Can You Microwave Fabric? (List of Microwave Safe Fabrics)

Unfortunately, the makers of microwave ovens were not thinking like some of us, and putting your clothing in one is not the smartest idea you can have. Easier and simpler are not the best answers all the

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Yardage for Piano Key Border: Piano Quilt Border Tutorial

One unique way to decorate your quilt is to use a piano key border. You do not have to be a musician to do this and you are not limited to simply black and white colors. Once you have figured out your

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What Interfacing to Use for Hats (Sun Hat Brim, Bucket)

It all depends. Those are 3 words many people get tired of hearing. But that is the way it is in the sewing world. What item you use, how much of it and when to use it, all depends on the sewing project,

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Where To Buy Belt Backing by The Yard (Helpful Guide)

It seems that finding backing for belts is something like a treasure hunt now that the main supplier seems to have disappeared from the store shelves. Just when you have found what you need, it goes away

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What Can I Use Instead of a Cutting Mat? (8 Substitutes)

Prices being what they are make finding the right sized cutting mat at an affordable cost something of an adventure. Cutting mats are specialized tools so they carry a specialized price tag which some

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Can You Dry Clothes in The Microwave? Microwave a Towel Tips

This is a good question because microwaves are seen as convenience appliances that save time and can get things done fast. Especially if it is a guy who needs to dry his clothes quickly. The microwave

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What Size Cutting Mat For Sewing? (Can You Cut It to Size)

To create a fashion masterpiece you need the right tools for the project on hand. In order to get those tools, you need to know what you are looking. Finding the right cutting mat is essential if you want

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Finding a Lost Needle Tips: How to Find a Needle in Carpet

Looking for that proverbial needle in a haystack takes on new meaning when you are in the middle of a sewing project with a short deadline. Sometimes it is just best to have a few spares handy and let

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Sewers Aid Ingredients and How to Use (Review and Substitute)

Every once in a while things don't go as planned and you need a little help getting your thread, and sewing machine to run smoothly. There are little items that come to the sewer’s aid. When you find

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Why Is My Needle Threader Not Working? Babylock-Janome-Pfaff

Not everyone can thread a needle. This has nothing to do with being able to see. It is just that those needle holes are too small and very hard to get the thread through. Thankfully many sewing machines

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