Jello Package Sizes: How Many Ounces Is a Small Box of Jello?

Everyone loves Jello. But most people do not go as far as Utah has in its love for this flavored dessert. The state has made Jello its official state snack and even used it in one of its 2002 Olympic souvenir

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Rhubarb Weight: How Many Cups of Rhubarb in a Pound?

While a pound of feathers is the same weight as a pound of cheese, it takes far more feathers to reach that level than it does cheese pieces. Even with fruit, the amount needed to make a pound varies due

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Virtual Graph Paper: Finding Online Interactive Graph Paper

Your math days are coming back to haunt you. How many people remember those math classes where you had to make calculations then chart them on graph paper? Those math days have not gone away as you now

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The Singer Commercial Sewing Machine Model 241-12 Review

Not all sewing machines are for residential or home use. There are many models out there that are designed for high output industrial work. Those machines are built well, have solid parts, and can sew

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The Singer 306k: Value, Review and How to Thread and Use

Not everything Singer made was golden or their best effort. The company made its share of turkeys over the years and some of them still seem to be in existence today. Just make sure you avoid the bad sewing

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How Many Jelly Rolls to Make a Quilt (Lap, Queen, King, Rug)

Fabrics come in different sizes. The reason for that is that these different sizes make sewing projects a little easier to do. Instead of buying a full yard of material you can buy packs of fat quarters

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T-Shirt Quilt Pattern With Different Size Blocks (Guide)

It would be nice if all the fabric pieces were the same size, but if they were, quilting would become boring and predictable. That is why t-shirt quilts are so enjoyable. They are not boring and they are

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Will Embroidery Thread Bleed? (Is Embroidery Thread Washable)

One would think that with all the modern technology available fabric manufacturers and thread makers could solve this problem and make life easier for sewers and embroiderers. Unfortunately, that is not

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Hexagon Measurements: How to Measure a Hexagon For Quilting

Odd sizes, no problem. Even though odd-sized shapes like hexagons can be confusing, it really is not hard to measure them. The trick is to make sure you measure the right points and you are done. A little

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What Can I Use Instead of Felt? (6 Felt Fabric Substitutes)

Some fabrics just don't work out. What you think is a great fabric turns out to be less than desirable when you see the way it looks after it comes out of the wash. This is a problem that happens a lot

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