Cost to Reupholster Outdoor Cushions (Cushion Recovery Tips)

Finding the labor to do this task is not the most difficult part of the process. Many people are willing to work for even a small amount of money. The difficult part is finding the person who has the skills

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Use of Side Zip in Dresses: How to Put a Zipper in a Dress

We all know the feeling. You buy a dress that looks beautiful on the rail, but as soon as you try it on at home, you realize there’s something not quite right about the fit. If you’ve got a closet

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What Fabric Are Cargo Pants Made Of? (Best Options)

Fashion has lots of opportunities for you to look good. Not everyone looks great in every available fashion. That is why there are so many different kinds. If humans were one size fits all and one style

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5 Apron Fabric Options: The Best Fabric for Making Aprons

People love to cook. Unfortunately, not all people who cook are very neat when they make their prized dish. They need to be covered and covered well. Thin cotton one size fits all aprons are not the solution

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6 Tips For Sewing With Duck Cloth (Needle and Tension)

Some play hard, live hard and put their clothing through the test everyday. That is why you should consider using duck cloth for many of your sewing projects. Not only is the fabric strong, but it can

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Fitted vs Semi-Fitted Shirt: What Is The Difference?

Finding (or even making) a well-fitting shirt can be a challenge. Not only do you need to consider things like material, color, and style (will it be casual or dressy, short-sleeved or long) you also

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What is Tricotine Fabric? (Wool and Cotton Tricotine)

When it comes to sewing, you just never know what kind of fabric name or style you will run into. That is because sewing is very diverse and inclusive. Once you run into those strange fabric names it takes

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Easy Organ Pleats Tutorial: How to Make Organ Pleats

Support is always important. No matter what you do you need good support if you are going to succeed in life. The same goes for sewing if you want your organ pleats to be successful then you have to focus

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Rip Skirt Hawaii: How to Make a Rip Skirt (Pattern DIY)

Necessity is the mother of invention. It seems that the Rip Skirt Hawaii was invented by an over-scheduled mom who wanted something to cover her rear end as she left the beach to do errands, like pick

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How to Make a Split Corner Bedspread (Helpful Guide & Tips)

There is rarely one size fits all in sewing. You have different sewing machines to do different tasks, different fabrics to create wonderful garments and you have a different style of bedspreads to fit

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