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How to Sew On a Patch By Hand or Machine (Jeans, Shirt, Etc)

There was a time when patches were all the rage. If you didn’t have a patch on your jeans, you just weren’t cool. The kind of patch you had was sort of a status symbol, not just any patch would do.

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How To Make a Cape Easy (Free DIY Cape Pattern and Fabric)

Movies have fueled the trend. You can see capes in many different movies these days. most often in the superhero genre. The movies are helping to bring back this fashion style and it is a good thing this

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How to Sew a Poncho Easy – Poncho Sewing Pattern and Fabric

Ponchos are very comfortable clothing items to wear and can protect you from chilly weather no matter which country you live in. Plus, they are very stylish, colorful, and easy to make. it will only take

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How to Turn a Duvet Cover Into a Quilt (Quilted Duvet Cover)

That is another great aspect of sewing. You have so much versatility and flexibility. Even when it comes to making quilts, there is no one size fits all method or source for quilt fabric. You can turn

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DIY Grooming Sling Pattern and Tips (Helpful How-To Guide)

Dogs are great. They provide so much to their masters and never ask for anything in return. Even with their good nature and unselfish attitude, they can get a bit finicky when it comes to grooming time.

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What Can I Sew With 2 Yards of Fabric? (25 Sewing Projects)

All you need is the idea. Then you know how much fabric to buy to turn that idea into a reality. creating sewing projects is not the hard part, it is thinking them up that can be difficult at times. When

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Buying Notre Dame Fighting Irish Fabric by the Yard (Cotton)

One way to show school spirit and your loyalty to a school is to make different sewing projects out of the fabric that represents your school. The trouble you may run into is if the school no longer licenses

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How Much Fabric For a Dress? (Wedding, Prom, Slip, Wrap)

Determining the amount of fabric you need for a dress is never an easy guess. You may often find that you bought too little and you have to head back to the store. Here is a guide to how much fabric you

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How Much Fabric Do I Need For a Skirt? (Circle, Maxi, Tree)

What kind of skirt do you want to make? That is a tough question as there are skirts for parties, cheerleading, casual wear, and so on. The key to getting the right amount of fabric is for you to decide

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10 Sew Christmas Gift Ideas (Sew Christmas Stocking Pattern)

Its never too early to start your Christmas sewing projects. To get them done right you need to do them before your other Christmas duties take over and crowd your free time. There is no law stating you

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