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5 Sewing Machines With Adjustable Presser Foot (How-To Guide)

The more options you have the better your odds of doing fine work. This concept works well on sewing machines as the more options you have the more creative your work will be. Even adjustable speeds play

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45mm vs 60mm: Difference Between 45mm and 60mm Rotary Cutter

Getting the right cut depends on experience. Your experience will tell you when you are cutting too many layers at one time or if a pair of scissors or a rotary cutter is best for you. The type of material

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Best Tape That Sticks to Fabric: Scotch, Duct, Gorilla, Washi

When you have nothing else to use tape is always a good solution for most fabric problems. A little tape here a little tape there and the dress, etc., looks as good as new. The best part is that most people

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What Is And How to Use a Quilt Basting Gun (Best Gun Reviews)

Gadgets do help in sewing. While not every gadget will work as you want it to, it can be a time saver and help you through difficult sewing issues. The key is to get one that is made from top quality materials

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What Can I Use Instead of a Cutting Mat? (8 Substitutes)

Prices being what they are make finding the right sized cutting mat at an affordable cost something of an adventure. Cutting mats are specialized tools so they carry a specialized price tag which some

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What Size Cutting Mat For Sewing? (Can You Cut It to Size)

To create a fashion masterpiece you need the right tools for the project on hand. In order to get those tools, you need to know what you are looking. Finding the right cutting mat is essential if you want

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Best Fabric Shaver Alternative: Can You Use a Fabric Shaver?

Picking pills is not an easy task. It is tedious, boring, and sometimes hard to do. A good fabric shaver comes in handy but are they as good as people claim? It is hard to say but if you do not like those

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What Is The Best Interfacing For Your Needs? (29 Uses Guide)

In sewing, you will find that many fabrics do not stand on their own. They need help to be strong, stiff, and to perform their duties. Finding the right interface to help those fabrics is a must. Not every

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The Best Fabric Glue For Any Fabric: Fleece, Nylon, and More

Not all fabrics respond to the same type of fabric glue. One reason for that is that different fabric glues are designed to specifically work with only a few fabrics at one time. This means you may have

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All-in-One: Is There a Sewing Machine and Overlocker Combo

People are always trying to see if they can make their life easier than it was. The sewing industry is no different as through the years the different sewing manufacturers have let technology help them

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