Hemming Cotton Tips: How to Stop Cotton Fabric From Fraying

When you are sewing there are always a few issues that distract you from your work. One of those issues is fraying and with some fabrics that fraying starts right away and moves quickly. Stopping the fraying

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Breathable Fabrics List: What is The Most Breathable Fabric?

This happens when the summer gets hot and humid or when you are on a romantic date, you want to wear those fabrics that help you keep your cool. There is no sense ruining your day or date because you begin

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Whitening Cotton Fabric: How to Fade Cotton Fabric Easily

There are those who don't like the bright colored new look when they buy new clothes. They want those items looked used and broken in. When they get the chance, they take the tags off and put those new

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Wool vs Fleece: 10 Differences Between Fleece and Wool

The word fleece has at least 2 different definitions which apply to fabric. This is what makes it hard to know what someone is talking about because one person is thinking of one definition and the other,

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Is Cotton Breathable? (Keep You Cool or Make You Sweat)

It is almost all about staying cool. You would think that the way people talk about fabrics' breathing ability that all they are concerned about is staying cool. Looks and feels do not matter to them.

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Can You Bleach Cotton? How to Bleach Cotton Without Ruining It

Getting whites whiter is the main goal when using bleach. This harsh chemical is devastating to colors so it is best used on white fabrics and save the colors for less harsh forms of bleach. But bleach

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Does Cotton Stretch? (How to Stretch Cotton Shirt or Pants)

Riiipppp!! That is not a sound you like to hear when you are bending over to reach something on the bottom shelf. While you can stretch somewhat, some fabrics do not go along and just tear themselves apart

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What Does Cotton Feel Like? (How to Make Cotton Feel Softer)

Soft to the touch. That is what a lot of people want their fabric to feel like. It can be touch and go as the processing of the material plays a large role in how a specific fabric feels like. Sometimes

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Polyester vs Microfiber: 10 Differences Between Them

The differences between people help make everyone unique even though they share similar characteristics. The same goes for fabrics. Even though they have similar attributes, they are also unique and different.In

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Polyester vs Satin: Difference Between Polyester and Satin

The world is full of differences. If it wasn’t, imagine how boring the place would be. All the girls looking the same, all the guys having the same looks and all the clothes would be the same. No one

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