great aspect of sewing. You have so much versatility and flexibility. Even when it comes to making quilts, there is no one size fits all method or source for quilt fabric. You can turn

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How to Remove a Cowl Neck From a Sweater (Alter a Neckline)

The name does not always match the beauty of the design of the outfit. But unless you change it you are going to be stuck with explaining what a cowl neck really is.The important step is to look at the

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Sequin Chafing: How to Prevent Sequins From Irritating Skin

Liberace had this problem. He was quite a showman and in his concerts, he wore a variety of sequin outfits. Every time he sat down to play the piano he had to make adjustments to avoid this problem. Sequins

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What Material Are Scrubs Made of? (How Much Fabric and Tips)

Scrubs are not normal clothes. Medical scrubs may have to be registered with a federal agency if you are making them for someone else. 3 agencies in the US govern the construction of medical scrubs which

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How to Sharpen a Serger Blade (Serger Blade Sharpening Tips)

Serger blades are not scissor blades. There is a precision to them that needs to be maintained for the serger cutter to work like it is supposed to. many sewers get frustrated as serger blades are not

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What Does It Mean Fabric May Crock? (Stop Fabric Crocking)

What a load of crock. In some regions of the world, that word means the person talking is lying. For fabrics, that word has an altogether different meaning. But it can refer to the fact that the manufacturer

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Merrow Stitch and Finish Guide (What Is a Merrow Machine?)

With 177 years of experience. That's what you have going for you when you use a Merrow sewing machine. Over those many years, this company has helped different companies improve their products through

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