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How to Shrink a Shirt Without Washing It (Without a Dryer)

This can be a little tricky to do. The best tools for shrinking clothing are your washing machine and your dryer. But with the right alternative tools you may still get your nice shirts down a size or

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Does Corduroy Shrink? (How to Shrink Corduroy Easily)

Corduroy has been around. While it is not sure where it was created or who created it, the material has had its uses over the generations. Yet, despite its long history its fame came late in the 20th century

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How to Remove Print From Cloth Bag (Canvas, Nylon, Leather)

The bags may be great, but the advertising on them may not be so welcome. The reason for that rejection is that not all printed items on bags are nice to look at. Some are tacky and use wild colors that

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How to Get Iron Marks Out of Clothes (Fix Scorch and Burn)

Even when you are concentrating on your ironing and being careful, it is possible to be distracted. When that happens your favorite blouse goes up in smoke. Ironing is not without its risks and should

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Ironing Board Leaving Marks on Clothes: Remove and Prevent

Laundry is supposed to remove the marks on your clothing not add to them. But id does happen and the solutions are simple and easy to do. When you see marks, don’t panic, just go with the simplest solution

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Fleece Softener: Why Can’t You Use Fabric Softener on Fleece?

Washing may clean your clothes. That is a very good thing but sometimes, washing some fabrics leaves them stiff or a little hard. When that happens it is easy to reach for the fabric softener to try to

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How to Remove Odors From Silk Sarees and Scarfs (9 Tips)

Must odors go hand in hand with humid regions. Doesn’t matter the country, humidity levels do contribute to those odors you do not like. It doesn’t matter the fabric, those odors have a way of attaching

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How to Hem Polyester Spandex Dress or Pants Easily (8 Tips)

Stretch can be a pain. Many fabrics have a lot of stretch to them. When it comes time to use them in your sewing project, you may end up pulling your hair out as the hems just do not want to co-operate.

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How to Soften Linen Clothing or Sheets Easily (Helpful Guide)

It would be paradise if every piece of fabric would be soft and cuddly. Then people would not have to use their time to soften the material. But life isn’t fair and some fabrics got the short end of

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5 Synthrapol Substitutes and Replacements (Ingredients List)

The state of California has labeled some bottles of this product as a cancer-causing agent. Yet other states do not share California’s belief. How you use Synthrapol will be up to you, you may want to

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