Does All Linen Wrinkle? How to Keep Linen From Wrinkling

In summer, nothing feels quite so good as slipping on some cool linen clothes. Light and breathable, they’ll keep you cool on even the hottest of days. The flipside? Linen loves nothing more than to

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How do You Stretch Clothes That Are Too Small? (8 Easy Tips)

It's a common problem, we have all been there. A shirt, dress, or other clothing item gets accidentally shrunk and does not fit anymore. And as luck will have it, it's your favorite one. It's a good thing

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How to Fix a Hole in Suit Pants (Sew a Small Hole in Pants)

Keys, fingernails, nails, all of these items and more can cause a pair of suit pants a lot of problems. They are sharp enough to snag the fabric and create a nice hole. The good news is that fixing these

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5 Substitutes: What Can I Use Instead of Fabric Stabilizer?

There are body types that don't like stabilizers. Their skin is very sensitive to different materials and stabilizers just rub those skin types the wrong way. While fabric stabilizers provide support for

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What Fabric to Line a Silk Dress? (8 Best Options)

Getting the lining right is one of the more important aspects of making a nice dress. That is because it is the lining that the wearer will feel every time you or she take a step. Also, the lining helps

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What is and How to Use a Skirt Marker (Singer, Dritz, Pin It)

When it comes to making a good dress or shirt, it pays to mark your fabric. This way you can sew between the lines and have whatever you are making turn out looking like a professional sewed.What is a

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How do You Pronounce Janome Sewing Machine? (Singer, Juki)

What is in a name? A lot of if you try to pronounce a sewing machine maker’s corporate brand name. How you pronounce the terms will go a long way in communicating with others and finding the right sewing

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Can You Use Oxiclean on Satin? (Whitening Yellowed Satin)

Getting rid of stains takes a little extra work. But once you are done, your effort is rewarded with a very clean, good looking garment. All it takes is the right cleansers and following the correct instructions.

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Does Cotton Wrinkle? How to Get Wrinkles Out of Cotton Easy

Wrinkles are found everywhere. When you see them in people you think they are older wiser people who know a thing or two. When you see them in fabric, then you know you have some ironing to do. Cotton

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Where to Buy Fabric in San Diego CA: Our Top Fabric Stores

Sewing is fun. It can also be a very relaxing way to spend an afternoon. What makes it even more relaxing is when you know all the good stores to go to in order to purchase the fabric you need. Having

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