How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Sewing Machine (How to Pack)

The price alone may be heart-stopping. But when you add the cost of shipping onto the price you may need some medical care. Shipping sewing machines is not going to be that cheap. At least when you do

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How to Make Low Rise Jeans Into High Waisted (Helpful Guide)

What looks good on one woman may not look that great on another. When all you can find are those jeans that do not look good on your body, then some alteration action is called for. Change those jeans

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Anti-pill Flannel Fabric: How to Keep Flannel From Pilling

Its nobody’s fault. When pilling occurs it is not the fault of the manufacturer or a fabric defect. Instead, pilling is a natural and very common thing to see with a majority of fabrics. Thankfully there

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Does Silk Shrink When Washed? (How to Shrink Silk Easily)

Silk, a natural fiber, is made by the silkworm cocoon. The cloth obtained from silk is manufactured into various types of textiles, often used as rugs, cloth to paint on, garments, linen, etc. The practice

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Back Yoke of a Shirt: Easy Tips to Make it Perfect

Everyone needs a little reinforcement. That reinforcement is what helps people achieve great objectives and overcome difficult situations. The same goes for the yoke. It reinforces the shirt so you can

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Finding a Marching Band Uniform Sewing Pattern (Jacket, Hat)

Everyone loves a parade or more likely they love the marching bands. Those bands are filled with talented kids who practice long hours. It makes sense to want them to look as good as the play but is it

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How Old is My Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine? (Models Review)

Your Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine may not be a Montgomery Ward machine. That is because it was always made by another company and Montgomery Ward just slapped their names on it. To keep costs down, they

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Why-is- My-Sewing-Machine-Smoking-Smells-Like-Burning

Why is My Sewing Machine Smoking? (Smells Like Burning)

Where there is smoke there is not always fire. Sewing machines are like other machines. If they are not well taken care of then just about anything can happen. That includes seeing smoke rise out of your

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Why Does Fabric Say Do Not Use for Children’s Sleepwear?

Like sewing machines, not all fabrics are made the same. When it comes to children’s clothing you need to read the labels. Not all fabrics are good for all children’s activities. The problem comes

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Does Linen Shrink When You Wash It? (Easy Tips To Fix It)

Linen is one of the most common and preferred fabrics of clothing around the world. The fabric is soft, breathable, and dries quicker than cotton. It is also ideal for summers and comfortable to wear in

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